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Statusphere creates a unique influencer marketing campaign to drive real results based on your brand’s goals. Fill out the form above to get started.



Statusphere matches your brand with hand-picked influencers who align best with your target audience. The result? Authentic posts from influencers who love your product.



Statusphere implements all of the influencer correspondence, management, product shipping, and post verification. Simply send us your product and we’ll take care of the rest.

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How it Works

Each month Statusphere influencers receive a curated box of products in exchange for sharing photos of the products with their followers on social media. Placement in Statusphere includes:

  • Guaranteed influencer posts
  • Product listing on the Statusphere website
  • Brand story printed and included in box
  • Shipping and handling to the influencers
  • Reporting on engagement

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Brands in Statusphere

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  • “I love getting my StatusBox every month. The products are always high-end, and I love how get to "shop" for what I want, so I never have to post about any product that I don't choose.”

    — Kristen, Beauty Brands Influencer

  • Being a part of Statusphere has been so much fun!

    — Mary Kate, Beauty Brands Influencer

  • Such a cool way to find new products!

    — Amelia, Beauty Brands Influencer