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Can You Buy Followers on Instagram?

You can buy followers on Instagram through hundreds of companies that make it quick and easy. This solution comes with a price that’s more than just monetary. While your numbers may seem impressive now, you’ll notice how these fake followers really do nothing for you.

buy followers on instagram

We decided to answer the #1 question we get as a social media marketing company. So the short answer? Yes, you can. In fact, there are hundreds of companies that offer quick and easy ways to snatch followers. This solution comes with a price that’s more than just monetary. While your numbers may seem impressive now, you’ll notice how these fake followers really do nothing for you. We’re here to deliver a healthy dose of tough love and let you know all the reasons why it’s not a good plan to buy followers on Instagram.

How it Works

When you buy followers on Instagram, you’re either buying a bunch of fake accounts to follow you, or you’re paying for a bot to randomly follow accounts in hopes they’ll follow you back. These bots have gotten more and more sophisticated over the years, so many are able to only follow accounts based on a set criteria assigned by the buyer.

Even if a bot is set to follow specific people, there’s no guarantee that those people will follow you back. To them, you’re just a random account and there’s no incentive for them to make it a mutual relationship.

Quantity Does Not Equal Quality

Buying followers on Instagram can set you back anywhere from $3 to thousands depending on the service you use and how many followers you’re trying to get. Sure, you dish out the money and patiently wait for your follower count to grow, but who ends up following you?

A quick scroll through your now much beefier follower list will show you spam accounts, accounts running scams and accounts promising explicit content (yikes). Will any of these accounts support your brand? Purchase your products? Help you build a community around your brand’s values? Having a large following isn’t worth it if they aren’t real people with real interest for what your brand has to offer.

Plus, the Instagram algorithm is smarter than ever. Accounts get rewarded for posting quality content and generating real engagement. Purchased followers won’t engage with your brand, period. This means, it’ll be even harder for your account to grow moving forward. Why risk it?

The Right Way to Spend Money on Instagram

Despite all of the negative things we’ve laid out about buying Instagram followers, there are some positive ways to spend money on the platform to grow your following such as:

  • Instagram Ads

Just like running ads on Facebook and Twitter, you can put money behind Instagram ads to promote your brand and ramp things up. The great part about this is the detailed targeting you can set up to ensure you’re reaching people who will be genuinely interested in your brand. Input demographic information, interests and more to reach your perfect target audience.

grow your instagram followers

  • Influencer Marketing

It’s safe to say influencers run Instagram. They attract a steady, loyal following and create authentic content loved by their audiences and the brands they work with. Putting money toward influencer marketing is a far better route to take than buying followers because you get the following:

  • Creative content you can repurpose
  • New followers
  • More reach
  • New customers
  • More engagement

Seems like a no brainer, right? Influencer marketing has better long-term effects as well. While Instagram will eventually delete your fake followers, new followers gained from sponsored posts are likely to invest in your brand and become customers because of the trust they hold with their favorite influencers.

We hope we’ve helped you see that buying followers on Instagram is far from a good idea. People like authentic, genuine brands and there’s nothing real about buying your followers. If you’re ready to grow your following the right way and partner with influencers to make it happen, contact Statusphere to get in touch with one of our influencer marketing specialists!

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