Best-Kept Secrets of High-Performing Influencer Campaigns

Want to run an influencer campaign like a pro? Tune into our webinar for lessons we've learned after working with 400+ brands.

We’ll cover:

  • How to set, track and hit campaign goals
  • Budget, timeline and outreach basics
  • How to select creators for maximum reach and engagement
  • Real-life influencer campaign examples

Watch Now:


What You'll Learn

How to select, pitch and land the perfect-fit creators
Strategy 101 - how to structure your campaign, timeline & budget
Real-life influencer campaign examples on TikTok and Instagram


16 Real Influencer Pitches that Actually Got an Answer (And Some That Didn't)

Ever wonder why an influencer never replied to your email?

Learn the dos and don'ts of influencer pitching in this complimentary guide, so you can put the secrets you learn during the webinar to good use!

Here's a look inside:

  • Email and DM influencer pitch templates
  • 16 pitch examples and why they worked (or didn't)
  • 10 tips for pitching influencers like a pro
  • And more!