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Get 100s of influencer posts to power your retail activation with zero legwork.

Brands are using Statusphere's platform to collaborate with their ideal creators at scale. Boost sell-through and delight your channel partners with in-store influencer content.

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Brand Testimonials

"We've done well over 4 million views on TikTok and Instagram with our micro- influencer collaborations through Statusphere. We've been able to reuse that UGC across our advertising efforts. And of course, we've seen a great lift in sales and performance from this as well."

"Everything about the platform was perfect!"

“SO doable, with Statusphere doing the vetting & the organizing. The process is so easy and streamlined for us! It's so cool to see, and engagement has been great! We've been seeing comments on the posts like ‘haven’t heard about this, thanks for sharing this, or super helpful!"

Why Brands Turn to Statusphere's Software for Retail Support

  • Get 100s of influencer posts with 98% less legwork

  • Automated matchmaking based on your ideal creator profile (and 250+ first-party data points)

  • Target creators by retailer, location and more

  • Send creators in-store without managing them

  • Require geo-tagging at specified retailers

  • Custom reports for your retail partners

Driving Customers to the Frozen Food Aisle

Learn how Afia scaled its influencer program using the Statusphere platform.

  • 150 influencer posts
  • Mix of in-store & recipe content
  • Geo-tagging
  • Creator targeting with key data-points
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How it Works

Retail brands need fresh content consistently. Delight your retail partners and build a UGC library faster with a platform designed for always-on influencer marketing.
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How to Nail Your Next Retail Product Launch with In-Store Content 

Stressed about sell-through? Dealing with bigger demands from your retail partners?

Adding influencers to your product launch is a proven way to increase word-of-mouth and drive customers in-store. 

Check out our latest guide to learn:

  • Why influencers are key to long-term launch success for retail brands

  • Expert insights from brands who’ve successfully run in-store activations

  • Strategies for brands eager to earn micro-influencer content at scale

Power Your Retail Launch with Guaranteed Influencer Posts

Hundreds of brands have used the Statusphere platform to get guaranteed influencer posts at scale in a fraction of the time.