How Brands Are Driving Sales with Reels

How Brands Are Driving Sales with Reels

With Instagram prioritizing Reels content, it's time to get your brand's Reels strategy in order. Tune into our webinar to learn how to create an engaging Reels strategy and to see how brands are using Reels to drive sales.

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What You'll Learn

How to optimize Reels content for reach and engagement 
Everything you need to know about Reels ads
Examples of branded Reels in action and trends to watch

Short-Form Video is Taking Over Instagram

Reels have become Instagram's fastest-growing format worldwide. To top it off, Reels earn more “likes” and reach than any other type of Instagram content. 

This means creating an engaging Reels strategy is critical to staying relevant and getting results. 

In this webinar, you'll learn:

  • How Reels stack up to TikTok
  • Strategies for creating Reels that get views and engagement
  • Examples of brands that do Reels "right"
  • The latest Reels trends + how to hop on them 
  • And more! 
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Need Help Keeping Your Instagram Creator Campaigns Organized?

Get your hands on our DIY Instagram Influencer Campaign Manager Spreadsheet, coming straight to your inbox after the webinar.

Here's a look inside:

  • A simple how-to guide with tips for managing your campaign
  • Preset spreadsheet for ready-to-go DIY campaign management
  • Tracking for influencer communication, product shipping, agreements, posts, and more
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