TikTok Spark Ads Creator FAQs

TikTok Spark Ads

Creator FAQs

What are TikTok Spark Ads?

Spark Ads are the easiest and safest way to permit brands to amplify your TikTok posts as ads.

  • Through Spark Ads, creators can generate a unique "ad code" for their TikTok post in just a few taps.
  • Brands can then purchase your ad code based on a fee that you get to set.
  • Once your code is purchased, brands can amplify the posts using their own ad dollars.

This results in more views and engagement for your content over time. Beyond getting paid, these types of ads also let you maintain full control of your posts. That's why they're so popular!

Statusphere streamlines the process of granting advertising access to brands. With our Spark Ads integration, you can:

  • Make more money through collaborations 💰
  • Gain extra exposure and get more eyes on your content 👀
  • Form long-lasting relationships with the brands you love 💗

How do I generate a Spark Ads ad code? (Video)

Good news: generating a TikTok Spark Ad code only takes a few taps!

Below are the steps to generate your ad code. We've also shared a quick video that breaks these steps down. 


  1. Open the TikTok post you want to generate an ad code for.

  2. Tap on the three dots (. . .) at the bottom righthand corner of the post.

  3. On the bottom row of options, scroll to the right. Then, tap "Ad Settings."

  4. Tap to activate "Ad authorization." 

  5. Select a length of time you agree to allow the brand to amplify your post. You can find this on your checklist or in your Statusphere profile.

  6. Tap "Authorize."

  7. Tap "Generate."

  8. Tap "Save."

  9. Tap "Manage."

  10. Tap "Copy code."

  11. Paste the ad code into the Statusphere app when submitting your post.

And that's that! The whole process takes less than 30 seconds. 

What are the benefits of Spark Ads for creators?

We're thrilled to introduce Spark Ads as an easy way for creators to monetize their content.

No negotiations or back-and-forth required!

With our Spark Ads integration, brands pay YOU for access to amplify your posts. That means more money in your pocket. Not to mention extra exposure for your account.

Spark Ads are also a great way to develop long-lasting relationships with the brands you love. If a post performs well, brands can reach out to extend your code or create more content.

Get paid, grow your UGC portfolio and make connections with more brands faster.

How does Spark Ads work for creators and brands on Statusphere?

Statusphere's integration with TikTok's Spark Ads helps brands obtain creator ad codes faster.  

Here's a quick snapshot of how it works:

  • Creators generate an ad code for a post in TikTok made on behalf of a brand
  • Creators then input their codes into Statusphere's platform with a link to that post
  • Brands can use Statusphere's platform to purchase the creator's ad code
  • Creators receive a notification once the code is purchased
  • We notify the creator of the purchase and submit payment to them via PayPal

We know firsthand how tedious the back-and-forth for ad permissions can be. This applies to brands and creators. We built this integration to streamline the process for everyone involved.

Is Spark Ads safe for creators?


Spark Ads are the easiest and safest way to share a TikTok post for brands to promote.  They're among the most popular types of TikTok ads for brands and creators alike. Here's why:

  • These ads give you complete control over your posts and how long they're promoted.
  • Brands can't edit content or captions for posts promoted with a Spark Ad code.
  • They also can't extend the promotional period of your post beyond the agreed timeframe.

Spark Ads through Statusphere mean no negotiations, getting ghosted or waiting for payments. Creators are in control of their content and how they get paid.

When will I know if the brand purchased my ad code?

Statusphere will notify you via email as soon as a brand purchases your ad code.

How do I get paid if a brand purchases my Spark Ads ad code?

If a brand purchases your Spark Ads ad code, we will get in touch with you via email immediately. Then, you'll receive your payment transferred via PayPal. 

If you don't have a PayPal account yet, no worries. We can work with you to set one up in a few clicks!

How much should I charge for my Spark Ads ad code?

Statusphere creators charge brands $100 per ad code on average.

However, we offer our creators the freedom and flexibility to set their own rates. If you feel that $100 per code is too little or too much, you can adjust your fee accordingly. 

Here are a few pointers to consider when setting an ad code price: 

  • The amount of work put into the post (more work => higher price)
  • The performance of the post (higher performing => higher price)
  • The desire for the brand to amplify the post (stronger desire for amplification => lower price)
  • Percent of the payment for the sponsored post (e.g. charge 30% of what the brand paid for the organic sponsored post)

Always ensure you are being properly compensated for your work. Statusphere's team is here to support any negotiations around Spark Ad payments!

Feel free to contact us with any questions or concerns about ad code rates. You can email us at statussquad@joinstatus.com or text us at (925) 578-2887.

Am I required to submit a Spark Ads ad code?

That depends!

If you opted into a campaign where a Spark Ads code is required, then you must submit a code. 

If your campaign does not require a Spark Ads code, then you won't need to submit a code. 

Our Spark Ads integration introduces a new and exciting monetization method for our creators. As a result, we're looking for more ways to integrate Spark Ads into future campaigns.

Stay tuned! :) 

Still have questions? We're here to help!

Email us at statussquad@joinstatus.com or text us at 925-578-2887 and we'll get back to you ASAP!