Legal Tips to Remember Before Partnering with Influencers

SS_Guide4-Cover-3dLet’s face it, no one likes it when it’s time to get legal and bust out the contracts, but it’s essential for making sure you and your influencers are on the same page. Partnering with influencers is just like any other business relationship (although probably way more fun), so it’s important to iron out the legalities to make sure no one gets in trouble with the Feds.

From content copyright ownership to FTC disclosures, there’s a lot to know! By the time you finish reading this guide, you’ll have a solid foundation for understanding the legal aspects of working with influencers. Who knows, these tips might even save your job one day.

Disclaimer: We're influencer marketing specialists, not lawyers! This content is not legal advice and you should definitely consult a legal professional based on your needs and questions. We do not make any guarantees as to accuracy or completeness of this information and take no liability or legal obligations for your use of this information.