Demo: Instant TikTok Spark Ad Codes

Check out this 15-minute demo and learn how to move from organic creator posts to TikTok Spark Ads faster than ever with Statusphere’s NEW Instant Spark Ad Codes tool.

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Introducing Instant TikTok Spark Ad Codes ⚡️

Eliminate negotiations with upfront pricing provided by creators
Get creator Spark Ad Codes directly in your Statusphere portal in just 2 clicks
Amplify your favorite TikTok content faster than ever 

What You'll Learn

  • Best practices for turning creator content into TikTok Spark Ads

  • How running Spark Ads boosts the ROI of your influencer collabs

  • How to run Spark Ads faster using Statusphere’s new allowlisting tool

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Amplify Your Top Creator Content Without the Wait

Did you know TikTok Spark Ads see a 142% higher engagement rate versus traditional ads?

But the back-and-forth of getting ad codes from creators can slow down your strategy (and your results).

Learn how to get instant Spark Ad codes, reward creators and maximize your ad strategy all from one centralized platform with this new tool.

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