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How to Give Brand Accounts Permission to Whitelist Your TikTok Content

TikTok whitelisting allows brands to turn creator content into awesome ads. Here’s how to give brands access to your TikToks for whitelisting.

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What is “Whitelisting?”

Whitelisting means giving brands access to your TikTok videos to promote as ads.

These videos are also known as Spark Ads. Here’s a quick summary of how whitelisting with Spark Ads works:

  • You give brands permission to boost one of your videos
  • You generate and share a unique video ID giving brands access to your content
  • The brand accesses your post from their account and promotes your organic content as an ad
  • Bonus: Since the ad has your handle attached, you reap potential benefits like new followers and increased engagement!

Whitelisting Requirements for TikTok Creators

  • You must enable ad authorization on your TikTok account
  • You’ll need to coordinate with the brand (via DM or email) to finalize the post

Steps for Creators

So a brand loved your content so much that they want to turn it into an ad – congratulations! Here are the steps you need to follow in order to give them permission to turn your post into a paid ad:

Step #1: Activate TikTok Ads on Your Account

  • In the TikTok app, access your account settings (> Creator tools)
  • Toggle Ad settings on
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Step #2: Authorize Your Video to Be Published by the Brand

  • Open the draft of the video that you’ll be promoting
  • Tap  to open the editing menu, then tap Ad settings
  • Toggle Ad authorization on to allow brands to run your video as an ad

Step #3: Share Your Video Code with the Brand

  • After enabling ad authorization, the Video code prompt will appear
  • Tap Generate
  • Pick a time frame for your ads to run (based on the brand’s instructions)
  • Tap Authorize
  • Click Save
  • Once the video code says “Ready” click Manage to copy it from TikTok
  • Share your unique code with the brand (via DM or email)
  • Note: Need to extend the code period for the brand at a later date? You can do it from here as well!
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