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Instagram Threads App: Everything Brands Need to Know Right Now

Marketers are buzzing over the launch of Instagram Threads. Below we dig into Threads’ implications for brands and examples of how brands are using the app.

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It’s official: Instagram Threads have arrived!

Threads’ emphasis on text-based interactions is a throwback to old-school Facebook. 

Not to mention a viable alternative to Twitter. Threads’ rollout was brilliant timing by Meta. Especially given Twitter’s extended outages and missteps like view limits on tweets.

Millions of disillusioned Twitter diehards have been waiting for a new app to flock to. 

And with a staggering 30 million first-day sign-ups, Threads may very well be the one.

As with any new social platform, brands are cautiously optimistic about Threads’ potential. In this post, we’ll dig into:

  • Everything we know about Instagram Threads so far
  • The steps to setting up a Threads account for your brand (or yourself)
  • Examples of brands using Threads (and what the app means for marketers)

What is the Instagram Threads App (and How Does it Work)?

It’s important to note that Threads is technically its own app and not a feature of Instagram.

However, Threads was built by the Instagram team and integrates heavily with its parent app. 

So feel free to call it “Meta Threads” or “Instagram Threads” or just “Threads” for now!

Below is a quick rundown of the Threads app’s purpose, features and post specifications:

  • According to IG: Threads are for “sharing text updates and joining public conversations”
  • Text-based posts on Threads can be up to 500 characters long
  • Threads can include links in addition to attached photos and videos (>5 minutes)
  • Profile details from Instagram can be carried directly over to Threads
  • These details include username, profile picture, bio, verification and who you follow 

   Statusphere instagram threads profile   Statusphere instagram threads profile

Threads also has many of the standard features you’re familiar with from Twitter, including:

  • Likes, replies, comments, quotes, reposts and shares
  • Filters (such as “Hidden Words”)
  • Follow requests and restrictions on who can follow your account

threads app post

Think of Threads as a conversational, text-focused version of Instagram. In Meta’s words:

“Our vision with Threads is to take what Instagram does best and expand that to text, creating a positive and creative space to express your ideas.”

Meta’s test of Twitter-like features dates back to 2021. That said, don’t reduce Threads to being a mere Twitter clone. After all, Threads is interwoven into Meta’s ecosystem. 

The ability to copy over your existing Instagram presence immediately propels Threads’ potential over apps like BlueSky or Mastadon. Thanks to Threads’ ties to Instagram, billions of potential users are just a tap away from joining Threads.

how threads works

As of right now, Threads users are presented with posts from accounts they follow in addition to recommended content. In a clap back at Twitter’s former CEOs, Instagram Chief Adam Mosseri stated that a much-requested chronological feed is coming soon.

upcoming instagram threads features

What Are Brands Posting on Instagram Threads?

Keep in mind that the app is largely consumer-focused (and will likely be in its early days).

However, Threads’ direct ties to Facebook and Instagram mean that Threads ads are a matter of “when” and not “if.” An integration into Meta’s ad platform seems inevitable.

There’s always a sort of gold rush mentality whenever a new social network drops. That said, Threads is unique given its status as a Meta app. For brands that know their way around Ads Manager, budgeting for Threads should definitely be on the table. 

Or at the very least a test, Ana Milicevic of Sparrow Advisers recommends:

“The paperwork is there, the payment pipes are there – and I’d imagine you’ll [brands will] be getting a good pitch this week from the Meta/Instagram team on why they should convert their Twitter budget into a Threads test budget in Q3.”

Beyond ads from brands, there could be potential for influencers to shine. 

influencer marketing on instagram threads

However, the fact that Threads is largely text-based presents a distinct challenge versus video-heavy apps like TikTok and Instagram. Time will tell whether the app can support a creator community.

Examples of Brands Posting on Threads

Again, the app is literally less than a week old at the time of posting this.

But that hasn’t stopped brands from rightfully trying to cement themselves on the platform.

Based on early impressions, Threads kind of feels like the wild west for marketers.

Makes sense with no ad platform, algorithmic insights or demographic data available. Brands can assume that their Threads followers will largely resemble their Instagram followers.

Many brands are leaning heavily into humor and self-aware memes much like they did on Twitter. 

pacsun instagram threads post

This interaction between Free People and Anthropologie is a great example of how brands are using Threads to highlight their personalities.

freepeople instagram threads post

We’re eager to see how brands build their Threads content strategies in the early stages of the app. For now, we’re not really seeing brands push external links or anything sales-related.

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How To Create a Business Account on Threads

Spoilers: the sign-up process is super simple if you already have an Instagram account.

Below we walk through the process of how to create a business account on Threads. Everything can be done in just a few taps.

Important: make sure you’re logged into your brand account, not your personal account!

Navigate to your profile and click on the three lines in the top right-hand corner. Tap “Threads” and you’ll be taken to your personal invitation to join the app. 

   instagram threads settings     instagram threads import info

Then, tap the “Get Threads” button. Your username will be automatically copied over from your brand’s Instagram profile. You’ll then be prompted to log in and import your existing information.

Image from iOS (1)_1     IMG_8582

Next, you have the option to follow the same accounts on Threads that you follow on Instagram. You can do this by default or pick and choose who you want to follow.


instagram threads following

And you’re done!

Note: If you accidentally logged in with your personal account, don’t sweat it! Navigate to your Threads profile, tap the two lines in the top right corner and select “Log Out.” This will redirect you to the log-in page where you can tap “Switch Accounts” and select your brand’s profile.

instagram threads twitch accounts

Should Brands Build a Presence on Threads?

We’ll bite: it’s not 100% guaranteed that Threads is going to take off like its parent apps.

It’s easy to forget that Meta actually launched a photo-focused version of Threads in 2019. 

Needless to say, it didn’t gain much traction. That feature eventually evolved into “Close Friends” on Instagram.

However, there are a few reasons why we think that Threads has serious staying power:

  • Right place, right time. Consumers have been clamoring for a text-focused app and Threads seems poised to fill that void. Twitter’s controversies and the slow rollout of Jack Dorsey’s BlueSky have been a blessing in disguise for Meta.
  • Existing integrations with Instagram. Going from zero to 30 million users in a single day is unheard of. Sure, Threads is piggybacking on the popularity of Instagram but that’s not a negative. The fact that you can create an account so effortlessly is huge.

  • Promising new features for brands and consumers alike. The advertising potential that comes with being a Meta app speaks for itself. Both Facebook and Instagram have proven track records when it comes to paid social performance. Meta is also touting future integrations with other social networks through Threads in the future.

Our take? Creating a brand account on Threads makes sense if you're active on Instagram. 

Needless to say, we’re enjoying it so far (make sure to follow us if you don’t already)!

Statusphere feed on instagram threads

The simplicity of the platform is refreshing. The fact that the app is largely text-based means that brands can create content relatively quickly. Threads is largely focused on playfully going back and forth with customers for the time being.

New call-to-action

What Does the Future Hold for Brands on Threads?

Getting in on the ground floor of any app is always a thrill.

We’re looking forward to seeing what the future holds for Threads. Any platform that brings brands closer to customers with authentic interactions is a winner for us. Threads’ potential for influencer marketing is a huge question mark but never say never.

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