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5 Ways to Repurpose Your StatusBox

Here are 5 ways that you and your girls can have an amazing virtual Galentine’s day.

DRM_5049In the spirit of Earth Day, we wanted to share some eco-friendly ways to repurpose those StatusBoxes after you receive them in the mail each month. We know you love receiving our StatusBoxes, but we also need to put them to good use after your “Unboxing Videos”. We have come up with some great ways you can reuse your StatusBox and show them off! 

Monitor Stand

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Let’s face it, most of us are working from home and need to make our workspace comfortable and practical. So, why not give your StatusBox a second life and use it as a Monitor Stand?! 

Memory Box

We can’t be the only ones that keep every single movie ticket, picture, mini-golf scorecard and so much more- right? Your Statusbox can serve as a little Memory Box for you to keep those amazing memories and can always go back to it. 

Mail It

This one is for all of my Resellers out there! Our Statusbox can be reused for shipping your sold items! Go ahead and pack your items, tape them up, and ship them out! We do suggest wrapping the box up with brown packing paper. Just to be safe! 


Your Statusbox also serves as great storage! You can organize your facemasks, nail polish kits, paints, receipts, etc. As long as it’s organized! 

Last, but not least, make your own Zen Garden or Succulent Garden. Get some sand in the box, some small rocks, and an air plant for decoration (Not necessary, but very easy. Make sure you water it once a week though). You can use a fork as a little rake.


As for the Succulent Garden; go to your local plant store and grab 2-4 of your favorite succulents and some soil. You will also need a recycled plastic shopping bag to make sure the soil and water don’t leak through the box. You can cut up the plastic bag to the size of the StatusBox- make sure it’s not visible when you put soil on top of it. After you have filled the box with soil, lay out the way you want your succulents to look and put those babies in the soil. Don't forget to water when the soil is dry!

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We hope you take these tips into consideration and reuse those Statusboxes that, we know, you have saved around your house. Go Green!

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