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6 Ways to Create Content at Home

If content creation is something you are struggling with right now, here are 6 ways to create content at home:

6 Ways to Create Content at Home

Without the flexibility of shooting new content while out and about, being at home can make you feel as though you’re stuck creatively. You may even feel like you’ve fallen off the map lately. You’re asking yourself, what can I do next? If this is something you’re struggling with, you’re not alone and we’ve come to help! Here are 6 ways to create content at home so your grid looks better than ever.

1. Challenge Yourself 

Challenging yourself to find new items around you to use for content. A popular trend going around are stay-at-home photo challenges. These consist of finding ways to come up with creative shoots in the comfort of your home. Self-timers and tripods are now your best friend while doing this. People are using newspapers as backdrops and even using their bathtubs filled with flowers for ethereal shots. You can also practice flat lay photos if you haven’t tried that before! Take a look around and see what content you can create with the decor that fills your home.

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2. Try a New Platform

You might be used to only using one platform to connect with others. Maybe Instagram has been your niche but now is a perfect time to connect with your followers multi-platform style. Go ahead and try TikTok, it gives you some more room for showcasing your personality in a more personable way. If you want to connect even deeper with your audience, try out a podcast. Your audience is wanting to remain connected with you while in quarantine and you want to do the same, so expand your horizons and create content elsewhere!

3. Experiment With Different Features

If trying out a new platform doesn’t appeal to you, there are plenty of opportunities to rediscover the platforms you are already on. Look through features you may not have used and think of ways you can curate new content with it. Maybe you’ve never used Instagram’s IGTV or you haven’t gotten the chance to participate in a popular TikTok trend like duets, go put your own spin on it!

4. Find a New Hobby and Share

There are so many hobbies out there to try and you can do them right at home. Take this time to find your new passions. You might look into graphic design, bullet journaling, calligraphy, painting or even baking. Plenty of these passions are being shared by influencers with their followers and it’s worth it to try! Your audience is likely to be receptive to you trying something new and you might have more in common with them than you did before.

5. Collaborate With Other Influencers

Connecting can seem difficult while in a time of social-distancing. You may not know the best way to find people who share similar interests as you if you’re not meeting them in person. Try collaborating with other influencers during this time! You can do this through open-invite virtual meetups geared toward exchanging creative ideas and collaborating. Stay connected with fellow creatives and build up your community all at once, a win-win! 

6 ways to create content at home

6. Partner With Brands

Just like influencers, brands also want to continue being involved socially. If you’re really in a stump for content creation, brands are the way to go. Find smaller, indie brands looking for ambassadors or go after one you might have been too intimidated to approach for a collab before. By partnering with brands, you get to expand your connections, test new products and find cool ways to curate content that shares this!

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If you’re unsure how to establish these partnerships with brands, we can help! Statusphere has an exclusive network of content creators that are paired with brands to collaborate on what they are most passionate about. If you’re interested, contact us!


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