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8 of the Best Hair Shows Brands Should Attend in 2023 and 2024

Looking to check out the best hair shows of 2023? Here's a list of eight must-see haircare trade shows highlighting new beauty trends and products heading into 2024.

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Eager to check out this year’s haircare trade shows

Good! Because professional trade shows are among the best places to uncover the latest industry trends. Not to mention new products and cutting-edge tech for stylists.

Trade shows are also a prime opportunity to connect with beauty buyers in person. 

If you want to identify new leads and build relationships with your target audience, you should totally seek out a trade show to make an impression.

Below are eight of the best hair shows of 2023 (and 2024!) that your brand shouldn’t miss out on.

1. Natural Products Expo West - Anaheim, CA | March 11-15, 2024

Natural Products Expo West lives up to its “natural” namesake by focusing on organic haircare, beauty and food. 

This trade show takes place over four days and features a wide variety of exhibits and educational opportunities for attendees.

Many of the event’s seminars are focused on sustainable business practices and what’s trending among environmentally-conscious clients. With a staggering 3,100+ exhibitors attending in 2023, there's no shortage of products on display.

natural products expo west hair trade show

Source: @natprodexpo

This hair expo is also notable for its slew of celebrity guests. Vanessa Hudgens, Jennifer Garner and Nick Jonas all appeared at recent shows.

Whether you’re interested in learning about innovations in organic haircare or the newest natural products, Expo West is the place to be.

For nine all-natural alternatives to products you use daily that we spotted at the show in 2019, check out our recap here

2. IBS New York - New York, NY  | March 3-5, 2024

IBS New York is the event for independent stylists to try tons of top-notch hair products available for sale at show-special prices. 

The main theme of this hair show is celebrating and appreciating beauty professionals. This hands-expo aims to do exactly with demos that empower attendees to test out products firsthand.

IBS New York hair trade show demonstration

Source: IBS New York

With networking opportunities, hundreds of exhibits showcasing beauty brands and educational sessions from industry experts, you’ll return from this event with fresh products and knowledge to rejuvenate your business.

3. America’s Beauty Show -  Rosemont, IL | April 20-22, 2024

America’s Beauty Show provides continuing education and exhibits focused on giving back to the salon community. 

Spanning three days, this trade show brings salon owners, colorists, estheticians, beauty enthusiasts and students together to celebrate doing what they love. 

The brand presence at this hair show speaks for itself, including industry leaders like AMIKA, Morrocanoil, and Redken.

Likewise, attendees will be able to see some of the top beauty professionals and founders in action. The 2021 show saw Redken co-founder Sam Villa host a hair seminar which was one of the highlights of the event. Classes are a cornerstone of this particular expo.

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Source: @americasbeautyshow

 The ability to learn firsthand wisdom and tips from beauty experts can be a game-changer for you and your business.

4. Premiere Orlando - Orlando, FL |  June 1-3, 2024

Premiere Orlando is an international beauty trade show that attracted 60,000+ attendees in 2023.

Attendees will be able to connect with manufacturers and distributors from all walks of the beauty industry and hear about the top haircare trends to watch. 

And if you're specifically in the cosmetology space, this is the hair conference for you.

A post-show breakdown of the 2022 event noted that a whopping 60% of attendees were cosmetologists. The same breakdown also said that 94% of attendees made purchases during the event.

On that note, this hair show is an excellent crash course in beauty and haircare marketing. Events and seminars at Premiere Orlando educate brands and stylists on marketing strategies to test-drive before, during and after the show.

A hair trade show that meshes marketing and style? Sign us up! 

5. Cosmoprof North America - Las Vegas, NV | July 11-13, 2023

Among the largest beauty shows on our list, Cosmoprof North America is recognized for its dynamic growth and unique programs. Heck, there were 32,000 attendees and 1,100 exhibiting brands at the last show!

cosmoprof trade show display

Source: YouTube

This event’s goal is to create connections across the entire beauty industry, fostering new collaborations among professionals. 

Cosmoprof is the perfect place to connect with international industry leaders and retailers, too. Last year's event featured country pavilions recognizing heritage and contributions to the beauty industry from around the globe.

Also notable is the corresponding Cosmopack show which earned a third of the floor space at last year's event. Cosmopack's focus is entirely on the beauty supply chain including raw materials, product ingredients and packaging. 

6. Bronner Bros International Beauty Show - Atlanta, GA | February 24-26, 2024

Bronner Bros International Beauty Show describes itself as the biggest multicultural trade show in the United States. This show includes 100+ professional education classes and innovative workshop sessions to help you level up your skills.

Perhaps the most notable aspect of this hair show is that attendees are encouraged to “customize” their event experiences based on their unique business and customers. For example, demonstrations and classes cover everything from wigs and weaves to barbering and skincare. No matter what your specialty is, there’s something at this trade show for you.

Oh, and you’ll get a chance to shop amazing deals while networking with professionals from around the globe. With so many creative competitions and serious international flavor, this event is both entertaining and educational.

7. Premiere Columbus - Columbus, OH | October 8-9, 2023

Premiere Columbus is a beauty industry event that doesn’t skimp on industry education and product showcases. In fact, this trade show offers 130+ classes and a chance to interact with professionals at 200+ booths.

With opportunities and education spanning so many hair types and beauty niches, Premiere Columbus has a lot to offer licensed professionals from all walks of the industry.

A noteworthy addition to the 2023 event is the "Influencer's Spotlight." This spotlight features viral creators like Lala Chihaia and Presley Poe breaking down innovative beauty trends.

premiere columbus trade show display 

Source: @premierecolumbus

If you’re looking for haircare trade shows to check out in 2023 and you’re in the Midwest, don’t miss this one!

8. IMAGE Expo - Houston, TX | November 11-12, 2023

IMAGE Expo is a two-day beauty event packed with classes, competitions and exhibitors. This show is a prime opportunity for beauty brands to see fellow professionals in action and find the next great product. 

Featuring 200+ hair seminars and workshops, this event should be a top priority if you're in the South. There’s even a fantasy hair competition that highlights how to create styles and color combos that really turn heads. 

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Which of the Best Hair Shows in 2023 and 2024 Are on Your Radar?

Listen: hair trends are constantly evolving.

If you want your business to stand out from the crowd, you need to have a strong pulse on trends and new products.

Want to improve your team’s skills? Maybe tap into some new marketing strategies? You should definitely check out some of these 2023 hair shows heading into 2024.

If nothing else, they serve as a much-needed dose of inspiration and motivation for your brand.

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This article was first published in March 2022. It was last updated June 17, 2023.

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