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20 Holidays to Add to Your Social Media Editorial Calendar

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You may already have certain holidays marked on your social media calendar— the major ones at the very least. But celebrating some of the lesser known, more fun holidays can be a great way to spice up your feed and create engaging content for your followers. Prop-filled photoshoots, video content and Instagram Stories can add to your brand’s personality on social media (not to mention they’re bound to boost team morale in the process). Below, we’ve laid out 20 of our favorite festive holidays and some ways to celebrate them across your social media!

  1. January 10- National Houseplant Appreciation Day
  2. February 22- National Margarita Day
  3. March 8- International Women’s Day
  4. March 14- Pi Day
  5. March 23- Puppy Day
  6. March 25- Waffle Day
  7. May 21- Pizza Party Day
  8. June 4- National Doughnut Day
  9. June 18- International Sushi Day
  10. June 25- Take Your Dog to Work Day
  11. July 17- World Emoji Day
  12. July 18 - National Ice Cream Day
  13. July 29- National Lipstick Day
  14. August 9- Book Lovers Day
  15. August 10- Lazy Day
  16. September 13- Positive Thinking Day
  17. September 29- International Coffee Day
  18. October 4- Taco Day
  19. November 13- World Kindness Day
  20. December 17- Ugly Sweater Day

(Pro Tip: Be sure you check a calendar before scheduling your post! Some of these holidays fall on the ‘first Friday’ or ‘last Monday’ of the month so may shift year-to-year.)

None of these speaking to you? Why not make up your own company holiday by celebrating the day you were founded or launched your most popular product! This gives you an excuse to engage with your audience and celebrate a special day for your brand.

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Some tips for utilizing these fun holidays before you go marking your social media calendar:

  • Align Holidays With Your Brand. It's important to find holidays that align with your brand and products. For example, let’s say your product line is all coconut-based. Find out when National Coconut Day is and make special posts dedicated to your brand’s superstar! It’s fun, a little silly and a great way to highlight your products. (By the way, it’s June 26.)
  • Plan Ahead. Planning ahead is key to celebrating holidays in the most successful way. Doing so will give your team enough time to shop for props, book a photographer, create posts your followers will love and schedule them across your social channels accordingly!
  • Promote Corporate Social Responsibility. Donating to a related charity that your company feels strongly about shows you’re a brand that cares. Now more than ever, consumers align themselves with ethical brands they believe in who support different communities.
  • Incorporate with Giveaways, Promotions and Product Launches. Holidays can be used as opportunities for giveaways, limited-time promotions and product launches. Be strategic when choosing which promotions you should tie into holiday themes. Is there one coming up that you can also get user-generated content from by encouraging your followers to celebrate with you? That way, the more they post, comment and interact, the more your brand awareness increases.
  • Work with Influencers. Partner with these content creators to do special holiday giveaways, which Instagram is great for. They can help drive more entries while promoting the giveaway itself.

Adding holidays to your social media calendar is a great way to engage with and grow your following. They’ll love your creativity and appreciate the unique ways your brand interacts with them. Plus, it’s a fun reason to team up with influencers. Need help making it happen? At Statusphere, we match brands with the right influencers to ensure you get the most out of your influencer partnerships. Contact Statusphere to learn about how we do it and to chat with one of our influencer marketing specialists!