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6 Instagram Story Ideas for Brands


More and more Instagram users are taking advantage of Instagram stories, and for good reason. Followers can engage with your story now in more ways than ever before. These stories allow for a more direct conversation with followers that can boost engagement. If you are having trouble coming up with Instagram story ideas, here are a few that are sure to get your followers engaged.

  1. Live/Behind-the-Scenes- Who doesn’t love a good behind-the-scenes? Getting a peek into companies workspaces or manufacturing sites are a great way to keep your followers informed and included. Check out @LushCosmetics, they frequently go live at their factories to get a look at how their handmade goodies are crafted and perfected.  

  2. How-To - Instagram stories provide the perfect opportunity to demonstrate your products in use. @Glossier does this with their skincare and beauty products almost everyday. Viewers get the chance to see how others interact with these products and fit them into their skin routine by posting step-by-step regiments.

  3. Polls - Poll stickers are the perfect, attention-grabbing stories that viewers love to engage with. These customizable, two-option polls are perfect for starting a conversation that could lead to DM’s. Brands can now ask viewers for feedback, likes, dislikes and opinions. On @Statusphere, we love taking fun polls around the office for our followers to participate in like: 
    instagram-story-ideas-polls.png instagram-story-ideas-brands.jpeg   

  4. Tagging - Tagging locations, other users and hashtags used in Instagram stories can drive users to like new pages, accounts and more. By tagging your location or using a hashtag, any user can search or follow those stories on the Explore page. 

  5. Influencers - Encourage other users to tag your brand in their stories. Influencers all over Instagram use stories to entertain their followers or share updates. Fitness and lifestyle accounts like @leefromamerica love to post their meal prep regiments or lifestyle hacks (and tag their favorite brands). New followers, likes and comments flourish from influencers who take advantage of posting stories. (If you need help or tips on how to get influencers posting about your brand contact Statusphere).

  6. Adding Links - The “swipe up” feature on Instagram allows you to link to new blog posts, website content and reviews on stories. Utilizing the “swipe up” feature directs users to ingredients, Q&A’s and articles related to that story. @TravelandLeisure consistently links to trip articles related to their highly-visual stories. 

Instagram stories are gaining more speed everyday. Businesses and influencers alike can take advantage of these features to generate a more engaged and active viewership. Whether you utilize one feature, or all of them, posting stories will be sure to amp up your Instagram game.

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