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What are the Demographics of Each Social Network?

The key to using social media to market your brand is understanding social network demographics. The demographics vary from network to network.

Social Networks Demographics

Social media marketing has revolutionized the world of marketing. The detailed targeting options available make it possible for brands to identify potential customers using both demographics and psychographics, including hobbies and interests.

The key to using social media to market your brand is understanding social network demographics. The demographics vary from network to network. If you choose to advertise on Facebook when your demographics are more in line with Instagram, you might not be maximizing the return on your investment.

Here at Statusphere, we understand the importance of social media marketing. In fact, we specialize in taking the brands we represent to the next level by choosing the right influencers and platforms to promote them. Keep reading to learn about the key social network demographics you can use to market your brand.


We’ll start with Facebook because it is the most popular social network and its demographics make it a popular choice for marketing. Here are the key figures you need to know:

  • As of June 2017, Facebook has 2 billion active daily users
  • 1.66 billion people access Facebook on a mobile device daily, with 1.18 billion using a computer to log in
  • Facebook’s users are 53% female and 47% male
  • 87% of all internet users between the ages of 18 and 29 have a Facebook account
  • 79% of US internet users between the ages of 30 and 49 use Facebook; and 56% of users over the age of 65 have a Facebook account as well
  • Over 40 million small business maintain a presence on Facebook

Considering that one million links are shared every 20 minutes, it’s clear why many businesses consider Facebook marketing a must.


Next, let’s look at Twitter. While its numbers lag behind Facebook’s, many users rely on Twitter to connect with businesses and learn about new products. Here are the key demographics:

  • Twitter has 313 million active monthly users
  • Combined, they send out 500 million Tweets per day
  • Twitter’s largest age demographic is high school students between the ages of 15 and 17
  • Teenage girls are more likely to use Twitter than boys, but those numbers shift once they reach the age of 25, when usage among men increases
  • Twitter users are likely to be affluent, with 26% of people with incomes over $75,000 maintaining a presence there

Twitter is a great place to generate buzz for new products and announce contests and giveaways.



Instagram hasn’t been around as long as Facebook or Twitter, but its numbers are impressive. Here are the key figures to keep in mind:

  • Instagram is the fastest-growing social network with 600 million active monthly users
  • Users skew female, with 38% of online women and 26% of online men having accounts
  • The average age of Instagram users is low – in fact, 90% of its users are under 35
  • 53% of Instagram users follow at least one brand

Instagram’s rapidly increasing numbers and high engagement make it a good choice for any brand whose customers are under the age of 35.

Other Social Media Platforms

Let’s take a quick look at some other social media demographics:

  • YouTube has 1 billion monthly users, 55% of whom are male, and reaches more viewers in the 18-49 range than any cable network in the United States
  • 45% of all online women in the US use Pinterest, and they are 10% more likely to make purchases based on what they see than users of other social networks
  • LinkedIn skews slightly male (31% vs. 26% of online users), and is the top network for business-to-business marketing
  • Reddit has 85 million monthly users, and it skews heavily male (67% of its users are men) and young (64% of all users are under the age of 30.)

Social media marketing is here to stay, and social media demographics can help you choose the most profitable marketing platforms to promote your brand.

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