How to Get a Spark Ads Code on TikTok (Brands & Creators)

TikTok authorization codes are a key piece of promoting Spark Ads. Below we explain where to access Spark Ad codes in TikTok and how to generate them in seconds.

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➡️ Want to get right to the good stuff? Here’s how to get Spark Ad codes in the TikTok app!

“Where the heck do I find my TikTok Spark ads code?”

We’ve been getting this question from brands and creators constantly in recent months.

And that makes perfect sense given how much TikTok Spark Ads are booming.

While setting up and running Spark Ads is relatively simple, sharing ad authorization codes can be a bit tedious and unclear. Especially if you’re new to the process of running ads as a brand or (creator).

That’s why we put together this no-nonsense post on how to get your Spark Ad codes ASAP!

What is a TikTok Spark Ad Code?

Spark Ad codes are creator-generated codes authorizing brands to promote creators' TikToks.

When a creator shares a video's code with a brand, that brand is immediately able to run the video as a Spark Ad. Brands refer to the creator approval process as allowlisting (or whitelisting).  

Some creators refer to these codes as "boost codes." They're found in the TikTok app under "Ad authorization." Below is an example of a creator toggling ad permissions to generate a Spark code.

ad authorization screen on TikTok

And here’s what an actual TikTok Spark Ad code looks like when it's typed out.

Sample TikTok Spark Ad Code

These codes look like a jumbled mess of special characters and numbers at a glance. That said, obtaining them is a must-do for brands that want to turn influencer content into ads.

Here are a few things that brands and creators should know about these video codes:

  • Authorization codes are unique to Spark Ads. While there are many types of TikTok ads, Spark Ads are the only format that requires generating this sort of code. This extra step means that brands and creators must coordinate their campaigns beforehand.

  • Spark Ad codes are tied to individual videos, not creators.  This is an important distinction between TikTok whitelisting versus Instagram whitelisting. You can’t simply set up “approved” creators and call it a day. If you want to promote multiple videos from the same creator, you must obtain a TikTok code for every video you spark.

  • Even after getting a creator's TikTok boost code, brands cannot edit Spark videos. Video codes determine the duration of an ad but do not give brands full reign over video descriptions, captions or other creative details. This ensures that your Spark Ads resemble organic content.

The short of it? These codes are necessary for brands and creators alike. If you want to start using UGC in ads on TikTok or want to get your content sparked, you’re going to need to know where to find these codes and what to do with them.

How to Get Spark Ad Codes on TikTok (5 Steps)

Below is a breakdown of where creators can find boost codes in their TikTok accounts.

And for brands advertising on TikTok, feel free to share these steps with your creators!

Important:  Before generating a Spark Ad code, creators must have ad permissions enabled. This toggle is found via “Settings” (Creator settings > Ad settings) in your TikTok creator account.

sample ad authorization settings

Step 1: Select the video that you want to promote as an ad. Tap “...” in the lower right hand corner of the post. Then, scroll and tap Ad settings. 

ad settings in TikTok

Step 2: From here, select “Content disclosure and ads”  toggle on “Ad authorization” which is the middle option on the screen. 

TikTok content disclosure toggle

Step 3: After toggling on “Ad authorization,” you’ll see a new disclaimer that includes TikTok’s advertising TOS and (most importantly!) the option to generate a TikTok video code.


Step 4:  Creators can change the default 30-day content approval period by tapping “Extend” and selecting a different timeframe.

Once you’ve decided on the duration of your TikTok boost code, tap “Generate.”

tiktok spark ad code authorization options

Step 5: From here you can manage your Spark authorization code.

TikTok will allow you to automatically copy it to your clipboard which you can then paste in a DM or email. Simply tap “Copy code” when prompted.

manage TikTok video code screen

 If you need to make changes to your video or made an error during the process, you can select the “Delete code” option and start over.

And that’s that! Not so bad, right?

What Happens After a TikTok Spark Code is Generated?

From here, creators will need to coordinate with brands to get them their video codes.

This can be done natively through TikTok DMs (assuming you follow each other!) or email. Once you’ve obtained your authorization code as a brand, simply paste it into TikTok Ads Manager. 

TikTok ad manager

For a detailed breakdown of this process, check out our post on TikTok whitelisting.

Again, getting Spark Ad codes is pretty straightforward once you run through the process. 

However, going through these steps can become overwhelming and time-consuming once you’re running Spark Ads with more than a handful of creators.

Juggling hundreds of ad codes and trying to track them in a spreadsheet is a recipe for chaotic campaigns. This is a big benefit of using an influencer marketing platform like Statusphere, where brands and creators can streamline Spark Ad authorization with no negotiating or outreach required.

How to Get TikTok Spark Ad Codes Faster 

Given the popularity of Spark Ads, both brands and creators are spending more and more time coordinating authorization codes.

That’s why we built Spark codes into our software to help brands take back their schedules.

With our platform, brands can turn their top-performing organic content from vetted influencers into Spark Ads in just two clicks. Likewise, we empower our creators to set their own rates and monetize their content to get paid faster. It’s a win-win!

Instant spark ads with Statusphere

To save even more time, our software matches your brands with creators based on 250+ first-party data points to help you get UGC on autopilot.  You can also upload your own creators to our platform.

This hands-off process likewise makes it easier to scale TikTok ads by saving brands time bouncing between platforms. With all of your content and ads in one place, you have a constant pulse on the performance of your influencer marketing strategy.

Want to learn more about how our software works?  Get in touch with our team of experts to see how we can scale your micro-influencer marketing and Spark Ads alike.

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