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7 Top-Tier TikTok Spark Ad Examples Featuring Influencers

What do the best Spark Ads have in common? Below we share seven TikTok Spark Ads examples highlighting how influencer collabs translate into awesome video ads.


Thanks to Spark Ads, influencers have taken over TikTok’s ad platform.

And trust us: that’s a good thing for brands.

Especially as shoppers flock to TikTok to see real people showing off products in action.

From higher engagement rates to more conversions, TikTok Spark Ads are a low-hanging opportunity for brands that already do influencer collaborations.

But what makes a “good” influencer ad on TikTok? 

Below is our list of the best TikTok Spark Ad examples we’ve seen recently to clue you in.

7 of the Best TikTok Spark Ad Examples We’ve Seen Recently

Again, the power of Spark Ads versus non-Spark Ads is well-documented. TikTok regularly touts them as their highest-performing ad format for a reason. 

But earning engagement from Spark Ads doesn’t happen by accident.

Choosing the right influencer videos to whitelist is key to seeing results as a brand.

Check out these examples of Spark Ads to see how creators are crushing right now!

1. Hourglass Cosmetics

This Spark Ad example from Hourglass Cosmetics highlights how a human touch results in a high-performing video. Presented as a surprise product discovery, the creator opens by telling viewers “I finally found my perfect lip combo.” 

hourglass tiktok spark ad example


This hook combined with a simple presentation of the creator talking directly to the camera makes this feel like an organic post at a glance. Not to mention the creators’ rapid-fire delivery and enthusiasm about the benefits of Hourglass’ products.

The creator spills the tea on why Hourglass’ lip combo is “everything she ever wanted” while applying the products for the camera. She ends the video by clearly restating the products’ names and showing them applied in real life.

What Else Does This TikTok Ad Example Do Well?

  • The video feels relatable. The creator’s personality shines through, especially as she explains the struggle of finding the right lip combo. Creators know how to speak to their target audience’s pain points which translates into awesome ads.

  • This ad is seriously simple. No wild effects, stylish edits or even music. Spark Ads often benefit from a “less is more” approach to presentation. That’s because stripped-down videos feel more like organic posts versus ads.

  • The creator also integrates relevant product-related phrases throughout the video which is great for TikTok SEO. Whether naturally or as part of the creative brief, this Spark Ad example shows how creators can seamlessly integrate spoken TikTok keywords (ex: “everyday lip combo”) into their content. 

2. The Rootist

In this Spark Ad for The Rootist’s pre-shampoo clarifying rinse, the creator isn’t afraid to get a bit vulnerable by talking about the struggles of keeping a healthy scalp while showing a step-by-step application of the product in the shower. 

rootist tiktok spark ad example


Subtle touches like noting how she was “very impressed” with the product are a huge endorsement given how much creators are pitched to promote products on TikTok

The creator seamlessly makes The Rootist the star of the show without being “salesy” about it at all. We can see the product’s packaging throughout, plus how the scrub lives up to the hype with the creator’s before-and-after video. 

What Else Does This TikTok Ad Example Do Well? 

  • The creator knows (and reflects!) her niche audience. Note how the creator refers to herself as a “curly girl” and talks about pain points like scalp build-up. Doing so speaks to directly her curly-haired followers. This sort of relatability is one of the biggest benefits of Spark Ads featuring TikTok micro-influencers who know exactly how to speak the language of niche audiences.
  • The creator makes it easy for followers to imagine the product in their hands. Between applying the product, noting everywhere it’s available and showing it off in action, this Spark Ad example seamlessly anticipates any question someone could have about the product before they can ask. 

3. Medicube

This particular video for Medicube feels closer to a traditional commercial than the other Spark Ad examples on our list. 

But the fact this video earned hundreds of thousands of “likes” is super telling.

medicube tiktok spark ad example   medicube tiktok spark ad example


The step-by-step timelapse application combined with catchy tunes and rapid cut combines entertainment value with education as viewers learn about Medicube via the captions. This Spark Ad is also an example of how brands promote products on TikTok via “oddly satisfying” content.

What Else Does This TikTok Ad Example Do Well?

  • The video’s massive engagement speaks for itself. While engagement alone isn’t the be-all, end-all of Spark Ad campaigns, this level of reach is only possible when piggybacking on an influencer’s audience. This is one of the key benefits of Spark Ads for brands.

  • The creator serves as social proof for the product. Countless comments on this Spark Ads gush over the creator’s results using the cream and Medicube device. Seeing is believing for modern consumers, especially when it comes to choosing beauty brands.

4. Necessaire

This Spark Ad example for Necessaire sticks to the mantra of “Make TikToks, not ads.”

Promoting something like deodorant might seem like a tough sell. The reality? These types of products and ads can do very well in the hands of the right TikTok creators.

necessaire tiktok spark ad example


In this Spark Ad, the creator’s sense of humor, enthusiasm and personality shine throughout the entire video. Note how the caption, narration and edits from the creator feel like they were written by an actual person and not a brand. 

The creator’s consistent screen-tapping and humorous comments (“We need a bigger size!”) keep us hooked while keeping the product and its benefits as the ad's focus.

What Else Does This TikTok Ad Example Do Well?

  • This video drops the “brand-speak” for authenticity. Simple as. Again, the best TikTok Spark Ads feel like organic content for a reason. This video’s high engagement rate is proof of that.

  • This creator clearly knows how to promote the product. As noted earlier, sometimes it’s unexpected products that pop off on TikTok. This video is night and day from what you might expect from a more “traditional” deodorant ad. That’s why it’s important for brands to trust creators to do the talking.

5. Amika

This content creator for Amika went above and beyond for this step-by-step tutorial Spark Ad showing off the brand’s shampoo, conditioner and hydration treatment.

amika tiktok spark ad example   amika tiktok spark ad example


One of the big strengths of this video is the hook. Presenting the ad as a life hack video is a smart move, especially as TikTok recommends that brands focus on “edutainment” in their content. Social shoppers love learning about new products and how to use them.

The creator showcases the application of the products alongside their packaging while also showing ingredients on-screen. Like most beauty Spark Ads, the creator highlights how the products fit into her day-to-day routine and how viewers might do the same.

What Else Does This TikTok Ad Example Do Well?

  • The creator doesn’t waste any time. There’s a ton of information and value packed into this 25-second Spark Ad. Like we said earlier, it’s important to anticipate and answer your customers’ questions before they can ask them. This ad does just that.

  • This Spark Ad is subtly SEO-friendly. Between the narration, on-screen ingredients and “life hack” premise, this video has strong potential to rank in TikTok search in addition to getting served on the #FYP. Maybe that’s why this TikTok ad has earned 2.2 million video views and counting!

6. Bloomingdale's

This Spark Ad example from Bloomingdales is unique on our list as it takes viewers on an in-store journey. This particular video documents the creator and her fiance creating their wedding registry.

bloomingdales tiktok spark ad example


Documenting a personal moment like this is compelling for an ad. Not to mention this further helps the ad feel like organic content at a glance.

What Else Does This TikTok Ad Example Do Well?

  • The creator highlights how influencers turn TikTok awareness into in-store traffic. Getting retail support from creators is becoming more common for brands with a brick-and-mortar presence.

  • This ad knows its target audience. One of the biggest benefits of influencer ads is the ability to piggyback on a creator’s followers. Wedding influencers are a great example of how brands can tap into a valuable niche audience in a way that’s relatable versus untargeted ads.

7. Nuuly

In this video, the creator shows off her winter fit from Nuuly with an appropriate choice of Christmas-y TikTok music. This very much resembles the sort of bite-sized “fit checks” you’d see on your #FYP which worked in the ad’s favor for sure.

nuuly tiktok spark ad example


This ad from Nuuly drives home the value of TikTok micro-influencers and how even a “simple” Spark Ad can perform well. For reference, this creator had ~6,000 followers at the time of posting and this Spark Ad has earned 38+ million video views.

Oh, and the ad is only six seconds long!

What Else Does This TikTok Ad Example Do Well?

  • The ad’s content matches the creator’s organic content perfectly. If you look at the creator’s account, many of her organic videos are fit checks and fashion hauls for women in their 30s. The takeaway here for brands is to not only embrace Spark Ads that look like “regular” posts but also to collab with creators who can seamlessly fit your products into their posts.

What Do the Best Spark Ads Have in Common?

Despite our examples ranging from a variety of industries, there are some common threads between the top Spark Ads on TikTok. Let’s wrap up with a quick review!

  • Hooks! According to TikTok, 50% of an ad’s impact happens within the first two seconds of a video. The opening caption of your video is crucial for grabbing viewers’ attention immediately.

  • Good Spark Ads ooze authenticity. TikTok’s mantra of “Make TikToks, not ads” isn’t just a slogan. We’ll say it yet again: the best Spark Ads look like user-generated content you’d see on your #FYP.

  • Simple smartphone videos. Unlike typical ad channels, production value isn’t make-or-break when advertising on TikTok. Likewise, all of our Spark Ads examples were clearly filmed on phones. Whether you’re a small creator or a massive brand, raw videos are an expectation with Spark Ads.

How to Take TikTok Spark Ads to the Next Level

For brands that consistently collaborate with TikTok influencers, the Spark Ads format provides a constant source of new content to promote. More creators means more creative variety and opportunities to test new promotions to see what performs best.

Of course, doing all of the above at scale quickly becomes a full-time job. Something as simple as getting a new Spark Ads code from creators will take over your schedule if you’re doing more than a handful of collaborations.

That’s where our micro-influencer marketing platform can help.

Statusphere’s software matches brands with our vetted network of thousands of micro-influencers. Our platform does the heavy lifting of matching brands and creators for collabs, fulfillment and reporting on your results.

Through Statusphere, brands can also turn their top influencer content into Spark Ads in just two clicks. You can purchase video codes directly from creators based on their personal rates.

statusphere spark ads code

This hands-off process likewise makes it easier to scale TikTok ads by saving brands time bouncing between platforms. With all of your content and ads in one place, you have a constant pulse on the performance of your influencer marketing strategy.

Want to learn more about how our software works?  Get in touch with our team of experts to see how we can scale your influencer campaigns and Spark Ads in a fraction of the time.

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