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5 Reasons You Should Invest in Influencer Marketing for Your eCommerce Business

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Influencer marketing has completely changed the game for ecommerce businesses. It is an effective way to use the rise of social media to drive awareness and traffic to your ecommerce website. This is why so many up-and-coming brands are able to grow at such an unprecedented rate. Here are 5 reasons your ecommerce business should invest in influencer marketing:

1. Influencer marketing allows you to social proof your business.

Because consumers can’t hold your product in their hands before buying it, it makes influencer marketing critical. Many consumers will look for reviews and other people posting about your products before making a purchase. By running an influencer marketing campaign, you can guarantee that there are people posting about your products. This concept of “social proofing” will help to gail potential customer’s trust, because they see real people using your products.

2. When a new product launches, influencer marketing can instantly generate exposure.

Sending your latest product launch to influencers can quickly get the word out to potential customers. Influencers sharing reviews or demonstrations of using your new product quickly introduces the product to their followers and impacts the following’s decision to seek out and purchase the product almost instantly. Social media posts are easily shareable, so the chances of establishing recognition much faster than traditional forms of marketing. The more your business is shared, the easier it will be for people to identify you, and eventually lead to purchasing decisions for your product launches.

3. Influencers can make users more connected to your brand.

By having an influencer instead of an A-list celebrity market your products, it gives your business a more relatable feel to it. Social media users will feel less intimidated and more inclined to check out the products the influencer is marketing to them, rather than have a celebrity persuade them into buying the product. People tend to have a more personal connection with influencers, which creates authenticity, creativity and a sense of trust when they are the ones promoting the product.

4. Social media platforms are the new marketing channels.

With over 1 billion people on Facebook, over 600 million on Instagram and 160 million people on Snapchat, it’s no surprise that businesses are expanding their efforts to online platforms. Traditional marketing channels are no longer “in,” and they’re usually paired with intrusive, overbearing marketing efforts. Influencer marketing has become more than a posting a photo or video about a brand, it’s about rallying a community of dedicated followers can sharing a common interest. Check out our post on 10 influencer marketing statistics to learn more about how brands are benefiting from influencer marketing.

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5. Influencer marketing is cost effective.

Depending on their popularity, partnering with an influencer can be significantly cheaper than paying for ad space on a social media platform. Influencers will often accept free products in exchange for reviewing and posting about the product. As a brand, you still reach thousands of potential customers, at a fraction of the cost of traditional or digital advertising. Check out our other blog post on how to calculate influencer marketing ROI for more information.

The times are changing, and influencers are at the forefront of the new direction online marketing is heading. If you’re interested in getting influencers posting about your brand, we invite you to sign up with Statusphere!