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5 Benefits of In-Home eCommerce Sampling

In-Home eCommerce Sampling

Even with all the digital marketing tools out there, product sampling is still one of the most effective ways to get people using your product. If you know you have a good product, there is no replacement for allowing people to taste (or smell, or feel) of your products. Here are a few of the biggest benefits of in-home ecommerce sampling.

Benefit #1: It’s Cost-Effective

There’s always some expense involved in offering free samples of your products, but in-home ecommerce sampling is no more expensive (and in some cases, less expensive) than in-person sampling.

Bulk mail rates are low and you don’t have to pay somebody to stand in a store or at an event and hand out samples. That’s a big plus if you’re worried about costs, particularly if your product can be mailed in a small package.

Benefit #2: It Allows Customers to Experience Your Product at Their Own Pace

When you offer an in-person sample, people get to try your product in a limited way. For example, a customer might try a perfume sample in the store, but they won’t know – unless they wait and come back – how the perfume will smell after a day at work.

When you offer an in-home sample, people get a chance to use your product as they would if they bought it. It gives them a chance to try the product and truly experience it in both the short and long-term.

Benefit #3: It Triggers a Cognitive Bias Known as Reciprocity

Have you ever had a feeling of obligation when somebody gives you something you weren’t expecting? Most people have. It’s due to a mental glitch known as a cognitive bias – specifically, the bias known as reciprocity.

Reciprocity occurs when a brand gives a consumer a free sample. It’s part of the reason that Costco has made sampling such an important part of the shopping experience they offer to members. People who try products are far more likely to buy them than people who don’t try.

In-home ecommerce sampling has the same effect. When you mail out a sample of your product, you trigger the reciprocity effect and greatly increase the chances that the recipient will buy your product after trying it.

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Benefit #4: Sampling Shortcuts Buying Decisions

It’s common for consumers to weigh pros and cons before buying a new product. Even if they see an appealing ad or photograph, they may still be on the fence about whether to make a purchase.

When you offer a free sample for consumers to try at home, you give them an opportunity to answer questions they have about a product. Instead of wondering what a product is like, they experience it first-hand.

The trial process breaks down buyer objections and helps turn potential customers into paying ones.

Benefit #5: Sampling Builds Brand Loyalty

Many of the people you send samples to will be new to your brand, but some will have already tried one or more of your products. Mailing samples to existing customers is a great way to build brand loyalty.

It costs a lot more to attract a new customer than it does to keep an existing one. Mailing samples lets you show customers that you care about them. They feel valued – and that sense of value means that they’ll be more likely to make repeat purchases.

The bottom line is that in-home eCommerce sampling is a cost-effective way to attract new customers, show existing customers you value them and turn repeat customers into brand ambassadors. But did you know that there are ways to combine product sampling with other proven marketing methods? At Statusphere we provide turn-key product sampling programs utilizing social media influencers. This allows you to complete product sampling and influencer marketing campaign simultaneously.

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