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Influencer Management Agency vs. In-house Influencer Specialist

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When deciding to implement influencer marketing into your campaign it’s important to consider how you’ll handle influencer management. It’s a big job and definitely one that shouldn’t be underestimated. With everything from research, communication, negotiating, monitoring and more, these responsibilities need to be delegated out before you can start anything. Maybe you want to have an employee in-house dive headfirst into these tasks, or maybe outsourcing to an influencer management agency is more fitting for your brand’s needs. We’ll lay out the pros and cons of both so you can move onto focusing on the fun part—building your campaign.

What is an In-house Influencer Specialist?

An influencer specialist is someone who is hired for their social media marketing skills and knows influencers like the back of their hands. Aside from being social media savvy, they understand the influencer marketing biz. They know how to find influencers, how to communicate with them and how to pitch the brand they represent to potential influencers.

Influencer specialists are usually a company’s only liaison to brand ambassadors. Although they often work with the social media team, they still find themselves juggling different duties throughout the day.

They may start the morning by researching hashtags, craft an inviting email or DM to influencers before lunch, and look over analytics from influencer posts before they leave for the day.

  • The Pros of an Influencer Specialist: Everything is managed under one person. They understand how to build meaningful relationships between brands and influencers, and how these relationships can generate ROI for brands (be it through social proofing, content creation, etc). They know that influencers aren’t just a bunch of pretty people who live on Instagram - they’re social powerhouses who have the trust and loyalty of brands’ target audiences.

  • The Cons of an Influencer Specialist: Everything is managed under just one person. What they can produce is limited to their resourcefulness and the elbow grease they can put into a single day, unless they have other employees to delegate tasks to. Their connections are usually on the smaller side, and they may rely on outside resources to find suitable influencers.

Influencer specialists work best if they have a team behind them. Managing influencers is a lot of work that is often too much for one person. If there is already an existing team that could help lessen the specialist’s workload, like pitching in with research or influencer communications, then they’ll be more effective as an employee.

What is an Influencer Management Agency?

Influencer management agencies act as the middle (wo)men between brands and influencers. Some agencies, like Statusphere, are very hands-on and work with brands to match them with influencers and manage their campaigns. These agencies take the bulk of  the influencer relations work off the shoulders of the brands, making it easier for brands to work with more influencers at a time.

  • The Pros of a Management Agency: Many people are working on a single campaign, which allows for larger-scale projects. An agency usually has various resources at hand that allows them to dedicate more time to finding the right influencers for your brand, campaign legalities and influencer relations. They also prevent the need for brands to hire full influencer marketing teams and typically save brands money overall.

  • The Cons of a Management Agency: Without the proper steps in place, brand voice can sometimes become fragmented or jeopardized. A social media policy may be required to make sure that all messaging stays consistent. Agencies also limit some of the brand’s control, since the management isn’t occurring in-house. When working together, brands should maintain active communication with their agency to avoid miscommunication or anything slipping through the cracks during a campaign.

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Influencer management agencies work best for brands who would rather focus on their other marketing efforts than spend time and resources on influencer marketing. Being able to outsource influencer management can be beneficial for brands who want all the benefits of influencer marketing without the workload.

Deciding between an in-house influencer specialist and an influencer management agency greatly depends on your brand’s needs. No matter which option you choose, maintaining active and positive relationships with your influencers should be a priority. If you’re looking for an influencer management agency to help with your next campaign, visit our brands page to learn more about what Statusphere can do for you!