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PR Package Note Ideas to Help Your Brand Stand Out

Ready to make a bigger impression on your influencers? These PR package note ideas and examples will help you craft messages that people will remember.

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Want to build awareness and earn more authentic, repurposable content for your brand?

Good news! Sending PR packages can make it happen.

So, what are you doing to stand out among the plethora of products creators receive?

Here’s the thing: many brands don’t take the time to make their PR packages unique. 

We totally understand why, too. Sending personalized PR packages to more than a handful of creators is practically a full-time job if you're trying to manage influencer campaigns in-house.

But brands that do go the extra mile can make a meaningful first impression and earn better content.

And small details like gifting notes make a huge impact on your recipients!

Below we break down PR package note ideas to help. We’ll also share our note templates you can swipe for yourself.

3 Examples of PR Package Notes (and Ideas for Writing Yours)

Before we get into the nitty-gritty, let’s quickly define the notes we’re talking about:

PR package notes are messages that brands include with products sent to influencers.

Assuming you're conducting your influencer campaigns in-house, crafting a personal message to creators is a sure way to make your packages unique. 

Not sure what to say or which format makes sense for you? We’ve got you covered. To kick things off, let’s look at a few examples of actual PR package notes and why they work.

1. Handwritten Messages

Handwritten notes are a low-hanging way to delight your recipients. If you're wondering if sending a personalized letter is worth the time and effort, check out the PR package note example below.

handwritten PR note exampleSource: @beautybyheatherburns 

The glowingly positive response from the recipient speaks for itself. 

positive reviewSource: @beautybyheatherburns 

Done right, your PR package message can really compliment the products you’re sending. This particular example works brilliantly because…

  • The note creates a super personalized experience. Details such as the creator’s name and the fact that the note is presented from a person and not a brand are important. Likewise, the note feels like a warm welcome from a friend. 

  • Product details are front-and-center. The recipient knows exactly what she’s unwrapping. This means less guesswork and a better understanding of what to post.

  • The sender specifically calls outs to the creator’s work. Thanking the creator for her “stunning creations” is high praise. This proves that the sender is a legit fan of the creator.

Again, the best influencers are bombarded with PR boxes. Writing a thoughtful message signals that you value your creators and their time. 

And given the legwork influencers put in, they'll definitely appreciate the thanks!

2. Typed Letters

Although not as personal as a handwritten message, typed letters are fair game for PR package notes. Check out the example below from Apotheke:

typed thank you pr package noteSource: @emilybookedup

This note works because it’s…

  • Personalized! Addressing the note to the recipient (Emily) means it’s not just copied and pasted. The message also refers to the current season to add another layer of personalization. 

  • Simple and subtle. Notice how the message asks for a review from the creator without being too in-your-face about it. This is a great example of how to include a call-to-action in a PR package note. The inclusion of the brand’s social handle is also a subtle nod.

  • Stylish. The branded letterhead makes the note feel both sleek and professional. The message’s brevity and poem-like format are a nice touch, too.

This example highlights how personalized notes can feature in your creators’ unboxing experiences.

The more impactful your note is, the more likely influencers are to share it. Doing so ramps up your creators’ excitement and makes your brand look more caring as a result.

3. Short (But Sweet!) Handwritten Note Cards

Spoilers: not all PR package note ideas require you to write a novel.

As noted by the example above, brevity can score you bonus points with creators. After all, we’re all busy and the same applies to your recipients. Sometimes less is more.

While handwritten note cards offer less of a chance to personalize the gifting experience, they can still get the job done. Below is a solid example from HereNow CBD:

short thank you note exampleSource: @beau.tybymaddie 

Despite being only a dozen words, this note works because it's...

  • Personalized! Handwritten? Check! Includes the recipient's name and sender’s name as well? Double-check! 

  • A balances brevity, personalization and professionalism. The fact that the note is written on a business card means that it can say more with fewer written words. 

  • A clear “thank you.” This is arguably the most important thing you can say to creators in a PR package message. Never neglect the power of being polite.

New call-to-action

How to Write PR Package Notes That People Will Remember

Now that you’ve seen some examples, you’re probably ready to put pen to paper.

But if you’re still not sure what to say in your note, don’t panic!

Not everyone is a wordsmith — we get it.

Below we walk through the steps of crafting a PR note and a few key details to include.

Personalize Each and Every Message You Send

The common thread between the best PR boxes? They all contain personalized notes.

That means addressing the influencers and signing off on your messages, for starters. Sprinkling details about creators and their content is also a good idea.

Handwriting your messages is how you take your notes to the next level, though.

Think about how delighted you feel when you receive a personal letter. Now consider how you can replicate that feeling with your PR package note. 

Heck, handwritten notes are so rare these days. That’s all the more reason to write one!

Translation? Handwritten notes make creators feel like a million bucks instead of a face in the crowd. The enthusiasm from the creators in our examples above says it all.

Be Sure to Say “Thank You”

This might seem obvious but we'll say it again: thank creators for their time.

PR package notes don’t have to be complicated. Saying “thank you” should be super straightforward, right? Don’t overthink it.

Depending on your relationship with the creator, you might say “thank you” for…

  • Being a customer (see below)
  • Posting an awesome piece of content
  • Shouting out your brand on Instagram or TikTok

pr package thank you note exampleSource: @kentfoodiesguide

Even if they don’t say it outright, creators want to feel valued and appreciated.

Don’t send a PR package expecting something specific in return. Instead, focus on building a connection. How you say “thank you” can help you do just that.

Don’t Be Shy About Sharing Your @Social Handles

This a small tip but definitely worth mentioning! 

A subtle way to encourage tags from influencers is to include your social @handles within your notes. This is much more straightforward if you’re using a business card or branded letterhead. 

Most creators will be more than willing to give you a shout-out, no problem. That said, if you have a complicated @handle or a name similar to another business, better to be safe than sorry.

Give Creators a Nudge with a Call-to-Action

Your notes shouldn’t feel like a laundry list of instructions for creators.

That said, gifting campaigns are a prime opportunity to learn what relevant influencers think about your brand. A light call-to-action is totally fine if it doesn’t distract from the rest of your message. 

A few sample call-to-action phrases for your PR package notes:

  • “Let us know what you think…”
  • “Feel free to use [#hashtag] (or tag us [@brand]) to share the love!”
  • “If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to us at [@contact]!”

Below is a PR package letter example with a specific call-to-action. Take note of the clear line of communication between the creator and the brand (“Looking forward to your feedback on our toner”).

call to action in a thank you noteSource: @sarahcolbrese 

Your notes should establish that the relationship between you and the creator is just beginning (hint: not ending). Messages that warrant some sort of response via social are ideal.  That includes messages, @tags and posts like the one above.

When in Doubt, “Wow” Recipients with Your Creativity

A little bit of creativity with your PR boxes can go a long way. Consider steps to score serious style points with creators and make an impression. This includes:

  • Using custom (or branded) stationery
  • Colorful packaging (see below)
  • Writing with colored pens (or colorful fonts for typed letters)
  • Sneak in some branded swag or stickers

thank you note exampleSource: @sisterz_with_taste 

The takeaway? Brainstorm how you can put together a PR package that would result in great unboxing content for your creators. 

4 PR Package Note Templates and Samples

Now, onto the good stuff! If you’re still struggling with writer’s block, we’ve got a few templates that can help.

We’ve separated our PR package note samples based on industry. No matter what you’re selling, these samples are a solid starting point for your messages. You can adapt them to email outreach or DMs depending on what your creators prefer.

Note: Of course, these samples aren’t the only way to write notes. We encourage you to get creative! 

1. Beauty Brand Message Sample


Hey there, Kristen!

We’re so excited to send you a sample of our new autumn eyeshadow palette!

It has eight pigments to choose from and is 100% guaranteed to be long-lasting.

Like all of our products, this palette is cruelty-free and ethically made as part of our standing commitment to the environment. We know you value clean beauty products and hope that this palette becomes a staple in your fall makeup routine!

We’d love to hear from you and get any insights or feedback you have. Feel free to message us on Instagram, or even tag us in a post with the makeup look you create! You can find us at @bluebunnybeauty on Instagram and Twitter.

Thanks for checking us out!

 Ruth Coleman, Blue Bunny Beauty

2. Fashion Brand Message Sample


Hey, Leanza!

We saw that you included us in one of your last fashion lookbooks on Insta!

The way you styled our top was so unique that we wanted to send you a piece from our next launch to add to your collection. 

We would love to see how you style the new dress and feature you on our socials!

Feel free to message us @RecycledRunway on Instagram, Twitter or TikTok. If you decide to include our blouse in your next wardrobe haul, be sure to tag us! 🙂

Thank you for posting such great Instagram content!

Emma Martinez, CEO Recycled Runway

3. Food Brand Message Sample


Hi, Cassie!

We’re sending you samples of our new seasonal kettle corn to spice up your snack cabinet this fall! 🍿 Here are the flavors you have to look forward to:

  • Classic kettle corn
  • Pumpkin spice
  • Cinnamon
  • Salted caramel (our bestseller and personal fav!)

We know you and your family value quality ingredients. Just know that every bag is non-GMO and organic. Our kettle corn makes a great party snack or Halloween marathon treat.

No matter how you celebrate, we'd love to hear your thoughts once you've had a chance to taste test. 😋

Don’t hesitate to reach out or tag us on Instagram (@KarasKettleCorn). 

Thanks for giving us the opportunity to share our favorite snack with you!

Gracie Brown, Kara’s Kettle Corn

4. Tech Brand Message Sample


Hello, Nicole!

Summer is coming to a close and back to school is right around the corner.

We know students like you need the right tech to tackle their courses and internships. That's why we’re sending you a pair of our Sonic Pro Headphones.

Bluetooth-enabled and wireless with a long-lasting battery, they're perfect for every study session. The Pro model also has noise-canceling features for when you really need to focus.

We hope our headphones can help you crush your next semester of nursing school! If you dig the Sonic Pros, we'd love to hear from you on Instagram or TikTok. Be sure to tag us @SonicBoomAudio if you make a post so we can share it.

Thanks for checking us out!

Katie Stevens, Sonic Boom Audio

Instagram Influencer Campaign Manager Spreadsheet

How to Delight More Influencers (Without Writing Hundreds of PR Package Notes)

It’s no secret that positive first impressions are key to building a loyal customer base.

Sure, these notes might seem like an “extra” step in the process of gifting products. 

But building relationships with creators or earning quality content.

Of course, brands today need more than just a handful of posts from influencers to make their product seeding campaigns worthwhile in terms of time and resources. Earning hundreds of posts from authentic influencers in-house isn't realistic. Writing hundreds of personalized notes isn't, either.

That's exactly why brands are using Statusphere's platform to earn content at scale without sacrificing those positive first impressions on creators. Our platform only matches brands with influencers from our established and vetted creator community using 250+ first-party data points.

statusphere platform example

Rather than worry about making first impressions, we've already taken care of that step ourselves. After all, we approve each and every creator that joins our community. Relevant matches plus streamlined fulfillment means that influencers are delighted when you receive your products.

Want to learn more about how our software works? Get in touch with our team of experts to see how we can help you get guaranteed content from authentic creators at scale.

This article was first published in November 2020. It was last updated May 20, 2023. 

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