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6 PR Package Ideas for Brands to Get Better Influencer Posts

Want to get micro-influencers posting about your products? That means making your brand's PR boxes stand out. Below are six PR package ideas that can help.

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Looking for an out-of-the-box way to get repurposable branded content? Sending PR packages to influencers can do the trick on a small scale.

Done right, PR boxes generate positive reviews and authentic content your brand can promote.

And the more effort put into your packages, the likelier you are to earn share-worthy posts.

What does it take to put together an influencer package worth posting about, though? From picking products to creating a unique unboxing experience, there’s a lot to consider. 

That’s why we created this list of PR package ideas to help you earn the best posts possible.

1. Pick Out Picture-Perfect Products to Send

Inspiring influencers to post about your PR package means sending the right products.

Ask yourself: what would delight you enough to snap a pic or film a video for a brand? 

Think about how you can inspire your audience the same with the right products.

For starters, you need to curate products relevant to your recipients. In other words, don’t ship random inventory you’re trying to get rid of.

The thing is, you also need to be smart about what you send. Shipping a 10-pound box of swag or thousands of dollars worth of products with no guaranteed content in return is risky. 

 When picking products, make sure that...

  • An appropriate value exchange. Many brands sending PR packages bundle products that exceed a $50-100 value when combined.

  • Easy to ship. Don’t create stress for yourself by shipping temperature-sensitive or fragile items. Receiving a damaged product leaves a bad first impression.

  • Aesthetically pleasing. Colorful and eye-popping items are a plus. Brainstorm products that’d fit seamlessly in an Instagram Reel or TikTok tutorial. 

Check out this example from PIXI that ticks all of the boxes above:

PIXI PR package example

Source: @mikaellla_mua

Colorful packaging that’s ‘gram-worthy? Check.

A product combo that’s valuable to the creator? Double-check.

Packaging that’s compact and easy to ship? Yep, that too!

When it comes to PR package ideas, brainstorming product bundles is a must-do. That’s because bundles invite people to test-drive more products and increase your value exchange.

2. Present Your Products So They’re Ready for Social Media Stardom

Again, your products really need to pop if you want to earn creator posts on social media.

Consider how much influencers love to create unboxing videos and Stories. Heck, the #unboxing hashtag on TikTok has 79+ billion (yes, billion). Consumers love to watch unboxing content.

For creators, much of the allure of PR packages is the unboxing process. The experience should be fun, memorable and worth posting about. 

Making that positive experience happen is all about presentation. Below are a few PR package ideas to secure your brand the spotlight on social media:

  • Include branded packaging. This includes stationery and packing materials that reflect your brand’s colors and logo. In short, make your PR package feel like you.

  • Pick a creative package theme. If your product is seasonal or time-sensitive, feature that theme in your packaging. Think about how holiday packaging is always a sea of red, white and green. If you have products that match your theme, even better!

  • Throw in a complimentary gift. Adding a small (but meaningful!) gift lets creators know that you care and want to go the extra mile. 

Looking for inspiration for packages that pop? Below is a PR package example from Minotaur Books that knocks it out of the park.

PR package unboxing example

Source: @emilybookedup

This gifted package is tailor-made for social media. Not only do the fairy lights make the post Instagram-worthy but they’re also thematic! This is a (literally!) shining example of how creativity and extras can earn you some love from creators. 

Sending products isn't always a huge creative project. From inserts to notecards and beyond, there are plenty of effective PR package ideas that work despite seeming simple on the surface.

Check out how the brand NOTES delights recipients with a simple but chic branded box and notecard. This highlights the importance of proper product curation and personalization.

candle unboxing example on instagram

Source: @coryyrenee

Here’s another example of a branded box, this time from Lululemon. Again, you don’t have to rack your brain to put your creative stamp on your PR packages.

Lululemon PR package example

Source: @darcymcqueenyyy

That said, small touches like notes on branded stationery can make a big impact on creators (see below).

branded stationery example in a PR package

 Source: @mahaa.alyy

The takeaway? When your presentation is on point, influencers are more likely to make unboxing posts featuring your products.

Although Statusphere creators post guaranteed content for our brands, we also understand the importance of creating that ever-so-important unboxing experience. Our creator-first fulfillment includes our own branded packaging and creative instructions with every StatusBox. 

For brands DIYing it all, here are a few places to find materials to spruce up your next PR package campaign:

3. Craft a Personalized Note to Make a Connection with Creators

Including notes in your PR packages is a smart way to make your gifts feel one-of-a-kind. 

Doing so shows your attention to detail to creators. Likewise, personalized notes can really make the unboxing experience feel special. While writing personalized notes for hundreds of creators isn't realistic in-house, it can be done for one-off PR packages.

We actually have an entire post on what to include in a PR package note. That said, here’s a quick summary for crafting notes to creators:

  • Always address influencers by name
  • If possible, handwrite your notes (or at the very least sign them yourself)
  • Include a call-to-action (ex: request feedback or ask them to @tag you)
  • Say thank you and let the influencer know that you value their time. 

Below is an example of a brilliant PR package note that sticks to the best practices above. 

personalized gifting note example

Source: @brenleycarmine

Note how this personalized, handwritten message addresses the creator by name. The brand rep then explains Simply Boxers’ donation initiative for every product sold or gifted. This detail highlights the brand’s values. Lastly, the note says “thank you.” 

Sometimes a small touch can make a lasting impression on your recipients. There’s a reason why the best PR packages include handwritten gifting notes.

Instagram Influencer Campaign Manager Spreadsheet

4. Include Product Talking Points to Encourage Creators to Post

Consider subtle steps you can take so creators can make the most of the products they receive. 

Whether in a note or separate insert, providing specific details about your product(s) is a smart move. This might include: 

  • A brief description or summary of the product(s) 
  • Explain your products’ benefits or unique selling points (organic, easy-to-use)
  • How to use them (or tips for using them) 

This information serves as a list of talking points for influencers when they post about you. Presenting this info yourself saves them time looking up your product for details.

The easier your product is to understand and use, the more likely you are to earn a positive post. Similarly, we include instructions for creators within our own StatusBoxes.

Below is a prime example of how explaining your products can pay off in a PR package:

product instructions in a PR package post

Source: @editadoes

Peek this comment from the creator: “While I’ve tried a lot of products from the brand, it’s my first time using Gelactive toner.” With an explanation of the proper application and purpose of the product, it’s easier for them to understand its benefits and what to expect. 

Since this info was in the package, the creator doesn’t have to do any digging for answers themselves. See how that works?

5. Feature a Promo Code in Your PR Package

Not all brands that work with influencers use promo or coupon codes.

Assuming you already do, there might be an opportunity to pair your package with a discount. 

The concept here is simple: sweeten the deal and encourage a positive post by giving influencers a personalized code to share. A no-strings-attached discount is a nice gesture if nothing else.

The key to making this idea work is sending products that really get your influencers and their audiences buzzing. Given your product is relevant, influencers could see promo codes as a bonus. 

promo codes in PR packages

Source: @emilybookedup

Note: we don’t recommend promo codes for PR package campaigns. That's because tracking sales from influencer campaigns can be complicated. Also, promo codes can feel “salesy” and ultimately distract from the message and products in your PR package.

6. Use a Platform That Gets Your PR Packages into Hundreds of Influencers' Hands

Committing to sending PR packages is no joke. We totally get it.

Doing all of the above in-house is a massive undertaking if you want to reach more than a handful of creators. That said, it is possible to send PR packages to influencers at scale with the right influencer platform.

Specifically, our platform!

We built Statusphere to streamline and eliminate the most time-consuming pieces of influencer marketing campaigns. Fulfillment and creator communication are among the biggest culprits.

Since we match brands with vetted influencers from our creator community, posts are guaranteed and brands aren't responsible for managing influencers. This means you don't have to worry about getting ghosted, either.

Also, our fulfillment technology ensures timely orders in beautiful packaging month after month. We also automate the process of sending shipping notifications to your creators are always in the loop and can look forward to receiving your products ASAP.

Statusphere shipping notification

Bonus: 3 Brilliant PR Box Examples (and Why They’re Great)

If you’re still hungry for more PR package ideas and inspiration, we’ve got you covered! 

To wrap things up, here are three more top-tier boxes and takeaways to apply to your own.

1. PIXI Beauty

PIXI PR package

Source: @aiisha.zxman

What Makes This PR Package Effective

  • Photogenic products (and lots of them)
  • A bonus goodie (the makeup bag) that matches Pixi’s branding plus doubles as packaging 
  • A branded print-out of a skincare routine featuring the bundled products. 

2. Maison Margiela 

PR package unboxing example on tiktok   unboxing example on tiktok

Source: @alexismarievans

What Makes This PR Package Effective

  • Matching, branded packaging and a gifting note
  • Playful slides matching the product’s packaging, all adding to the unboxing experience
  • Simplicity! This example proves that your package doesn’t have to be “flashy” to work

3. Docolor 

PR package example

Source: @esmeraldacmue

What Makes This PR Package Effective

  • Colorful and branded packaging 
  • A personalized, handwritten note for the creator
  • Providing a complete makeup kit with multiple products for the recipient to try

New call-to-action

How to Get Better Influencer Content Without Sending PR Packages Yourself

Whew, that was a lot to unpack!

As highlighted by the examples above, there are plenty of PR package ideas to make your recipients feel like a million bucks. 

With a touch of creativity, you can delight your creators and earn awesome content for your brand. Putting those packages together and sending them at scale requires far more than most in-house teams can realistically handle, though.

If you're looking for a more effective alternative to PR packages or traditional product seeding, Statusphere can help. Our influencer platform guarantees authentic content from our network of vetted creators. We eliminated 98% of the work involved with managing influencer campaigns such as fulfillment.

Want to learn more about how the platform works?  Chat with one of our experts to see how we can help you maximize your influencer marketing ROI with guaranteed content at scale.

This article was first published in May 2021. It was last updated June 14, 2023.

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