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What to Include in an Influencer Gifting Note (Examples + Samples)

Gifting notes add a personal touch to your brand's influencer packages. Here's how to write your own influencer gifting note plus examples to inspire you!

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Influencer gifting campaigns are a memorable way to spread the word about your brand. 

Because everyone loves a good gift, right?

Well, influencers are no exception! While gifting campaigns involve a lot of legwork, they're a straightforward way to get your products into the hands of influencers on a small scale.

But before sending a single package, you need to think about your influencer gifting note.

Want to “wow” recipients and make a big first impression? Notes can help you stand out in a sea of collab requests. However, your notes need to be more creative than a typical greeting card.

Below we break down how to write influencer gifting notes that delight your creators.

Why Writing Thank You Notes to Influencers is Totally Worth the Effort

Given everything that goes into influencer campaigns, a thank-you note might not seem important.

The reality, though? Gifting notes are about more than common courtesy. Here’s why:

  • A thoughtful gifting note shows your appreciation for an influencer’s work. This is your opportunity to let creators know how much you value your partnership.

  • Happy influencers go the extra mile for brands that support them. Sending a note might seem like a small gesture. That said, doing so can motivate influencers to put more effort into their content. 

  • Thoughtful gifting notes help your brand stand out. Ask yourself: what makes your brand’s influencer package unique? Think about how you can show creators your human side and attention to detail. Influencer gifting notes do both!

If you think that influencers ignore or overlook gifting notes, you’d be surprised. Many influencers go out of their way to shout out brands that send handwritten notes. 

lola rose gifting note example

Source: @justpromisebakare

Personal notes ensure that your product gifting campaigns get off on the right foot. They're a low-hanging opportunity to make a lasting impression on your brand partners. If you're going through the effort in-house to ship products to creators, going the extra mile with a note shouldn't be daunting.

How to Write an Influencer Gifting Note Worth Posting About

Now, onto the good stuff! Below are our tips to take your thank you notes to the next level. We’ll also highlight a few influencer gifting note examples to inspire you.

Tip #1: Personalize Your Notes (and Make Them Pop!)

Let’s be real: influencers receive free products all the time. Standing out from competing brands means going the extra mile yourself to get their attention.

Fact: 90% of people claim to react positively to personal, hand-written letters and cards. 

That’s why it’s so important to personalize your gifting notes. In other words, each note needs to be tailored to individual influencers. This makes your messages truly one-of-a-kind. 

A few ways to personalize your gifting notes include:

  • Addressing influencers by name. This instantly establishes a human connection between you and your creators. Bonus points if you sign your gifting notes with your name. Remind influencers of the human behind your brand. Don’t forget to include your social handles, though.

  • Making a specific reference to your creator’s content. This might include a past interaction on a post or a time they @tagged you. What if you’re reaching out to the creator cold, though? Show them that you’ve done your homework. For example, compliment their style or reference a recent comment they made.

  • Handwriting your message. This is the ultimate way to personalize an influencer gifting note. If you can’t remember the last time you handwrote a letter, we won’t judge you! While this might seem time-consuming, writing notes by hand is worth the effort.

Examples of Personalized Gifting Notes

Remember: these notes are your chance to make your creators feel like valued members of your community. If you’re not convinced that they actually work, look at the examples below.

Here’s a simple but effective gifting note sample from Gymshark:

handwritten influencer gifting note example

Source: @vea2511 

Peek the caption: “The note means more to me than the gift.”

The influencer’s positive response speaks for itself. This message also highlights how you don’t need to write a novel to make your note impactful.

Again, personalized messages make influencers feel like a million bucks. In the digital age dominated by emails, handwritten influencer gifting notes are a pleasant surprise. Check out the glowing response in this example from Soon Skincare:

Soothe Skincare Example

Source: @prettybyrdsmiles 

Beyond personalization, consider opportunities to make your gifting note pop. This might include: 

  • Using stationary that matches your branding or features your logo
  • Choose a card with bright colors (or better yet your brand’s colors)
  • Sneaking a small freebie inside of your note

This gifting note from Cheekbone Beauty is next-level. Their influencer thank you card contains plantable seeds. In other words, you can literally plant the note into the ground. How wild is that?

Cheekbone Beauty Gifting Note Example


This is a shining example of how to make your gifting notes pop. Doing so is likewise an awesome way to encourage creators to shout you out once they receive yours.

Note: keep in mind that a typed gifting note is better than no note at all. If you’re only sending products to a handful of influencers, taking the time to handwrite your message is worth it. 

Tip #2: Share Insights to Help Creators Enjoy Your Products

Let’s say you’re sending a unique product or an item your creators are using for the first time.

Consider how your gifting note can guarantee they use your products as intended. For haircare brands, simple instructions like “apply to damp hair” or “leave in for extra shine" can help. These details also guide influencers to create the kind of content you’re looking for.

Notes can provide important context as to why you sent creators the products that you did. Tailoring your product packages to individual influencers is a great way to personalize the gifting experience. For example, a candy brand might send dairy-free products to a vegan influencer. 

Instagram Influencer Campaign Manager Spreadsheet

You don’t need to write a novel’s worth of details. Just keep in mind that if there is something special about your product, you can reinforce it in a sentence or two in your gifting note. The more informed your influencers are, the better.

Since influencers often divide their time between multiple brands, providing product details is a big help for them. This means they don’t have to do research or second-guess how your product works. This highlights how influencer gifting notes can result in better content.

Note: Again, don’t try to cram an instruction manual onto your cardstock! If you want to supplement your gifting note with a “tips” sheet or a visual “how-to” one-pager, go for it. 

Tip #3: Thank Your Influencers for Their Time and Effort!

It goes without saying but your gifting notes should show legit appreciation and say “thank you.”

Sure, you’re technically the one providing the gifting here. 

But remember that your influencers are really the ones doing you a favor. As noted earlier, a thoughtful thank you letter encourages awesome content. 

Influencers understand the arrangement when it comes to product seeding. They shouldn’t feel like your gift is just a marketing ploy, though.

Influencers also notice when brands “copy-and-paste” their PR packages. 

That’s why you should do your best to show you care by making every word count.

A sincere “thank you” can make your influencer relationship feel more personal and less suit-and-tie. Don’t put pressure on them by thanking from for content they haven’t posted yet. Instead,  you can thank them for…

  • The awesome content they’ve already created.
  • Their time. After all, an influencer’s time is incredibly valuable.
  • Their support. This assumes you’re gifting products to a past customer (see below).

Zoella Gifting Note Example

Source: @a_sprinkle_of_jo

Again, look at the influencer’s gratitude in the caption. That’s the power of a handwritten message!

Influencer Gifting Note Sample Template

Now that you know what to include in your messages, it’s time to figure out how to actually write a gifting note. If you don’t consider yourself much of a writer, don’t panic! 

Just because you need to personalize thank you notes to influencers doesn’t mean you have to start each one from scratch. Your time is valuable, too!

That’s why we put together the sample template below. We have more note ideas if you need them!


Hi, [Name]!

We’re so thrilled to send you some samples of our [product name(s)].

Here’s what we’ve included inside: [list all products in box].

We know how much you love [personalized detail reflecting what the influencer likes (ex: clean skincare, healthy snacks)]. That’s why made sure to send you [ingredients, flavors, shades] that we thought you'd really enjoy.

Quick tip! [Product name] is best when [product detail (ex: used in the morning, shared with friends)].

We’d love to know your thoughts once you've tried it out. Don’t hesitate to reach out to or tag us on Instagram [@handle] or TikTok [@handle] when you do.

Thanks for giving us the opportunity to share our favorite [product(s)] with you! 

- [Brand Name]

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How to Delight Influencers Without Writing a Gifting Note

Making a strong first impression is key to a successful influencer marketing campaign.

And so the stakes are high when it comes to what you put in your packages.

Taking the time to write and personalize your gifting notes is a great way to make sure your brand stands out from the crowd. 

Of course, this process is incredibly time-consuming. This is especially true if you want to reach more than a handful of creators. Gifting campaigns simply in-house aren't the best way to get earn influencer content at scale and maximize your time and money invested in creator campaigns.

That's where Statusphere can help.

Our micro-influencer marketing platform matches brands with influencers from our vetted creator community. Unlike in-house gifting campaigns where brands often get ghosted, our software ensures that brands get guaranteed, authentic content at scale. Think hundreds of posts, not a handful.

Statusphere's platform also prioritizes a creator-first experience. Our fulfillment technology keeps creators in the loop and ships products within 48 hours. Custom campaign directions and beautiful packaging create the positive first impression that consumer brands are expected to deliver.

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Want to learn more about how our platform works? Get in touch with one of our experts to see how we can scale your influencer marketing efforts in a fraction of the time.

This article was first published in March 2019. It was last updated June 23, 2023.

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