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Product Sampling Programs

4 Types of Product Seeding Programs and Campaigns

Product seeding programs featuring influencers can build serious awareness at scale. Below we dig into popular types of product seeding campaigns for...

Influencer Marketing Strategy

How to Send PR Packages to Influencers Step-By-Step

Sending PR packages to influencers is a brilliant way to build awareness and earn repurposable content. This post breaks down how to ship products to...

Influencer Marketing Strategy

PR Package Note Ideas to Help Your Brand Stand Out

Ready to make a bigger impression on your influencers? These PR package note ideas and examples will help you craft messages that people will...

Beauty Brand Marketing

How to Run a Successful Product Sampling Campaign

Product sampling is an old-school tactic that’s as effective as ever for brands today. Below we dig into why sampling campaigns work and how to get...

Influencer Marketing Strategy

FTC Guidelines for Gifted Products You Should Know

As the FTC updates its rules for influencers, brands need to know which guidelines to stick to when gifting products. This post breaks it all down.