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What Should Be in a Brand's Influencer Seeding Kit?

Do your product seeding kits exceed creators' expectations? Nail your next round of PR packages with these ideas and examples of influencer seeding kits.

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Does your brand actually stand out in a sea of seeding kits?

Because we know firsthand that creators receive PR packages from brands constantly.

(That's why we say that finding the creators is the key to product seeding. When creators know and trust your brand, they'll be delighted by their kits regardless of the presentation!)

Still, free products alone won't guarantee content from creators today. Not by a long shot.

And so anything you can do to make your product seeding kits pop is a plus.

That's why we put together this quick post where we break down:

  • How to make seeding kits memorable to creators who don't know you (yet)
  • Simple creative ideas that any brand can adapt to their PR packages
  • Actual examples of seeding kits from brands on TikTok (and what they do right)

Let’s dive in!

3 Must-Haves for Any Influencer Seeding Kit

Putting together a "good" influencer kit doesn't have to be an elaborate process.

We’ve seen firsthand how small details can have a big impact on PR package campaigns.

Your goal should be to make a positive, lasting impression on your recipients. A thoughtful seeding kit can result in reach, loyalty and  UGC. That's the power of product seeding!

If you're serious about getting content from more influencers, you need to go beyond the bare minimum when sending PR packages. Below are three crucial pieces of a strong seeding kit.

1. Presentation That's Worthy of TikTok and Instagram

Product packaging is make-or-break when it comes to making a good first impression.

And with product seeding and influencer marketing at large, first impressions are everything.

Creative and custom packaging can turn an ordinary unboxing into a memorable experience for influencers. Not to mention their audiences and viewers.

Just look at the constant flood of influencer unboxing videos across TikTok and Instagram. Our favorite PR boxes are the ones that catch our eyes before a product is even revealed.

When you put together your seeding kit, ask yourself: would your package make the #FYP?

Since Statusphere's platform has powered tens of thousands of shipments and 75,000+ pieces of UGC, we know what gets people posting. Details like the packaging of our StatusBoxes are easy to overlook but the extra effort is worth it to delight our creators. Logos and colors count!

statusphere unboxing example


Sure, some brands can get pretty "extra" when it comes to their influencer kit packaging. This can result in amazing content but likewise requires a significant investment of time.

However, not every brand needs to reinvent the wheel with presentation. Especially since product choice is more important for your product seeding strategy.

And that leads us right to our next point! 

2. Products That Make Your Influencers Pop Off

Remember: seeding is all about getting products into creators' hands.

Picking the right products for your recipients is make-or-break for an influencer seeding kit.

No-brainer, right? However, it's easy to lose sight of product choice when you're worried about all of the other fine details related to your seeding campaigns.

Product choice ultimately determines whether your creators post or not. The more excited they are about what you've sent them, the more likely they are to post and go above and beyond.

Sending one-size-fits-all influencer kits is easier for brands, sure. The tradeoff is that a uniform approach tends to yield fewer posts and less enthusiastic creators.

On the flip side, tailoring your kits to specific customer segments or demographics is a brilliant way to create a personalized experience and earn awesome content without wasting time.

Sending products that match creators’ style and audience shows that you’ve done your homework and care about adding value to their content. After all, influencers won't post unless the products they receive are relevant to themselves and their audiences. 

glow recipe influencer kit example     glow recipe influencer kit example


Taking a segmented approach versus sending random products increases your influencer post success rate in a big way. This highlights the value of a product seeding platform like Statusphere that can segment your recipients using 250+ unique, first-party data points. That means you can send products to creators at scale while still providing a personal touch.

3. Motivational Messages to Encourage Great Content

Unlike small-scale influencer gifting campaigns, extreme personalization isn't necessary or even realistic when you're seeding 100s or 1000s of creators per month.

While sending personalized PR package notes is an awesome idea, consider other ways to make an impact on creators without writing everything out by hand. 

For example, influencer seeding kits can feature instructions or notes that are tailored to creators or audience segments without being 100% customized.

It's common for brands to include a note explaining what each product does or provide context to what it's unique. Thoughtful influencer seeding kit messages can spark inspiration for content and help influencers feel confident about showing off your brand.

Crafting messages for a handful of audience segments is way more actionable than trying to customize everything one by one. Some brands will send cards that aren't necessarily tailored to specific creators but still make a positive impression.

In this PR box example (language warning!), the brand sent a note presented as a"birthday card" that was actually celebrating the brand's birthday. This grabbed the creator's attention and made for an entertaining unboxing video.

Besides, the creator still loved the card and products she got. The post went viral, too.

influencer kit example on TikTok     influencer kit example on TikTok


This example drives home why sending products to influencers can't be a one-size-fits-all affair.

Notes and packaging aside, product reveals are at the core of what delights creators and is the payoff for their videos. Reveals that "wow" recipients are a win-win for loyalty and engagement. 

That's why creator matchmaking and segmentation are crucial to your influencer seeding strategy. Again, Statusphere's influencer marketing platform can ship products to creators at scale coupled with brand instructions. Our software automates the entire process based on your products and information with guaranteed delivery to creators, too.

3 Influencer Box Examples for Marketers

There are so many brands out there crushing it with their influencer kits. Marketers can use all the inspiration they can get when it comes to standing out and making product seeding work.

To wrap things up, let's look at three influencer seeding kit examples and why they're effective.

1. Tatcha

Check out how Tatcha nailed their influencer kit by sending two packages to the creator below.

Needless to say, the brand manages to tick all the right boxes with packaging and presentation.

Most notable is the brand's thoughtful selection of high-value products. This shows yet again the importance not only of personalized product choices but also a strong value exchange. 

Note how the creator can’t contain her excitement and gets legitimately emotional. This is how attention to detail can make an impression and result in amazing user-generated content.

product seeding kit example on TikTok


2. Fabled Co.

In this influencer kit example, a #BookTok creator is ecstatic as she opens a package from Fabled Co. featuring one of her favorite authors.

The creator gushes about her love for the books, ultimately proving that the brand knew exactly who they were sending these gems to.

Brands take note: you can't get genuine reactions like this by sending out random products. Doing your homework and aligning your influencer kit recipients with the relevant products is crucial. Especially if you want to hype up your influencers and drive positive reviews.

influencer seeding kit example on TikTok


3. Freckled Poppy

This example brilliantly showcases how sending products that creators truly love can build strong connections and lead to future collaborations. In her review of the brand's jeans, the creator explicitly says she doesn’t have a deal with the brand.

(Spoilers: this creator actually scored an affiliate deal following this post!)

Still, this disclosure assures her audience that these are her honest, unfiltered thoughts. Her enthusiasm is infectious as she explains this kind of product seeding is her favorite way for brands to reach out. 

influencer seeding kit unboxing


The takeaway? Targeting your product seeding can create memorable and authentic experiences for creators and their audiences. 

Instagram Influencer Campaign Manager Spreadsheet

How to Send More Influencer Seeding Kits 

Greater brand loyalty, more word-of-mouth and content that sets you apart.

Sending influencer seeding kits at scale can accomplish all of the above.

But putting all of the above into action can be a major time-sink, especially when you’re juggling fulfillment and influencer spreadsheets in-house.

Brands that do product seeding at scale need an automated system that keeps up with the demands of their campaigns. That’s exactly what Statusphere's software can do.

Again, our influencer marketing platform matches brands with vetted creators programmatically to ensure that you only send products to influencers who are most likely to rave about them.

We’ve helped 400+ brands ship products to tens of thousands of creators. Statusphere’s software automates everything from matchmaking and content management to fulfillment and reporting so you can effortlessly scale your influencer seeding strategy.

Want to learn more about how our platform works? Get in touch with one of our experts to learn how our software can help you get products into creators' hands with guaranteed delivery.

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