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Why Influencers Don’t Answer Your Emails

Influencers Don't Answer Emails

1. Your email is canned and they know it.

Taking a shortcut and blasting emails out to tons of influencers is not the way to go. They know what they are worth and they don't have time for your canned emails. Take time and do a little research on the influencer so that you can properly customize your message. Mention a post that you really liked or something that your brand has in common with them.

2. You don't align with their brand.

Your product might be great to you, but did you ever stop to think about if it is a good fit for your influencer and their audience? I have had so many brands email me that never take the time to respect my personal brand. Have they posted about similar brands in the past? Come up with some examples of why your brand is a good fit for them to show that you have done your research.

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3. The offer is insulting.

Influencers know how much power they have and they are not going to answer you if your offer isn't strong enough. For example, I have had brands ask me create content about their product for a measly 15% discount... that is never going to happen.  If you are expecting good social influencers to pay for part of your product and do work posting about it, you are dreaming. Think about how long it would take them even to create the content that you are asking for and can quickly see why your offer needs to be enticing.

4. They are busy.

Social influencers are usually very busy people, so don't expect them to return your email right away. Many have other jobs and may only set aside time to follow up to emails once or twice a week. Plan your outreach strategy to give 1 -2 weeks response time.

If you are a brand looking to reach influencers at scale you might want to consider using an influencer network like Statusphere. Read more about our process to get brands in the hands of influencers here.