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6 Ways to Keep Your New Followers After a Giveaway

Your brand is bound to attract new giveaway followers because people love free stuff - but that’s just the easy part. The harsh truth is many of the followers you gain from giveaways will most likely unfollow shortly after it’s ended. Here are six easy steps you can take to prevent this.


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Giveaways are a great way to create buzz about your brand and increase engagement on your social media. It’s no secret that doing a giveaway will attract some new followers because people love free stuff - but that’s just the easy part. The hard part occurs once the giveaway is over and your newfound followers slowly start to disappear. The harsh truth is many of the followers you gain from giveaways will most likely unfollow shortly after it’s ended. Fortunately, there are steps you can take to prevent this. Here are six ways to keep your new giveaway followers.

1. Make Sure That Your Giveaways Attract the Right Audience

Giveaways are a great way to get new followers, but you need to make sure that your giveaway is attracting the right audience to begin with. If you are a clothing store and you do a giveaway for an iPad, you will just get a bunch of new followers who want an iPad (not necessarily your clothing). This is why we always recommend to give away your product or a product that directly relates to your target audience. Check out our blog on great examples of Instagram giveaways for inspiration!   

2. Post Relatable Content

What attracted people to your page was the giveaway, what will make them stay is the content you post when it’s over. If you planned and executed your giveaway well, you’re bound to attract people in your target audience. Now that they’re following you, post content that is relevant to them and their interests. If you’re a beauty brand that just gave away your entire new collection, post tutorials and photos of influencers using your products to catch their attention. Seeing the products in action will help entice them to purchase the products even though they didn’t win them for free. The key here is to create content that’ll give them a reason to stay and enjoy all your brand (and it’s Instagram) has to offer.

3. Post Frequently

It’s a no-brainer that running a successful Instagram requires posting regularly. This is especially true after a giveaway to assure your new followers that you’re active and more than just a page they followed to win a giveaway. Keep in mind however, that there is such a thing as over-posting. Flooding your follower’s news feed with posts has the potential to annoy and drive them away. It’s important to find the right balance when creating a schedule for your posts in order to keep your new followers. Check out our blog on how frequently you should be posting on Instagram.

4. Engage with New Followers

Engagement is key to building a connection between your brand and your followers. This could include responding to comments made on your posts, utilizing Instagram Story features (such as polls and ‘ask me’) or creating captions that encourage responses and tags. Giving your new followers different ways to interact with your brand through social media will keep them interested and less likely to hit that unfollow button. People like brands that create a community they can be a part of, so keep the conversation going and integrate your new followers into your IG family.

5. Continue Giveaways in the Future

Doing a giveaway is what drove your new followers to your page originally, so why not stick with what works? Although it’s not financially responsible for your brand to hold a giveaway everyday, doing them frequently will help keep your earned followers and even attract new ones. Posting ‘sneak peek’ content of the promised giveaways will create excitement from your new followers and encourage them to stick around for the next one. Plus, it shows that your brand values giving back to your followers for all of their love and support.

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6. Work with Influencers

If your brand didn’t work with influencers for your giveaway, now’s the perfect time to start. Using influencer marketing allows your new followers to see others positively interacting with your brand and using your product or service. The whole role of an influencer, after all, is to give their followers the scoop on a brand or product before they buy for themselves. Working with influencers and repurposing user-generated content on your page will show your new followers that others like your brand, thus influencing them to stay.

It’s clear that giveaways are successful in driving new followers toward your brand’s social media. However, keeping those followers after it’s all said and done isn’t easy. Providing valuable, relatable content is essential for getting new followers to stick around. If you’re looking to partner with the right influencers for your brand, contact Statusphere to chat with one of our influencer marketing specialists!

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