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15 Free Influencer Marketing Tools for Brands to Try Today

Ready to test-drive some fresh influencer marketing tools? We break down 15 free (and freemium!) tools you can use to streamline your campaign tasks.

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Now’s the time to level up your influencer marketing tools.

Because research says creator campaigns will be the top tactic for brands in 2023 and beyond.

The problem? Running campaigns DIY is tedious and time-consuming if your marketing stack is lacking. From outreach to planning and beyond, there’s so much to do (trust us, we know). 

That’s why we put together this list of free influencer marketing tools you can test-drive ASAP.

Below we break down:

  • Free (or freemium) tools for brands at various stages of running influencer campaigns
  • How brands can use different types of influencer marketing tools to speed up tasks
  • A quick summary of each tool and its key features relevant to influencer marketing

Influencer Outreach Tools

Conducting influencer outreach is bar-none one of the biggest time-sinks for brands. 

Crafting pitches. Hunting for email addresses. Chasing follow-ups. It’s a lot to wrangle!

Let’s say you’ve found dozens of creators you’re interested in working with but have limited time. The influencer outreach tools below have built-in features to scale your efforts. These features include engagement tracking, automated follow-ups and bulk emails.

Of course, we recommend personalizing your pitches for the best results. We also acknowledge that sending pitches one by one takes forever. All-purpose templates can work if they’re crafted with care. Likewise, email follow-ups are fair game for one-size-fits-all replies with these apps.

Note: we have outreach email templates for IG and TikTok you can plug into these tools!

1. GMass

GMass is a Chrome extension that transforms your Gmail inbox into a surprisingly powerful marketing platform. 

The app lets you send bulk emails with custom, personalized fields. For example, you can send a follow-up message to your influencer list and GMass will automatically fill in the appropriate “name” fields for the email body and/or subject line. 


The tool also tracks email engagement metrics like opens and clicks in real-time. That means no more second-guessing whether your influencer outreach emails are actually landing.

Notable Features

  • Personalized bulk outreach and follow-up emails to reduce time spent in your inbox
  • Track opens, clicks and replies to gauge interest from your recipients. 
  • Import email addresses from spreadsheets and influencer lists

For example, let’s say you track your influencer outreach in a spreadsheet. Rather than copy and paste addresses manually, you can import your list of influencers in a matter of seconds.

Gmass connecting a Google Sheet

This is also a great example of how free influencer marketing tools (like Google Workspace below) can work together. 

Keep in mind that free GMass accounts can send up to 50 emails per day. Assuming you’re reaching out to vetted influencers, chances are you won’t need to send more than that.

2. Mailtrack

Mailtrack is a Chrome extension that tracks how recipients engage with your emails via Gmail.

The tool is a simple, no-frills app for tracking your outreach. Mailtrack is ideal if you are personalizing every pitch and aren’t interested in sending bulk emails.

Notable Features

  • Tracks email opens including when your message is first read and when it happened
  • Sends real-time alerts whenever your emails are opened
  • Built-in reporting to assess the performance of outreach campaigns (and individual emails)

Mailtrack inbox example

Source: G2

3. Yesware

Yesware is yet another email tracking tool but is unique as it works within both Gmail and Outlook. Like GMass, Yesware allows you to schedule follow-up sequences. The app also keeps track of your contact history with recipients. 

Notable Features

  • Tracks when recipients open emails, click links or engage with attachments
  • Lets you include a calendar link to schedule meetings in messages
  • Analytics make it easier to identify top-performing pitches and follow-ups

Yesware tracking example

Source: Yesware

The app’s built-in meeting scheduling is a nice added bonus. Although designed with B2B sales in mind, the tool is fair game for influencer prospecting and outreach. Yesware is ideal for marketers that spend a ton of time pitching and want to save time manually tracking results.

Campaign Planning and Collaboration Tools

The importance of planning can’t be overstated for influencer marketing campaigns. From setting goals to defining the steps of your campaign, there are lots of moving pieces to consider.

And of course, putting your plan into action is a team effort.

Not only do marketers need to collaborate with influencers but also internal stakeholders. The tools below can organize your big ideas and specific campaign tasks alike.

4. Google Workspace

Countless marketers already rely on Google’s suite of tools. Using Workspace as the home base for your influencer campaigns is a smart (and cost-effective!) move.

Notable Features

  • Full suite of collaborative tools for file-sharing, writing, planning and more
  • Tools are easy to use with a low learning curve (and tons of free resources from Google)
  • Seamless integration between tools (think: Docs, Meet, Gmail)

We ranked Workspace as one of the best influencer marketing tools because of how Google’s apps encourage collaboration. Also, consider the free tools available to run influencer campaigns:

  • Drive/Docs for sharing collaborative documents (think: creative briefs, brand kits)
  • Gmail and Meet for email outreach, negotiating and face-to-face meetings
  • Sheets for tracking campaign performance, outreach and more 

For example, check out a snapshot of our influencer spreadsheet built using Google Sheets.

Google Sheets spreadsheet example

5. Xtensio

Xesenio’s platform is designed to help businesses manage their paperless projects in a way that feels hands-on. The tool’s free plan includes three projects with 10MB storage but unlimited collaboration features.

Notable Features

  • Syncs collaborative projects and changes with unlimited teammates
  • Built-in templates for everything from brand positioning to competitive analysis docs
  • Create mood boards, fact sheets and audience personas from scratch

Where Xtensio really shines for marketers is its variety of templates, though.

Xtensio persona builder example

Source: Xtensio

The app’s persona templates are popular and likewise useful for influencer campaigns. Mapping out detailed audience demographics and desires can help you hone in on relevant influencers to speak to them. Below is an example of a completed persona template:

Xtensio filled out persona example

Source: Xtensio

This template highlights how brands can use free marketing tools for in-depth campaign planning.

6. Miro

Miro’s platform and whiteboarding features are a change of pace from the tools above. The free version offers three editable boards and access to 1,000+ templates.

Notable Features

  • Tons of templates relevant to influencer marketing campaigns (including templates for creative briefs, storyboarding and project timelines)
  • Collaborative whiteboarding and creative quirks to help users think outside the box
  • Integrates with popular apps like Google Drive and Slack.

Miro goal setting example

Source: Miro

7 ClickUp

There are tons of project management tools out there. That said, ClickUp is one of our favorites and what we actually use here at Statusphere. The app’s free plan offers unlimited team members and tasks to track.

Notable Features

  • Customizable Kanban board, whiteboard and calendar views to track projects
  • Integrates with other apps and dashboards to reduce bouncing between tools
  • Marketing templates to track project timelines, progress and influencer campaign tasks

Below is an example of a social media workflow in ClickUp. 

clickup calendar example

Source: ClickUp

With a project management tool, brands can track the duration of their campaigns and keep a pulse on what each individual collaborator is working on. This eliminates bottlenecks and keeps campaigns on schedule. Likewise, nobody has to second-guess the status of any given task.

Instagram Influencer Campaign Manager Spreadsheet

Influencer Intake Tools

Much like there are brands scrambling to find influencers, there are countless creators eager to collaborate with companies they love. 

The intake form tools below make it easier to build an opt-in influencer list. Likewise, these tools can help you build your affiliate or brand ambassador programs faster.

8. Typeform

Typeform’s builder lets brands score style points with their intake forms and surveys. The experience of filling out a Typeform doesn’t feel run-of-the-mill. 

For reference, this is what a brand ambassador program application looks like in the app:

Typeform ambassador program intake example

Source: Typeform

Notable Features

  • Custom (and required) fields) such as star ratings and # ranges
  • Stylish intake forms and applications that reflect your brand’s voice and style
  • Templates for intake, lead generation, surveys, customer feedback and more

Below is an example of what building a Typeform looks like:

Typeform Builder example

Source: Typeform

The app’s custom fields are useful for recruiting influencers or accepting brand ambassador applications. For example, you can ask questions related to follower count or preferred social platforms.

Filtering the responses, you can restrict responses to only include specific types of creators. Maybe you want TikTok micro-influencers with 3,000 to 5,000 followers and a 5% engagement rate. Setting these parameters can save you time vetting social media influencers by hand, too.

Typeform’s free plan is limited in terms of how many forms you can accept (just 10 per month). That said, you still have access to their templates and form features.

9. Jotform

Jotform’s drag-and-drop form builder makes it a cinch to collect information from applicants.

Notable Features

  • No-frills, simplified form builder
  • Comprehensive template library (including new templates submitted by actual users)
  • Up to five free forms with 100 monthly submissions if you use the free plan

Jotform Ambassador Program Application

Source: Jotform

If you do opt for the app’s paid plan, you can also take advantage of Jotform’s secure e-signing features. For example, you could integrate your influencer agreement into the app (see below).

Influencer contract agreement

Source: Jotform

Creative Influencer Campaign Tools

Ironically, influencer campaigns require brands to play the role of creators themselves. 

How so? Consider the potential creative assets required for any given campaign, including:

  • Presentations (both internal and for creators)
  • Creative briefs
  • Brand kits
  • Style guides

Making all of the above can be daunting if you’re not a designer or consider yourself creative. Thankfully, the tools below are surprisingly powerful and easy to use if you need design help.

10. Canva

The popularity of Canva speaks for itself and chances are you’ve seen it in action. That said, the app is consistently rolling out new features and designs.

Notable Features

  • Templates for everything from IG Stories and TikTok to brand presentations and beyond
  • Serves as a place to house your brand’s creative templates for influencer campaigns
  • Drag-and-drop editing makes the app seriously simple to use (even for design novices)

Canva image builder example

11. Desygner

Desygner offers many of the same features as Canva. That said, Canva’s popularity has led many marketers to explore other options for their designs to keep them looking fresh.

With Desygner, you can experiment with new styles and templates for your creative assets.

Notable Features

  • Templates for social posts, presentations, company logos and more
  • Allows you to create custom branded templates for your influencer-related docs
  • Free version includes a built-in (limited) library for brand assets

Desygner example

Source: Desygner

12. Visme

Visme is yet another creative tool with built-in features relevant to marketers. 

The app specializes in creating presentations and infographics. If you’re regularly briefing influencers or you’re an agency managing multiple projects, Visme can help you build and organize them in one place.

Notable Features

  • Hundreds of customizable templates for presentations, infographics and more
  • AI-powered tools that can create branded templates on your behalf
  • The free version offers 100MB of storage and a limited asset library

Visme exampleSource: Visme

Tools to Find Influencers

Let’s say you’re not using an influencer platform to uncover creators for your campaigns. Much like outreach, simply identifying relevant influencers can be a massive time-sink.

That’s why brands are understandably on the hunt for tools to find influencers faster. 

If combing through social profiles by hand feels tedious, we totally get it. The listening tools below provide an alternative way to spot potential influencers in the wild. Not to mention uncover unique hashtags related to your target audience where you might find creators.

Note: we can't guarantee the accuracy of these tools and whether the creators you identify using them will want to be contacted by your brand. Also, be sure to allocate a lot of time to using them. Finding creators (even with the help of search tools) can be time-consuming, which is why many brands opt to save time with creator matchmaking instead.

13. Inflact

Inflact is an AI-based hashtag discovery tool built for Instagram. If you have trouble knowing what hashtags to use or search to find influencers, Inflict can do the trick.

Notable Features

  • Search Instagram hashtags based on keywords, images and even Instagram URLs
  • Sorts tags based on what’s popular, most-used and rarely-used tags
  • Provides “related organic hashtags” to refine your hashtag search

Inflact hashtag search results

Source: Inflact

If nothing else, the app is helpful for brainstorming new tags to find influencers to reach out to.

14. BrandMentions

BrandMentions offers an easy way to tap into recent conversations about your brand. Although not a dedicated influencer listening tool, the app does identify “influencers” via mentions from accounts with large followings.

Notable Features

  • Seach for mentions by your brand name or a branded hashtag
  • Assesses metrics including mentions, interactions and reach
  • Identifies top-performing content related to your brand search

BrandMentions sample search

Source: BrandMentions

15. Social Searcher

Social Searcher is another tool offering a bird's eye view of recent brand mentions on social media. The presentation and organization of the results as a visual feed are a nice touch. While not a true influencer discovery tool, the app highlights highly-engaged accounts and posts for you.

Notable Features

  • Offers sentiment analysis (positive or negative) to gauge the perception of your brand
  • Search mentions based on the most popular and engaged-with posts
  • Easy filtering by social platforms (including Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and YouTube)

Chewy mentions social searcher

Source: Social Searcher

New call-to-action

What to Do When It’s Time to Go Beyond Free Influencer Marketing Tools

Whew! The number of free tools available for marketers today is staggering.

If you’re doing creator campaigns the DIY way, the tools above can do some of the heavy lifting.

Just remember: any tool or marketing platform you use should make your life easier. Not to mention improve the performance of your campaigns.

But for most brands, free tools will only get them so far. 

This is especially true if your schedule is limited as-is. Influencer campaigns can produce amazing results if you can commit the time.

For brands with tight schedules and a desire to scale quickly, Statusphere can help. Our micro-influencer marketing platform eliminates the need to test-drive a bunch of influencer marketing tools. 

In fact, Statusphere’s platform streamlines tasks related to all of the apps above. This includes finding influencers, matching them with your brand and tracking the results of your creator content. Oh, and we also handle fulfillment and shipping.

Want to learn more about how our platform works? Get in touch with one of our specialists to see how we can get more creators posting about your brand.

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