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15 Great Resources for Female Founders

Here are 15 great resources for female founders ranging from community-building organizations to funding and trade shows:

15 Great Resources for Female Founders

Calling all female founders, we’ve got all the right resources for you to excel compiled here. Whether you just started out in the professional world or have your own biz already, finding the right resources for female founders can be hard considering the endless options you have at your disposal. Here are some of our favorite resources ranging from community-building organizations to funding and trade shows so you stay on the road to success:

Community Resources 

If there aren’t any large boss babe events around you, no need to worry - a great way to network and connect with like-minded women is being a part of online communities, as well as holding a membership to the right co-working space. These communities bring together women and provide professional resources, and often connect local women in business together.

  • Girlboss
    Girlboss is a community of strong, curious and ambitious women inspiring others to redefine success on their own terms. They serve to inform, entertain and inspire action through the content and experiences created. Members are able to create their own Collectives of topics they are involved in, ranging from “College Students,” to “Marketing Mavens,” to simply “New York” for location-based groups. Individuals in location groups are able to host mini-events and spread the word easily to everyone involved in the Collective, getting better attendance and being able to network with people from their area.
  • Create & Cultivate
    Create & Cultivate is an online platform for women looking to design the career of their dreams. The community offers blogs that help with careers, general advice, lifestyle tips and profiles on the game-changing women you need to know about. Their annual conferences feature panelists and perks available to attendees. If you become a C&C Insider, you’ll have access to exclusive pop-ups, first-row seating, first access to their Beauty Bar, special swag and a meet and greet with the CEO!
  • SheEO
    Rather than trying to fit women into the existing models/systems and instead level the playing field, SheEO is creating an entirely new way to bring out the best of women by being radically generous to one another. They have a community of female “activators” who fund other women's ventures through zero-interest loans using their own capital and buying power. SheEO members have access to Learning Labs with webinars and mentorships to educate other growing entrepreneurs. 
  • The Wing
    The Wing is a trendy, new co-working space with an emphasis on community. Their main goal is fostering connections of all kinds: friendship, support circles, professional mentoring, networking and bonding over their shared experiences. They have spaces available in six NYC locations, San Francisco, London, Chicago, Boston, Georgetown and LA. Be sure to check out all the new spaces opening and what educational events they have coming up! 
  • The Riveter
    The Riveter sees a world in which equity of opportunity is a reality, not merely a promise, and strives to work with others who share their ideas. They offer inviting, professional, beautiful workspaces and flexible membership offerings allowing members to access what they need, how they need it. Locations include three in Seattle, Austin, Dallas, Minneapolis, Dever, Portland and Marina Del Rey. 

Funding Resources 

One of the most important resources for female founders is funding. These resources offer great financial support to lift your business off the ground, especially since many of them were female-founded by boss babes just like you!

  • SoGal
    SoGal is the largest global platform for the education and empowerment of diverse entrepreneurs and investors, representing diverse funders investing in founders on almost every continent.
  • Female Founders Fund
    Female Founders Fund makes small, supporting investments in companies sourced by Venture Scouts. Companies eligible for aid include those outside of their focus operating in the seed-stage still. They invest in areas where women-led startups have an incredible impact: e-commerce, web-enabled products and services, marketplaces and platforms.
  • Pipeline Angels
    Pipeline Angels is changing the face of angel investing and creating capital for women and non-binary femme social entrepreneurs. They’ve sparked the angel investing journey of 300+ members who have also gone on to join later stage angel networks, as well as launch their own angel groups.
  • The F Project
    The F Project community comes together to give female founders the support they deserve. They help introduce you to women at the forefront of business who are offering groundbreaking products that are 
changing the way people live. The F Project will collect data and analytics as it grows, hoping to identify consumers that are motivated to purchase female-founded brands
  • AmplifyHer Ventures
    AmplifyHer is a venture capital firm that invests in visionary founders with diverse leadership teams. The founder, Tricia Black (former VP in Advertising for Facebook), created AmplifyHer Ventures with the mission to put more women in leadership roles. In doing so, she believes there will be more mentors and paved paths for fellow female operators. 
  • Backstage Capital
    Backstage Capital focuses on investing in startup founders who are underrepresented, such as women, people of color and the LGBTQ+ community. Their benefits include $100,000 US capital in exchange for 5% equity, free city co-work space during the 3-month program and access to experienced entrepreneurs, investors, operators, global executives and leaders from prestigious educational backgrounds.
  • BBG Ventures
    BBG Ventures, stemming from the #BUILTBYGIRLS within the Verizon Media Group, invests in visionary entrepreneurs building the next generation of market-defining consumer products and services. They’re known for helping fund Beautycon, Glam Squad and The Wing, among others. 

Trade Show Resources

Trade shows are a great way to connect with consumers in person and highlight what makes your brand unique. They are also a great way to identify new leads, nurture emerging relationships and improve your brand’s ROI through face-to-face contact. Here are a few of our favorites to attend: 

  • Beautycon LA + NYC
    Beautycon features the world’s top beauty brands, talent and influencers, plus culturally-engaged panel sessions with industry experts. Beautycon is surrounded by Instagrammable spots and backdrops, making it a fun experience not only for brands but for attendees as well. Read all about our highlights from Beautycon 2019 here
  • Indie Beauty EXPO
    Indie Beauty Expo is the perfect convention for your beauty and skincare brand if you have a niche market. This expo is full of natural products and highlights the independent beauty business and its entrepreneurs. Take your brand to the next level in both exposure and expanding your network. For some of our favorite brands spotted at the 2019 Indie Beauty Expo NYC show check out this blog!
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  • Cosmoprof
    With over 1,200 exhibitors, Cosmoprof is one of the leading B2B trade shows in America. You can find the latest products in makeup, skincare and fragrance, as well as tools, materials and furniture to be sold to licensed professionals for their beauty businesses. This convention is best suited for companies in the maturity phase that are looking to build relationships within the community and collaborate—making it great for brands to go to as either exhibitors or attendees. 

We hope being a female-founder has just been made a little easier thanks to these tips. As a female-founded company, we know firsthand how crucial all of these resources are. Need a great resource for your influencer marketing needs? Check out Stausphere

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