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TikTok Collaboration Email Sample and How to Write Your Own

TikTok outreach is more of an art than a science. Need help contacting creators? We’re sharing a TikTok collaboration email sample and tips for writing your own!

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Let's say you're ready to reach out to TikTok influencers to promote your products in a collab.

But if you're not sure what to say or how to get in touch, we get it.

Our take? TikTok outreach is more of an art than a science. There's no "right" way to do it.

For starters, you can't message influencers on the app unless they already follow you. Asking TikTok creators to collaborate usually means contacting them via email.

Manually reaching out to influencers one by one is exhausting if you want collab posts at scale, too. 

Let's say you're set on doing outreach yourself for now, though.

In our experience, getting positive responses to collaboration emails means following a basic structure. The trick is to include key details that highlight your brand's value and put the creator first.

Below we share our own TikTok collaboration email sample you can steal. We'll also share tips for writing your own messages.

TikTok Collaboration Email Sample

Subject line: [Name], we love your latest TikToks! 👀

Hi [insert TikToker's name]!

We've been binge-watching your videos and couldn’t wait to message you!

I'm [insert your name] reaching out from [insert brand name]. We feel like you're the perfect fit for a collaboration with our brand.

We [insert your brand's mission or value proposition]. We'd love to partner with you as part of our [insert campaign]. Here's the scoop:

  • [Short summary of what the recipient gets in products and/or $ value]
  • [Short summary of content requirements and campaign timeline]
  • [Sentence reassuring that the collab is stress-free, no strings attached]

If you're interested, please let us know by [insert opt-in window] and I'd be thrilled to go over the details. Feel free to reply to [insert your email address] or connect with us on TikTok ([insert your @handle]). 


[insert your name]

TikTok Collaboration Email Sample in Use

Subject line: Emily, we love your latest TikToks! 👀

Hi Emily!

We've been binge-watching your TikToks and couldn’t wait to message you!

I'm Andrea reaching out from MoonIvy. We feel like you're the perfect fit for a collaboration with our brand.

MoonIvy specializes in all-natural beauty products based on your zodiac sign. We'd love to partner up for our winter campaign tailor-made for astrology TikTokers like yourself. Here's the scoop:

  • We send you our Cosmic Cream & Stardust Lotion ($30 value, shipped free)
  • You post a video featuring the product(s) prior to the Winter Solstice (Dec. 21st) 
  • You get total creative freedom with your video (that we'll share with our 50k followers!) ✨

If you’re interested, please let us know by the end of the month. I’d be thrilled to go over more details! Feel free to reply to or connect with us on TikTok (@MyMoonIvy)



Basic Structure for Pitching a TikTok Collaboration via Email

Every brand is different in terms of how they collaborate with creators.

That said, most TikTok outreach templates follow a similar structure. Your goal should be to answer the 5 Ws (who, what, when, where and why) and one H (how). This includes:

  • Who you are and what you do 

  • What you are reaching out about

  • How the collaboration will work

  • Why your recipient should collab with you (and what they get out of it)

  • When they should reply by  

  • Where they can reach you 

Writing a collaboration email feels much less daunting when you break it into these pieces.

Note: You can also avoid the need for manual outreach by powering your influencer campaigns with a platform (like Statusphere!) that programmatically matches you with creators directly.

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Tips for Writing Your Own TikTok Collaboration Emails

Assuming you have your basic structure down, you're almost ready to craft your pitch.

To wrap things up, here are some quick tips to make your collaboration emails more effective.

  • Always refer to recipients by their first names. Doing so makes your brand seem much more genuine. Addressing creators by their @usernames doesn't feel personal right? In fact, the connection between personalization and higher email engagement is well-documented.

  • Spend extra time on your subject lines. The stakes are high when it comes to subject lines. Creative touches like including the recipient's first name or an emoji are proven attention-grabbers. Need inspiration? Check out sample collaboration email subject lines that you can adapt for TikTok outreach.

  • Contact TikTokers on their terms. Many TikTokers will list an email address for inquiries in their bio. If they don’t, do your due diligence. Try Googling or looking them up on another social media platform. Figuring out how to contact TikTok influencers sometimes requires some digging.

  • Personalize your messages with details about your recipient. For example, what stands out about their content or profile? Is it their personality or style? If so, tell them! This shows that you've done your homework and aren't just spamming outreach messages. This also helps you highlight how your recipient is a great fit for your brand.

  • Be specific (but don’t overshare).  When it comes to specifics, think "less is more." Include relevant details about your collaboration, sure. But don't go overboard by sending over a contract or a huge wall of text. If someone's interested but still has questions, they'll ask for clarification.

  • Don’t muddle your message by being "clever." TikTok collaboration emails should feel personal. Your message should still reflect your company’s voice and tone, though. Going overboard with slang or coming off as totally informal can send the wrong message. Not to mention confuse your recipient. 

  • Provide a specific timeline for your collaboration. If your collaboration is time-sensitive, reach out within a reasonable window for replies. Let's say you have a holiday product launch coming up. Don’t wait to email them a week before your products hit the shelves. Some companies can work with tight turnaround times (think: weeks). Many will lock down their partnerships months in advance.
  • Follow up (within reason). Following up once or twice doesn’t hurt. If you don’t get a reply back at all, take the hint. There are plenty of reasons why influencers don't answer emails from brands. Don't take it personally. If you are mutual followers on Tiktok, you can always follow up there.

  • Be polite. No-brainer, right? You'd be surprised, though! Make a point be polite, friendly and warm to your recipients. Let them know that you respect their time.

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How Brands Can Scale Their TikTok Collaborations Without Emails

Sure, partnering with TikTokers is easier when you have a collaboration email sample to work from.

But doing outreach yourself is a massive time-sink even with a template. You're still responsible for finding TikTok influencers, pitching them and negotiating your collab.

That's all before you even see a single piece of content, too. These are the exact headaches that Statusphere's micro-influencer marketing platform was built to put behind brands.

Our software programmatically matches brands and creators based on 250+ unique, first-party data points. Since you only get matched with creators from our vetted community, you get guaranteed content at scale with no outreach required.

Statusphere Influencer Targeting Example

Want to learn more about how our platform works?  Get in touch with one of our experts to see how we can help your brand earn authentic TikTok content at scale.

This article was first published in January 2021. It was last updated June 12, 2023.

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