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How to Contact TikTok Brand Ambassadors + Outreach Tips

Eager to contact TikTok brand ambassadors to promote your products? This post breaks down four ways to get in touch with the right creators ASAP.

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If you’re scrambling to find brand ambassadors on TikTok, you’re not alone.

The fact that 55% of people research products on the platform is an eye-opener. Consumers on TikTok rely on creators for product recommendations and brands to try.

The good news? There are tons of TikTok creators eager to promote your brand’s products. This rings true regardless of what you’re selling.

Thing is, you don’t want just anyone representing your brand. Reaching ambassadors requires attention to detail to find the right fit.

Below we explain where to find the best brand ambassadors on TikTok and how to get in touch.

How to Find Brand Ambassadors on TikTok Faster

Listen: there’s no shortage of content creators to partner with on TikTok.

But before you start searching, note the distinction between an ambassador and an influencer. 

A brand ambassador is somebody that represents an extension of your brand. 

Ambassadors actively promote your products long-term. Being an ambassador is a long-term commitment. This is different from an influencer that posts about your brand once or twice.

The definition of what makes someone an “ambassador” varies from brand to brand. That said, TikTok ambassadors should ideally tick the following boxes:

  • They have an engaged audience. Skilled creators know how to foster a sense of community among their followers. The more engaged a creator’s audience, the more likely followers will listen to their recommendations. This results in more meaningful reach and exposure for your brand.

  • They’re familiar with your products. Who better to represent your brand than a satisfied customer? Creators who value your product and what makes it unique already know what to make you look like a million bucks.

  • They reflect your brand’s voice and values. Ambassadors should embody what your brand stands for and the audience you want to attract. Good ambassadors know how to speak to your target customers because they are your target audience.

For example, brands like Revolve regularly tag TikTok brand ambassadors in their content. Notice how their ambassadors match the company’s audience to a T? The high engagement of this particular creator’s post speaks for itself.

revolve brand ambassador on tiktok   revolve reposting brand ambassador content

Source: @bynicolevoz / @revolve

So ask yourself: who are the creators that you’d want to feature on your brand's feed? 

Those are the folks who’d make solid TikTok ambassadors as you’re browsing the platform.

How do you find people that actually fit your ambassador persona, though? Let’s get into it!

1. Look at TikTokers Already @Tagging Your Account

Again, who better to serve as ambassadors than your best customers? 

Consider that @tagging serves as a way for influencers to get the attention of brands they want to work with. If your brand is in-demand, you don’t have to look hard to find these creators. Peek your notifications to uncover people shouting you out already.

Also, consider the potential ambassadors currently using your brand’s TikTok hashtag (granted you have one). These creators want you to see their content and that’s a good sign! This means they’ll be more likely to collab with you. 

For example, Aerie’s #aeriereal tag is brimming with posts from brand ambassadors, creators and fans of the brand. Combing through your hashtag is an easy yet underrated way to streamline your TikTok ambassador search. 

#AerieReal branded hashtag on tiktok

Food for thought: reaching out to people who’ve tagged you means that your brand ambassador invitations aren’t 100% cold. 

This is important because messaging on TikTok requires you to be mutual followers with whoever you’re contacting. Being mutuals with ambassador candidates saves time and improves the response rate of your outreach.

And that actually leads us to our next point!

2. Explore Your Follower List for Eager Ambassador Candidates

If you spot a potential TikTok ambassador that already follows you, you’re golden. 

Because chances are they follow you because they love your brand, right? Bonus points if they’ve tagged you recently, too! 

Ambassadors come in all shapes and sizes. That said, recruiting creators that already know how to work with brands on TikTok is a huge plus. They’ll be receptive to your outreach and already know the best practices for promoting products.

You can identify established influencers by looking for the following details of their account::

  • Do they have a business email or an email button? 
  • Do they have some variation of “DM to collab” in their bio?
  • Do you see reviews, unboxings and branded content in their video previews?

TikTok creator bio example

Source: @lmnitchie 

After reviewing their profile, you can determine if they’d be a good fit. Keep in mind also that just because they’ve never posted about your products before doesn’t mean they won’t. All it takes is a well-crafted TikTok outreach message to win them over.

3. Invite Creators to Apply to Your Ambassador Program

Consider how you can empower creators to come to you rather than doing the digging yourself.

This assumes you already have an established program that’s not invite-only. In short, make it loud and clear you’re looking for TikTok brand ambassadors. A few ways to get the word out:

  • Make an announcement invitation video via TikTok. Don’t be shy about promoting your ambassador program! Just be sure to provide clear requirements and next steps to creators looking to apply.

example of brand ambassador invitation on tiktok

 Source: @shopcherrymist

  • Promote your program in your TikTok bio. Want to take a more passive approach with a rolling application? No problem! You can funnel potential ambassadors from TikTok using your bio link or a collab email.

Windsor ambassadors Source: @windsorstore

  • Promote your brand ambassador program on your website. Empower customers to opt into your ambassador program as they pick out their next purchase. This is yet another way to attract ambassadors that already love your brand. 

princess polly ambassadors

  Source: Polly Princess

Note: it’s important to set program guidelines when accepting applications. Some brands are much looser with their program requirements than others. Stricter rules (think: minimum engagement rate or follower count, being a past customer) will mean fewer applications but higher-quality creators.

4. Connect with Creators Through Third-Party Tools

Let’s say you’re struggling with outreach or just don’t have the time for all of the above. 

Consider that there are third-party tools that can help you find TikTok brand ambassadors without nearly as much digging. For example, you might look into…

  • Browsing the TikTok Creator Marketplace. The TCM lets you search TikTok’s network of “official” creators to collab with. Note: this platform is meant for influencer campaigns versus ambassador programs.

  • Accessing an influencer database. These tools offer access to thousands of influencers that could serve as brand ambassadors. The catch? Most databases require you to do the legwork when vetting influencers and conducting outreach. Database access isn’t cheap, either.

  • Matchmaking with an influencer platform. If you want to get posts from creators ASAP, a full-service platform (like Statusphere!) can take care of the heavy lifting. For example, our platform matches brands with relevant influencers which means our partners don’t have to lift a finger.

What’s the Best Way to Contact Brand Ambassadors on TikTok?

Let’s say you’ve assembled an awesome list of ambassador candidates. 

Nice. Now what? 

Time to make contact! Most creators put their contact information front and center in their TikTok bios. Different influencers prefer to manage communication about collabs in different ways.

Our biggest tip, though?  Reach out to ambassadors through their preferred contact method. This is almost always going to be via email or DM. 

As a refresher, here’s our recommended order of operations for sending TikTok outreach messages:

  • TikTok DM (Direct Message). Ideally, you can keep contact on-platform by sending a DM. Direct messages have the benefit of being short and to the point.
  • Email. If the creator only has an email address in their bio, consider it fair game for outreach. Just make sure to personalize your pitch!

  • Contact Form. Some creators have a dedicated contact form on their social landing page (think: Linktree or Carrd). This is another place to find a creator’s email address, too.

  • Comments. “DM for collab” comments are notoriously spammy. That said, comments might be your only on-platform option if you aren’t mutuals with your ambassador candidate. Like every other form of TikTok outreach, you can improve your odds of positive response if you personalize your comment.

  • Instagram DMs. If you have no other point of contact, see if the creator is active on Instagram. Contacting an influencer about a TikTok collab on Instagram can be jarring. As a result, be clear that you’re interested in working together on TikTok.

Sample Outreach Template for Contacting Brand Ambassadors on TikTok

Despite the energy that goes into setting up a TikTok influencer collaboration, you only have a few seconds to make your first impression. Your message needs to count!

As a rule of thumb, messages to brand ambassadors should be:

  • Short and sweet (~100 words or so)
  • Straightforward about what you want (think: inviting the creator to collab)
  • Concluded with a call-to-action (hint: provide clear next steps)

Below is an example of a TikTok outreach template you can send via email or DM. Note that if you are using DMs, you don't need to worry about a subject line.

Subject line: [Your name] x [Brand name] collab? 🤝

Hi [Influencer name],

I’m [Your name] with [Brand name].  We're reaching out because your recent TikToks caught our attention. We love the effort and creativity of your [topic] videos.

We want to invite you to join our brand ambassador team! We think your [insert what you saw on their feed that aligns with your company’s values] would really resonate with [Brand name]’s audience.

As a brand ambassador, you would partner with us to [insert summary of your ambassador program goals]. In exchange, you’ll earn [insert your program’s value proposition here]. 

I'd love to share our program’s perks and what we have to offer! If you’re interested, please DM me back or email me at [insert email address].


[Insert name here]

How to Partner with More TikTok Creators (Without Doing Outreach Yourself)

As TikTok continues to boom, more and more brands are building ambassador programs there.

The good news? There are countless creators already established and ready to partner with brands on the platform. 

Building the foundation for any successful ambassador program starts with awareness. The more people you have on TikTok promoting your products, the better.

And if you need a scalable way to get more influencer content, Statusphere can help.

Our micro-influencer software matches brands with vetted influencers from our creator community using 250+ first-party data points. Unlike other platforms, we help brands earn a high volume of authentic, guaranteed content.

Statusphere Platform Dashboard

Statusphere also eliminates the most time-consuming pieces of working with influencers in-house thanks to our advanced matchmaking and fulfillment technology. We’ve already generated 75,000+ pieces of content for 400+ consumer brands.

Want to see how our platform works? Get in touch with one of our experts to learn how we can optimize your brand’s influencer marketing efforts with guaranteed content at scale.

This article was first published in June 2020. It was last updated November 28, 2022.

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