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How to Establish Brand Ambassador Guidelines for TikTok

How to Establish Brand Ambassador Guidelines for TikTok

So your brand has created its ideal TikTok campaign but you’re missing guidelines to set for ambassadors, what do you do? Brand ambassador guidelines are simple rules in place so that you and your team of ambassadors have a clear idea of what is expected of them—the key is to have these guidelines ready before the start of your partnership.

While there are plenty of different brand ambassador programs you can establish, catering one for TikTok specifically has proven to be essential. Here are some standard guidelines to go over that will ensure smooth sailing throughout your TikTok campaign: 

  • Online Presence/Brand Voice

The TikTokers you contact should already align with your brand’s mission. That way, you’re not changing an ambassador’s style or micro-managing how they post. However, having a standard social media contract is still a good thing to have since they are representing your brand on a new social platform. Include specific information about brand voice such as:

      • Cues for certain words, phrases or acceptable hashtags 
        • Some brands may want “organic” emphasized over “natural” or “Leaping Bunny certified” over simply “cruelty-free”
      • Restrictions on inappropriate sounds or music used on the app
      • Provide answers to common questions about your company for them to use if asked
  • Campaign Requirements and Deadlines

Brand ambassadors should be aware of set requirements and deadlines before the start of your campaign, that way you don’t run into any hiccups down the line. Depending on the type of campaign, your brand should have a list of requirements to match accordingly since they may vary. You should address:

      • Posting deadlines
      • How many pieces of content are required and in what format
      • Whether or not content requires approval before posting 
      • What accounts to tag and hashtags to use
      • When they can expect compensation (if any)
      • If they are able to partake in campaigns outside of your brand
        • For example, some hair care companies may restrict partnerships with other competing brands/tools
  • FTC Laws to Follow

The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) has regulations regarding sponsored content and how brand ambassadors communicate that in their posts. Your brand needs to have guidelines relating to these laws ready to share before solidifying partnerships—you’ll thank yourself later! Consider the following:

      • Require disclosures such as #sponsored #gifted
      • Address content rights & who owns what
      • Specify how long will the partnership will last

For more details on repurposing influencer content and securing copyright, check out this blog

  • Partnership Perks

When inviting brand ambassadors to join your program, you should always outline expectations but also perks! That way they're incentivized to join. This can be access to in-person events, affiliate codes, free product and more. Here are a few perks to think about adding: 

      • Access to brand events - Will there be panelist opportunities?
      • Affiliate codes - Will they make commission when a product sells?
      • Free product - Can they expect exclusive access to products prior to launch? 
      • Discount codes - Do they get additional discounts to rep your brand's products? 

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Creating brand ambassador guidelines will help avoid any miscommunication plus save you time and money in the long run. If you’re still busy looking for ambassadors to work with, Statusphere can connect you with talented TikTokers and manage your campaign from start to finish. Click here to learn more!