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10 Examples of Awesome Retail End Cap Displays

End cap displays are highly effective for showcasing your brand. Here are 10 examples of end cap displays that got attention and sold product.

end cap display

Just because we’re in the digital age, doesn’t mean your in-store marketing should fall flat.

The difference between your product being purchased or it being overlooked could be a splash of style. When your product is on an end cap, it’s the ideal opportunity to convince shoppers that your product belongs in their cart.

So how do you do that? You create an end cap display so unique or convenient that it does the work for you. Here are 10 examples of end cap displays that got attention and sold products.


Set the Scene

Here, Stella Artois made a Christmas-themed door out of their 6- and 12-packs to inspire some holiday cheer and drive sales. Think about how your product can be used to create a scene that catches attention and sets a mood. 

Superbowl Walmart

Larger than Life

Go big or go home, right? Pepsi obviously agrees. If the customer can’t miss your product, they won’t forget about it while they’re shopping. If there’s a big event happening, like the Super Bowl, this is an even better opportunity to go all out with your display setup.

Football Whole Foods

Convenience is a Theme

Consumers love convenience almost as much as they love a pretty display. Whole Foods paired beer and chips on end caps during the football season so shoppers can grab-and-go without a lot of extra thought. It’s a handy concept if you’re interested in cross-promoting items to drive sales together. 

Target Candy

Take the Aisle to the Customer

Your end cap should give shoppers a sneak peek of what’s in the aisle. Target moved its brand candy from the aisle to a decorated, window-style end cap. This not only invites people into the aisle like it’s a candy store, but it also shines a light on a product that can get overlooked for name-brand goods.

Screen Shot 2019-07-30 at 10.57.43 AM

One Brand, One Choice

If your brand offers a variety of products, showcasing the range you have to offer makes buying decisions easy for shoppers. Here, Burt’s Bees designed an end cap with a mix of fan favorites from their product line. So if a shopper needs various beauty items, you’re saving them from a trip down the aisle to your competitors. 



This technically isn’t an end cap, but the sentiment remains the same. These in-aisle displays are eye-catching, convenient and can encourage a shoppers to buy a product they might have forgotten otherwise. Keebler’s Nutcracker display in Publix shows just how creative you can get with a pop-up.

New call-to-action



Displays That Match Your Brand’s Personality 

M&M’s set a good example of how your display should match your brand’s personality. Since they’re known for being a colorful and fun brand, their design and display were planned accordingly. Imagine this display without the bright colors - you’d probably keep walking.  


Interactive Innovation 

Shelves are overrated anyway, right? Finding new ways for people to interact with your product keeps people interested in what you have to offer. All Pringles had to do was consider a new way to pick up their cans and they created a new experience for shoppers. 


Your Product is the End Cap

Your end cap doesn’t just have to hold your product, it can actually be your product. By simply creating and shipping a cardboard cover, your end cap can turn heads and entice people to investigate your product closer, much like Furby did at Walmart.


Bring Your Brand to Life

LEGO has mastered this technique time and time again. By creating life-sized versions of your product, you’re bringing your brand to life in the mind of the consumer. You’re also creating a photo spot for your loyal customers. (Sounds like the perfect opportunity for a user-generated content campaign if you ask us!) 

Your end cap possibilities should give your brand a chance to shine creatively. From over-the-top attention grabbers to convenience-focused displays, your end cap can take many different forms.

For brands working with influencers for retail, sending creators to your end caps is a prime way to get more mileage out of your in-store creatives and help encourage new customers to check out your products in-store.

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