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How Retail Brands Boost In-Store Promotions with Influencers

For retailers, influencers bridge the gap between digital and in-person awareness. Here’s how retail brands can leverage influencers for in-store promotions and sales.

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Fact: brick-and-mortar retail is benefiting big-time from the recent influencer boom.

Because in-store promotions and digital experiences are both so impactful on shoppers today.

It's not a matter of either-or in terms of what retail brands should prioritize. For example, consider that Gen Z prefers online and in-person shopping equally

Translation? More and more consumers are researching products online before buying in person. There's a near-equal ratio of shoppers doing the exact opposite.

That's why brands should expand their retail influencer presence across channels.

The positive impact of influencer content on purchasing decisions is well-documented. Retail brands can harness that digital performance boost in physical locations, too.

Below we explain how brands can adapt their influencer content for in-store promotions.

4 Retail Promotion Examples Featuring Influencers and UGC In-Store

We’ve seen firsthand how competitive the retail influencer marketing space is.

And this applies to brands and influencers alike. 

Our take? Brands should squeeze as much as they can out of their existing influencer content. Not to mention generate new content that puts your retail presence front and center. 

Let’s dig into how CPG and retail brands leverage influencers and UGC for in-store promotions. Consider how these tactics can inspire future content ideas to do the same.

1. Use Influencer and Social Media Content in Retail Displays

In crowded retail spaces, a human touch can make all the difference. 

Chances are you’ve seen your share of influencer content on end-cap displays in stores like Ulta or Sephora. Check out this Maybelline display featuring TikTok creators and beauty products that went viral on the #TikTokMadeMyBuyIt hashtag.

in-store promotion features tiktok influencers

Source: @ashleyandblairbeauty

Creative, right? However, the growing popularity of digital influencer content on in-store displays is more than a trend.

In fact, it’s a way to make a lasting impression on in-store shoppers and build trust.

Don’t take our word for it. Recent research says that 50% of shoppers want to see user-generated across brands' social channels and retail spaces. 

The report above notes that UGC and in-store content make shoppers feel more confident in their purchases. That’s because this combo of content makes it easier for shoppers to imagine items in their hands.

#tiktokmademebuyit display

Again, retail marketing isn’t (and shouldn’t be) a matter of either-or when it comes to building an online versus in-store presence. Granted you have rights-ready content, featuring influencers via in-store promotions can build trust and catch the eyes of potential shoppers. It’s a win-win strategy.

2. Display Star Ratings and Customer Reviews In-Store

It’s no surprise that user-generated content sways buying decisions in-store and online. 

Couple that with the fact that 98% of consumers make purchases based on reviews they come across.

And so the power of positive and star ratings speaks for itself.

Much like visual UGC, translating positive sentiment from glowing reviews to your product displays makes perfect sense. Below is a simple but effective example from Native.

ugc and star rating display


 A quick mention of the brand’s 5,000+ five-star reviews serves as a subtle but powerful way to highlight both social proof and satisfied customers. That’s particularly because shoppers can instantly process numbers and star ratings at a glance.

The more influencers and positive reviews you source, the more assets you have to promote in-store. Whether those are star ratings or pieces of influencer content, note that both are effective when it comes to proving that your brand delivers.

3. Create Influencer-Friendly Retail Experiences

In-store experiences matter to consumers bombarded by more digital ads than ever before.

The concept of creating “Instagrammable” (and now TikTok-friendly) spaces in-store might seem a bit extra. However, tactics like selfie walls are a proven way to encourage in-store content creation to get eyes on your retail presence and earn more user-generated content.

Brands can get seriously creative when it comes to putting together retail experiences such as social media walls. For example, Glossier’s “You Look Good” motto is prominently displayed in self-friendly spots throughout their physical locations. The brand then reposts this UGC to their social feeds to promote their brick-and-mortar presence and satisfied customers.

glossier in-store experience example     glossier in-store experience example

Source: @glossier

While it requires some serious creativity, creating a photo-op (or video-op!) in-store is a brilliant move to make your in-store promotions pop. These displays are likewise a great way to highlight your branded hashtag and drive UGC long-term.

4. Send Influencers to Promote Retail Products In-Store

The concept of sending influencers into the wild to promote retail products might seem simple.

That said, many brands underestimate the legwork involved in activating in-store influencers based on their locations and retail preferences.

Spoilers: it’s a lot without a platform to do the heavy lifting of targeting and matchmaking.

Our own brands have seen awesome results via retail support campaigns. Using Statusphere’s platform, brands can actually geotarget relevant influencers within our network to promote products at specific storefronts and retailers.

For example, a beverage brand might be preparing a retail rollout in the Southeast. With the help of our hyper-targeted matchmaking algorithm, that brand could send a specific number of micro-influencers (let’s say 50) to create in-store content at Publix or Sprouts across the region. This includes individual retail locations, too.

For example, Alodia Hair Care used Stautsphere’s platform and network to drive retail purchases at Target locations. The below earned 38,000+ views on TikTok for her Target run video. 

Alodia in-store retail promotion example

Source: @rnabna

If you’re a consumer brand looking to please your retail partners and prove you’re supporting in-store promotions, this tactic works like a charm.

Seeing influencers making a physical purchase does double duty of promoting your products while also highlighting your retail presence. “Shop with me” content (live the video above) is a valuable touchpoint to inspire someone to pick up your product during their next shopping trip.

Alodia influencer example     Alodia influencer example

Source: @rnabna

Consider that the #ComeShoppingWithMe tag has over 600+ million views on TikTok. Consumers love to tag along for virtual shopping sprees. This is especially true among shoppers that see products from authentic micro-influencers they know and trust.

Bonus Tips to Nail In-Store Influencer Marketing for Retail

The effort that goes into your digital marketing should translate in-store (and vice-versa).

Both influencer content and user-generated content can be among your most valuable assets. Even more so in the retail space where word-of-mouth is make-or-break.

Of course, leveraging your influencer assets in-store isn’t as simple as flipping a switch. To wrap things up, here are a few points to consider before putting the tactics above into action.

  • Make sure you obtain proper permissions for all content you promote in-store. Having usage rights is a critical piece of influencer marketing for retail brands. For example, your creator contract needs to be explicit that content can be promoted across multiple channels. This highlights the value of a platform like Statusphere where usage rights are built-in to each piece of content from our network of vetted creators.

  • Be strategic about when (and where) you run your influencer promotions. While retailers benefit from an always-on influencer marketing strategy, seasonality should be factored into your in-store promotions. Product launches and holiday campaigns are ideal opportunities to ramp up your creator content.

  • Work with creators who are relevant to your target demographic and retail locations. Cherry-picking influencers for retail support is super time-consuming and tedious. Sending influencers to specific storefronts based on a database or spreadsheet requires hours of negotiation and outreach. This is yet again where Statusphere can help. We can activate influencers for retail campaigns ASAP thanks to our granular matchmaking and consistent publishing requirements.

How to Kickstart Your Retail Marketing Strategy with Support from Influencers

Anything retail brands can do to bridge online awareness and in-person sales is a plus.

Incorporating influencers and user-generated content into in-store promotions lets you do exactly that. This not only catches the attention of in-person shoppers but also shows how you’re going the extra mile for your retail partners if you’re a consumer brand.s

Most importantly, you can instantly humanize your brand and make a more meaningful impact on potential customers. The key to making all of the above successful is partnering with the right retail influencers at scale. 

If you need a faster way to get rights-ready influencer content without sacrificing quality or authenticity, Statusphere can help.

Our micro-influencer marketing software matches brands with vetted influencers from our vetted network using 250+ first-party data points. This includes geotargeting for brands that want to promote products at retail locations.

statusphere influencer targeting example

Statusphere also eliminates the most time-consuming pieces of working with micro-influencers in-house thanks to our advanced matchmaking and fulfillment technology. We’ve already generated 75,000+ pieces of content for 400+ consumer brands.

Want to see how our platform works? Get in touch with one of our experts to learn how we can boost your brand’s retail presence with authentic influencer content at scale.

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