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7 CPG Brands on TikTok That Do Influencer Marketing Right

CPG brands are crushing it on TikTok right now. Below we highlight what top consumer brands post on TikTok and how to maximize your influencer content on the app.

CPG brands on TikTok cover photoFor CPG brands, influencers on TikTok are more impactful than ever.

Fact: 67% of TikTokers claim that videos inspire them to shop even when they don’t plan to. From #AmazonFinds to #TikTokMadeMeBuyIt, people promoting products are central to the platform.

If you’re not 100% sure if your brand has the potential to blow up on TikTok, think again!

That’s because TikTok has communities dedicated to all kinds of products.

We've worked with plenty of consumer brands that initially had reservations about TikTok but later earned repurposable content and millions of views over the course of their campaigns.

Heck, just look at all of the CPG brands taking over TikTok with influencer marketing right now. 

In this post, we’ll highlight how consumer brands on TikTok are winning with creator campaigns and why scaling your influencer presence is crucial.

7 Great Examples of CPG Influencer Marketing

There’s no shortage of CPG brands on TikTok right now. 

The common thread between the most popular ones, though? They work closely with lots of creators!

That’s because consumers today want to see real people with real products in their hands.  

Below are seven CPG brands that brilliantly use TikTok for business with the help of creators.


OLIPOP’s “new kind of soda” is the exact type of product that TikTok loves. The brand constantly works with creators to keep customers buzzing.

Consider how the brand’s low-sugar, prebiotic soft drinks are fair game for influencers of all shapes and sizes. From health-conscious creators to taste-testers from #MomTok, the brand works with a wide variety of creators.

Below is an example of how OLIPOP fits seamlessly into a “What I Eat in a Day” video. This highlights how different influencers flex their creative muscles to show off brands.

olipop tiktok

Source: @jessicafayyy

Earning over 37,000 followers is impressive for any CPG brand on social media. The #olipoppartner hashtag also has 1.2 billion views. 

OLIPOP’s TikTok presence is also an example of how CPG brands can use social content to support retail sales. Note how many OLIPOP TikToks feature creators purchasing products in-store. This plants the seed for shoppers to pick up a few next time they’re out at their favorite retailer.

7 CPG brands 2

Source: @itsautumntiktok 

Again, one of the biggest benefits of working with influencers is their creativity. Below is an example of a creator using OLIPOP to make their own milkshake concoction. This video alone earned over 260,000 views.

olipop tiktok 2

Source: @kayllalewis

As a CPG brand, you might feel like your content ideas are limited on networks like TikTok. 

A soda is just a soda, right? Not at all!

Remember: influencers tailor their posts to appeal to their target audience. As a result, influencers are driven to come up with creative content. 

That’s because “boring” ideas don’t perform well on TikTok.

For brands working with creators, you’re never confined to a single “type” of video. The more creators you work with, the wider range of content you can potentially publish or whitelist in ads.

2. Grounded Foods Co. 

The subject of food is a surefire way to get TikTokers talking.

Seriously. The #FoodTok tag boasts over 58 billion views. Even “niche” foodie communities are massive on TikTok, too. This includes #veganrecipes (4.6 billion views) and #traderjoesfoodreviews (984.4 million views).

From recipes and reviews to off-the-wall dishes, CPG brands in the food space have tons of creative freedom when it comes to influencer content. 

Vegan cheese brand Grounded Foods Co. is a great example. The company relies on influencer marketing to get the word out about their cauliflower and hemp-based cheese products.

Influencers can introduce and inform consumers about products they've never considered before. Many of Grounded’s videos show how their cheese is perfect for meals that’d typically use dairy products.

grounded foods tiktok

Source: @faikat

It’s safe to say that plenty of people haven’t tasted plant-based cheese, right? Creators provide that much-needed social proof and confidence to folks on the fence about trying something new.

No surprises here: consumers overwhelmingly trust recommendations and positive reviews from other people over messages from brands.

Oh, and this example also proves that there’s no such thing as a “niche” product on TikTok.

Note that the #vegancheese tag alien has over 109 million views. We’re not exaggerating when we say there’s an audience for just any type of CPG brand on TikTok. This rings especially true for specialty food brands.

3. Crumbl Cookies

If you’re active on TikTok, chances are you’ve come across a Crumbl Cookie review.

As more Crumbl locations pop up across the country, the more their diehard fans are taking to TikTok to post their reactions.

crumbl cookies tiktok

Source: @mayychou

Crumbl’s branded content is awesome and regularly goes viral with millions of views. 

That said, Crumbl’s influencer content is much more authentic and off-the-cuff. This highlights how even “big” brands still rely on creators to give their marketing a much-needed human touch.

Foodfluencer and cookie lover Nicole Axelrod (@nicoleaxelrod) reviews Crumbl’s cookie lineup weekly. Her enthusiasm and reactions speak for themselves in every review. Many of her videos rack up over a million views, too.

crumbl cookies tiktok 2

Source: @nicoleaxelrod

Crumbl’s TikTok account regularly engages with Nicole’s content and vice-versa. This highlights how CPG brands on TikTok can create connections with followers and show a bit of personality, too.

7 CPG brands 8 (1)

Source: @nicoleaxelrod

These interactions might seem small. Still, they’re crucial for building a connection with your target audience. Given how fickle social media algorithms are today, anything you can do to drive engagement is a plus. Working with TikTok influencers and engaging with followers can help.

4. Lumineux

Okay, okay — CPG brands on TikTok are about more than just food!

Look at Lumineux, for example. The brand taps into a variety of influencer communities on TikTok to promote their teeth-whitening products. 

Of course, this includes people on #TeethTok concerned about dental hygiene. Not to mention #BeautyTok influencers that want to show off their smiles.

Below is an example of how an influencer (@angelac0123) managed to promote the brand in a humorous skit. The video earned over 1.2 million views and 145,000 “Likes!”

Lumineux tiktok

Source: @angelac0123

Pro-tip: the closer an influencer’s promotional content is to their organic content, the better.

Since this creator’s videos typically involve antics with her boyfriend’s dad, the product call-out feels totally natural. This drives home how influencers know the best ways to highlight products in a way that resonates with their audience.

TikTok planner for brands

5. Marley’s Monsters 

Again, influencers are perfect for raising awareness about a product or the problems it solves.

Sustainable cleaning brand Marley’s Monsters specializes in handmade, reusable home products. These products represent an eco-friendly alternative to traditional paper towels.

For shoppers unfamiliar with their unique UNpaper towels, a TikTok can clue them in.

Below are two videos from one of our own Statusphere creators showing off UNpaper towels in action. The creator’s initial video showcased the product itself. Then, the creator made a follow-up video to answer questions from viewers.

marleys monsters tiktok1  marleys monsters tiktok 2

Source: @motherhoodonpurpose

The first video earned a staggering 3 million views and 84.6K “Likes.” Where else other than TikTok are you going to find millions of people watching videos about cleaning products? 

That’s the power of the platform! Again, CPG brands on TikTok that work with influencers have the most potential to pop off. 

6. BondiBoost 

For brands in competitive industries, TikTok influencers can help you stand out from the crowd.

Not to mention get picked up by the app's unique algorithm.

Because growing a brand account from scratch on TikTok is tough

After all, creator accounts almost always earn more engagement and reach than brand accounts. Technically, TikTok micro-influencers have the most engaged-with accounts.

Brands like BondiBoost rely on creators to spread the word about their haircare products. In fact, the brand’s TikTok presence is almost exclusively influencer and user-generated content

And that creator-centric content earns big engagement relative to the brand’s follower count. 

bondiboost tiktok

Source: @abbeyyung

As a clean haircare brand, BondiBoost’s influencers have plenty of creative freedom.  From ingredient breakdowns to before-and-afters, BondiBoost's TikTok influencer content is far from “one-size-fits-all.” 

For example, their TikTok posts speak to pain points like damaged, thinning and dry hair. There are also videos that highlight how to achieve fabulous looks.

Thanks to a diverse range of influencers, the brand makes it easy for potential customers to imagine products in their hands.

7. Fresh Beauty 

Beauty and skincare products will always have a home on TikTok.

So, what does that mean for CPG brands that want to break into the space?

The short answer? Creative content featuring influencers! That’s because seeing creators show off new products can drive shoppers to introduce something new into their routines.

Like many beauty brands, Fresh Beauty’s feed primarily consists of quick, off-the-cuff how-tos and product showcases. The brand occasionally partners with popular creators to raise awareness, too.

For example, check out how Fresh Beauty worked with influencer Mikayla Nogueira (@mikaylanogueira) to announce the reformulation of their lip balm. Nogueira tried on shades, explained the ingredients and showed her genuine enthusiasm for the product.

fresh beauty tiktok

Source: @mikaylanogueira

Influencers both big and small are fair game for CPG brands on TikTok. The former can help build buzz and boost a brand’s profile initially. Meanwhile, micro-influencers represent a long-term play for ongoing reach and awareness.

Why CPG Brands Need to be Marketing on TikTok

If you’re still on the fence about TikTok, we totally get it. Let’s quickly review a few reasons why CPG brands can’t afford to sleep on the platform anymore.

Consumers on TikTok Are All About Discovering New Products

TikTok is the place people go for social shoppers looking to try something new.

Fact: TikTokkers are more likely to purchase and recommend products versus consumers on competing social networks.

Brands needed to be subtle in the old days of social media. Times have changed in a big way, though. From paid advertising to influencer marketing campaigns, CPG brands on TikTok don’t have to be shy about promotions. Product recommendations are practically part of TikTok’s DNA.

TikTok is Full of Communities Dedicated to Products

Piggybacking on the point above, countless TikTok communities have emerged to specifically shout out and review products. 

Here are a few hashtags that highlight not only the diversity of TikTok’s audience but also the types of consumers you can reach. This is just a snapshot, by the way! Within each of these communities are more specific audiences highlighting the latest CPG marketing trends:

  •  #BeautyTok (50.8B views)
  •  #TeethTok (1B views)
  •  #FoodTok (58.8B views)
  •  #CleanTok (80.4B views)
  •  #DrinkTok (3.3B views)

The takeaway? There is an audience for you on TikTok regardless of what you’re selling.

Video Content is Perfect for Showing Off Products in Action

Simply put, products lend themselves to video content.

For all of the CPG brands on TikTok we’ve talked about so far, products are front-and-center throughout their content. 

As noted earlier, videos make it easier for people to imagine products in their hands. Creative TikToks can sell products more effectively than static photos.

That’s why 81% of marketers say that videos have a direct, positive impact on their sales. The same report notes that 94% of marketers claim that videos help people understand their products and services. 

If someone doesn’t "get" your product at a glance, a TikTok video can do the trick.

3 Bonus Tips for CPG Brands on TikTok

If you’re overwhelmed by the number of brands on TikTok, don’t panic!

The good news? The popularity of product posts and consumer communities means there are plenty of opportunities for new brands to grow. 

To wrap things up, here are some CPG marketing tips to help you boost your TikTok presence.

1. Make Sure Your Brand’s Account Looks the Part!

Just like you’d expect creators to put effort into their content, make sure you put effort into your account’s presentation. 

Seemingly small details like your TikTok profile picture and bio are important. For example, these elements showcase your personality and values. They can point potential customers to your promotions, too.

Ben & Jerry’s TikTok bio is short and sweet but that’s what makes it so effective. The brand’s slogan (“Peace, Love & Ice Cream”) speaks to the brand’s values and products alike. The provided highlights the brand’s products and activism as well.

ben and jerry's tiktok bio

Source: @benandjerrys

For more inspiration, check out our post on creative TikTok account ideas.

2. Capitalize on TikTok Trends 

To say that TikTok is a trend-focused network would be the ultimate understatement.

New sounds, skits, effects and challenges pop up day after day. Followers love to see brands hopping onto trends and finding unique ways to make them their own. The constant flood of trending content means there’s always something you can tie your brand to.

You don’t have to frantically follow trends to keep up with them, either. Our advice?

  • Follow a handful of celebrities, influencers and brands that frequently participate in TikTok trends (hint: relevant accounts on your #FYP)
  • Search #trending and community TikTok hashtags to find industry-specific trends
  • Peek TikTok’s trending effects to see popular filters that people are currently using. You can find these by tapping the “+” icon when filming a TikTok video.

reels trending features

3. Get Your Products into Creators’ Hands ASAP

As proven by our examples of CPG influencer marketing, partnering with more content creators is key to growing and maintaining a presence on the platform.

The sooner you get your products into the hands of creators, the better. 

Building a totally organic influencer presence on TikTok is daunting for brands, though. 

Earning visibility means having a high volume of posts about your brand quickly and in high volumes.

That said, any promotional content on TikTok needs to be authentic. TikTokers can see right through spammy or low-effort posts promotion brands.

The problem? Getting hundreds of people authentically posting content featuring your products isn't realistic without the help of an influencer platform that specializes in generating content at scale.

how to make it big in retail ebook for brands

How to Scale Your TikTok Presence as a Brand  

Building your brand on TikTok is totally worth it if you’re in the CPG space. Influencer campaigns are a big part of establishing your brand's foundation on the app.

If you’re already struggling to get your TikTok off the ground, we totally get it. Statusphere can help.

Our micro-influencer marketing platform streamlines the most time-consuming parts of working with creators like matchmaking, getting content rights and fulfillment. That means you can confidently get your products into relevant influencers' hands faster.

Statusphere Fulfillment

Since we only match brands with relevant creators from our vetted network, you earn guaranteed, authentic content at scale. We've already generated 75,000+ posts for 400+ consumer brands.

Want to learn more about how the platform works? Get in touch with one of our campaign experts to see how we can help you maximize your influencer content in TikTok in a fraction of the time.

This article was first published in September 2022. It was last updated May 5, 2023.

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