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10 Terrific TikTok Influencer Marketing Examples and Ideas

Looking for TikTok influencer marketing examples? This post breaks down ten awesome campaigns and ideas to inspire brands working with TikTok influencers.

TikTok Influencer Marketing Campaign Examples and Ideas

TikTok is totally taking over the influencer space. 

In fact, two-thirds of brands are turning to TikTok for influencer campaigns in 2022.

That’s because the platform is the perfect place to show off products in action. Heck, the #TikTokMadeMeBuyIt hashtag currently boasts over 15 billion views. 

Translation? TikTokers rely on the platform to find their next purchases. 

For brands that work with influencers, there are endless opportunities to introduce your products to people that are ready to buy.

And if you’re looking for examples of TikTok influencer marketing, we’ve got you covered!

10 of the Best TikTok Influencer Marketing Examples We’ve Seen

It’s no secret that shoppers on TikTok love discovering new products.

Thing is, those shoppers prefer to make those discoveries through creators over brands. If you’re a brand on TikTok, consider all the creative ways influencers can make you look like a million bucks.

Below are ten examples of TikTok influencer marketing to inspire brands working with creators. 

Day-in-the-Life Product Videos

When done right, promo videos by influencers don’t feel like promos at all. 

That’s exactly why TikTok tells brands to “Create TikToks, not ads.” 

The closer your influencer content resembles a video featured on the “For You” Page, the better. Let’s kick things off with a couple of TikTok influencer posts that feel organic.

1. Lumineux

Lumineux influencer marketing video

Source: @faithsfresh

  • Presented as a GRWM (get ready with me) video from the word “go,” this 100% feels like something you’d see on your FYP. Bonus points for the fast-paced narration and self-aware sense of humor! The creator’s personality definitely shines through.

  • This video prominently features the product and brand throughout. The creator doesn’t try to hide the promotion or “sneak” it in at the end. In fact, she even encourages viewers to watch the whole video to see Lumineux’s positive results firsthand. Longer watch times mean more engagement.

  • The quick cuts and simple editing help the promotion feel fun and unpolished rather than “salesy.” 

2. Athleta

Athleta influencer marketing example on TikTok

Source: @fittybritty

  • Earning over 3.9 million views, this video proves the power of putting your products in the hands of real people. Again, the best TikTok influencer marketing campaigns feel authentic.

  • Notice how the influencer flexes her creativity by showing off multiple products from multiple angles. This highlights how influencers bring purchases to life. Doing so makes it easier for potential customers to imagine your products in their hands.

  • This video is a perfect example of how brand ambassadors on TikTok can do a brilliant job of hyping up your products and creating a sense of community among your customers.

Product Reviews and Unboxings

Did you know that half of all consumers watch product videos prior to making a purchase? When done right, TikTok’s bite-sized content can win over buyers in a matter of seconds. Below are a couple of influencer marketing ideas that illustrate how.

3. Insomnia Cookies

Insomnia Cookies tiktok influencer marketing example     insomnia cookie influencer

Source: @insomniacookies / @nicoleaxelrod

  • Authentic? Check. Off-the-cuff? Double-check! The creator’s enthusiasm is undeniable, too. When you work with influencers that are legitimately excited about what you're selling, their content should reflect that excitement. This influencer nails it!

  • This video is also a perfect example of how to repurpose user-generated content such as influencer videos. Note that the brand’s repost of the video earned 10,000 views while the influencer’s earned over 365,000. That’s more than a 36x increase! Influencers can boost your brand’s reach big-time simply by posting promotional content for their own followers.

  • Influencer videos are awesome for building hype around product drops, releases and launches. After all, these are arguably the most important times for brands to build buzz, right? Influencer videos can really get your audience hyped up.

4. Sally Hansen

Sally Hansen  tiktok influencer marketing example

Source: @heartdefensor

  • This example capitalizes on the ongoing trend of ASMR content. Again, anything you can do to piggyback on TikTok trends is a plus! Doing so will boost your chances are reaching the FYP.

  • As noted in our post on direct-to-consumer marketing, unboxing videos are all the rage right now. They’re a low-hanging way for influencers to introduce your products and pique the interest of potential customers.

  • Notice how the video has frequent enough cuts to keep the viewer engaged and eager to see what’s coming next. Unboxings are awesome but still require creative editing to be effective. This video doesn’t sacrifice entertainment value for the sake of promotion.

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Product Showcase Videos

Again, TikTokers crave creator content because it feels “real.”

And so influencer marketing on TikTok really only works if it’s personable and authentic.

Perhaps one of the easiest ways to make sure that an influencer’s content keeps its “realness” is by letting influencers do their thing. Below are three examples of TikTok influencer marketing videos where creators showed off products on their own terms.

5. Peach & Lily

PeachandLily  tiktok influencer marketing example     PeachandLily influencer

Source: @peachandlilyofficial / @leanne_page

  • Note the creator’s brilliant “before and after” post format. This video not only highlights how well the product works but also how easy it is to use. 

  • This is also an effective example of how to use captions in a TikTok video. Given how many people watch social content with the sound off, well-timed captions ensure that your videos reach the widest audience possible.

  • Bonus style points for the creator’s choice of TIkTok audio!

6. Lunar Tides

Lunar Tides  tiktok influencer marketing example     Lunar Tides Influencer post

Source: @lunartideshair / @dropdeadkristi

  • This is probably the most minimalist of our influencer marketing examples. That said, the video’s simplicity helps it shine. No frills or fancy edits. Instead, we see the actual real-world results of a product. 

  • This influencer’s rainbow showcase is thematic with the brand’s Pride Month promotion.

  • The creator pretty much lets the product speak for itself here. This illustrates the concept of “show, don’t tell” when it comes to promoting a product on TikTok.

7. Anthropologie

Anthropologie influencer marketing example

Source: @anthropologieofficial

  • Simple and straightforward, this video also highlights how TikTok advertising doesn’t require a ton of production value. 

  • As noted earlier, TikTok’s audience wants to see real products on real people. Your brand’s influencers should reflect your target audience.

  • Note that this video earned overwhelmingly positive comments and lots of love from the brand’s community. This yet again speaks to the importance of creating a sense of community among your customers.

Influencer Shopping Videos

TikTok has been transparent about how much creators improve ad performance

For our last three influencer marketing examples, we’ll look at how creators can create more “traditional” ads that still knock it out of the park.

8. Poppi

Poppi  tiktok influencer marketing example

Source: @sammypur

  • This video is fun, fast-paced and a little chaotic. That’s what makes it so great, though! The influencer’s enthusiasm and personality are turned up to 100 throughout her entire narration. Given that this video earned 2 million views, this post definitely resonated with Poppi’s audience.

  • The creator’s rapid-fire delivery allows her to convey a ton of info to viewers in a short amount of time. This includes where to buy the product and why it’s so awesome.

  • Unique among our TikTok influencer marketing examples, this video shows how brands can use the platform to promote products at in-store locations.

9. Amazon

Amazon  tiktok influencer marketing example

Source: @vivacious.honey 

  • This video piggybacks on the popularity of TikTok dance trends. As a result, it feels like a piece of organic content before revealing itself to be an Amazon ad.

  • Quick cuts and creative edits are great for keeping viewers engaged and waiting to see what happens next.

  • Pay attention to how the influencer waits until the end to reveal Amazon’s virtual try-on app. This serves as a way to hold viewers’ attention to see what’s being promoted.

10. Dormify

Dormify  tiktok influencer marketing example

Source: @katiefeeneyy

  • The influencer’s opening caption serves as a natural hook to keep viewers wanting more. Meanwhile, the call-to-action at the end provides a place for interested buyers to go.

  • This video manages to showcase a variety of products rather than just one. 

  • Recent data says that TikTokers love to be inspired by content and ads alike. Inspo ads like this are yet another way to make it easier for shoppers to understand how they might use your product.

How to Build a Successful TikTok Influencer Marketing Campaign

Inspired by the examples above? Good!

There’s no replacement for a proven content creator that knows how to speak to their target audience. That said, there are key steps brands need to take if they want their own videos to pop off.

To wrap things up, here are a few tips for building your own TikTok influencer marketing campaigns.

Give Your TikTok Influencers Creative Freedom

The closer your influencers’ promotional videos are to their organic content, the better.

And so that means giving influencers the freedom to be themselves!

Encouraging authentic content is as simple as giving up a bit of control. Think about it. You can’t “force” someone’s natural personality to come out, right? The best influencer marketing ideas shouldn’t require you or your creator to rack their brains.

That said, you can help an influencer’s content feel less polished through strategies such as product gifting. As proven by our TikTok influencer marketing examples, promotions based around gifted products feel organic and off-the-cuff.

Don’t Be Shy About Sharing Your Influencers’ Content

No surprises here. You can extend the life of your promotional campaigns by resharing your influencers’ content to your brand’s own TikTok account. You can do the same by promoting their content across other social media channels as well. 

Note: This is all assuming you’ve obtained permission to share their content. Oh, and make sure to tag your influencers as well! 

When in Doubt, Ask Influencers to Create How-To Videos

If you’re stumped in terms of what you want influencers to do, how-tos are a safe bet. 

For example, you might brief them to show followers how to use your product in a tutorial-style video. Then, they share what they legitimately love about your brand. 

This again speaks to the importance of giving influencers creative freedom. Broad instructions and subtle direction ensure that you get what you want without sacrificing your influencers’ sense of personality.

Be Selective About the TikTok Influencers You Work With

Brands today are spoiled for choice when it comes to influencer talent.

That said, uncovering a good fit for your brand and target audience is easier said than done. You can immediately narrow down your choice by setting specific criteria for any potential influencer partnership. This might include:

  • Their engagement rate (and how engaged their audience seems)
  • Which brands and products they’ve posted about in the past
  • Whether they’ve created influencer content before

The criteria above matter way more than an influencer’s follower count. In fact, recent TikTok statistics note that micro-influencers on the platform have the most engaged audiences. 

Still, keep in mind that finding the right influencers is only one piece of the puzzle. You’re still responsible for:

  • Sending products to influencers
  • Managing negotiations and communication
  • Coming up with a creative brief
  • Ensuring that influencers actually post
  • Tracking the results of your campaign

Whew! The time and energy required for these tasks are nothing to scoff at. That’s why many brands struggle to scale campaigns they run themselves.

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What’s the Best Way to Work with TikTok Influencers?

TikTok influencers are a brilliant way to show off products and get in front of new audiences.

And if your target market is on TikTok, you should brainstorm how you can do the same. 

We hope the influencers we highlighted can inspire you to get a head start on your campaigns.

Thing is, getting an influencer marketing strategy off the ground is super overwhelming if you’re taking a DIY approach. That’s where Statusphere comes in.

Our full-service platform does all of the heavy lifting for your influencer campaigns. From matchmaking and shipping to analytics and beyond, we save brands time and get products into influencers’ hands ASAP.

Want to learn how the process works? Get in touch with one of our consumer-to-consumer marketing specialists today to see how we can get your campaign up and running.

This article was first published in June 2021. It was last updated May 27, 2022.

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