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5 Best Practices for Repurposing UGC and Influencer Content

Ready to repurpose your brand's user-generated content? We share best practices for repurposing UGC and influencer posts to maximize their marketing impact.

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Have you been repurposing your brand’s user-generated content?

If not, it's time to get started!

After all, authentic customer content is among your most impactful marketing assets.

We're seeing more and more brands repurpose their influencer content in paid campaigns to great results. Look no further than the boom of UGC ads as evidence.

Unfortunately, many brands fail to maximize the mileage out of their UGC.

The good news? You don't have to treat your customer-generated content as “one and done."

With a repurposing strategy, you can generate ongoing engagement and high-performing ad campaigns. Below are our best practices for repurposing user-generated and influencer-generated content.

Why You Should Be Repurposing User-Generated and Influencer Content

Let's assume you're already sitting on your fair share of organic UGC and influencer content.

Congrats! But are you maximizing those pieces of content to its full potential?

Brands with even a modest amount of UGC on hand should make repurposing a priority to:

  • Build your word-of-mouth presence faster. Repurposing UGC empowers you to spread social proof across multiple campaigns and platforms. Why confine your brand’s customer content to TikTok or Instagram when you can post to both?

  • Boost conversions across your marketing channels. From branded content ads to email and beyond, the connection between UGC and higher conversion rates is well-documented. Through repurposing, a single piece of content on one platform can improve conversions elsewhere.

  • Squeezing more out of your current marketing assets helps you work smarter, not harder. Brands are always hyper-focused on the ROI of influencer marketing. The more content you have that’s ready to repurpose, the more you can potentially stretch your performance and budget.

5 Best Practices to Know As You Repurpose UGC

Repurposing UGC isn't as simple as republishing a post and claiming it as your own. 

Not by a long shot!

But before you start repurposing, it’s important to understand a few best practices.

The tips below will help you stay organized and ensure that your content gets the reach it deserves. Not to mention stay out of potential trouble when it comes to content rights management.

1. Confirm You Have the Rights and Permissions to Publish the Content

First thing’s first: a bit of housekeeping will help you avoid copyright infringement and other legal issues.

Just because someone tags you in a photo doesn’t mean that it’s fair game for promotion. Although rules and regulations around user-generated content promotions vary from platform to platform, here are some quick guidelines:

  • When in doubt, ask for explicit permission prior to publishing. This can be done through social comments and DMs rather than email.

  • For social media cross-posting, credit the creator (and their @account) when possible.

  • If you’re sourcing UGC from contests or giveaways, double-check that entrants have opted-in and understand the rules.

  • Double-check the terms of service for any given social platform you’re publishing to.

For example, check out how oVertone asks for permission to republish UGC via Instagram comments. 

ugc permission example

Source: @overtonecolor

In the case of repurposing influencer content specifically, you can avoid a ton of headaches simply by having content rights management built into your influencer agreement.

This is also something to consider if you're using an influencer marketing platform to source your content. For example, Statusphere has branded content rights built into our platform.

That means our brands can quickly scale their content repurposing efforts via ads or organic posts without having to ask permission post-by-post.

2. Promote Your Top-Performing UGC and Influencer Content

If your brand gets consistent social engagement via product tagging and #hashtag campaigns, that's awesome news. This also means you’ve earned the right to be picky when repurposing UGC.

Because you shouldn’t promote any and every piece of content that comes your way.

Let's be real: not every piece of content is going to be a top contender to run as an ad. 

Most brands that run whitelisting campaigns on TikTok or Instagram reserve their ads for the best of the best when it comes to content. Rightfully so! Ideally, you should prioritize high-quality UGC that…

  • Captures your brand voice and aesthetic
  • Performs well engagement-wise (think: likes, comments and shares)
  • Gets published by creators that closely resemble your target audience

For example, Youth to the People republishes UGC of all shapes and sizes. From product close-ups to lifestyle shots and selfies, their feed features a bit of everything. 

The brand repurposes content from influencers and creators with follower counts anywhere between 100 and 100,000+. Note how their engagement rate varies but is still relatively high.

instagram ugc examples

Source: @youthtothepeople

Their content works regardless of follower count because their photos reflect their target audience.

The takeaway? Save your best UGC and influencer for repurposing and experiment from there. The definition of "best" is totally up to you.

Don’t feel pressured to promote content that your audience wouldn’t actually engage with organically. This also speaks to the value of having a high volume of content from micro-influencers versus only having a select handful of influencer posts to repurpose.

3. Make Sure Repurposed UGC is Optimized for Each Platform You Post to

When repurposing UGC, be prepared to make some slight changes and edits prior to publishing.

Just because a piece of content works on Instagram doesn’t mean it’ll work on TikTok. The flip side is also true. Likewise, a massive customer photo likely needs to be cropped for use in a marketing email.

Meanwhile, every social network is different in terms of its “ideal” image sizes and requirements.

We’ve also seen instances of platforms discouraging direct cross-posting (like Instagram claiming their algorithm won’t favor cross-posted TikToks on Reels). For starters:

  • Review image/video sizes and preview your posts before publishing.

  • If necessary, rewrite your captions, adjust your @tags and redo your #hashtags. For example, TikTok’s caption character limit is significantly lower than Instagram’s. Similarly, you might not use the same tags across both platforms. Your ability to make edits varies depending on where you're posting organically or running ads.

  • Consider how repurposing UGC fits into your content calendar. Do you want the exact same pieces of content going live at the same time? Do you want to stagger your UGC? There is no “right” answer here but should be considered if you have mutual followers across multiple networks.

Below is an example of repurposed content between creators on TikTok and a brand on Instagram. Check out how Peach & Lily took a popular piece of UGC and transformed it into a Reel.

repurpose ugc from tiktok example

Source(s): @jordyn_wood / @peachandlily

Repurposing content for social media doesn’t have to be an intensive, time-consuming process. Some platforms make it much easier than others. For example, there are multiple ways to download a TikTok video (including without a watermark) that you can republish and repurpose elsewhere.

watch the webinar: how to drive sales with user-generated content in 2022

4. Level Up Your UGC Asset Management (and Never Lose Your Content)

If you want to integrate UGC into your sales funnel, you need to keep track of it.

Organization matters!

Gathering your UGC solely via @mentions and #hashtags is a time-sink. Also, accounts can move and content can easily get lost or deleted over time. Oh, and you need to get the “thumbs up” from your creators to ensure you can use their content throughout your marketing campaigns.

That's why it's crucial to get ownership of your UGC and influencer content as soon as it's posted.

There are dedicated platforms out there that can find and aggregate UGC. But even with these tools, sourcing, saving and gathering permission yourself can feel like a full-time job. 

That’s why we recommend working with a scalable micro-influencer platform (like Statusphere!) to generate high-quality, rights-ready UGC that requires no legwork on your part.

Our platform sources your creator content and obtains content rights at the same time. Through our campaign reporting and performance analytics, you can see which pieces of content are ideal for repurposing elsewhere.

5. Scale Your Campaigns for Long-term Loyalty and Ongoing Results

The beauty of UGC campaigns is that they’re perfect for encouraging even more customer content in the future. 

That’s why we always recommend scaling your influencer marketing campaigns versus treating them as one-offs. To keep your momentum going and ensure that customers keep hyping you up via content, make a point to:

  • Regularly publish UGC as part of your social media calendar
  • Have a dedicated process for gathering and sourcing UGC (like a branded hashtag)
  • Collaborate with creators to give your brand a long-term UGC boost

As a result, you'll have an ongoing stream of content coming in organically and via influencers. That's the power of always-on influencer marketing in action.

What Are the Best Ways to Repurpose UGC and Influencer Content?

To wrap things up, let’s brainstorm some UGC campaign ideas you can roll out yourself.

Republish UGC Across Your Brand’s Social Media Channels 

Arguably the easiest way to repurpose content for social media, some channels are easier to cross-post on than others. For example, we often see:

  • Reels → TikTok
  • Facebook → Instagram
  • Instagram → Pinterest

Brands like Black Milk do a brilliant job of cross-posting and repurposing UGC. By making slight changes to their posts’ captions and timing, they’re able to get more mileage out of their content.

repurposed ugc from instagram and facebook

Source: @blackmilkclothing

This strategy is a no-brainer for brands looking to repurpose influencer marketing content.

Just remember that each social platform has its own best practices when it comes to captions and hashtags. Small tweaks to your captions can make a difference to your audience, proving that you aren't just copying and pasting your content across social media.

Tap into the Power of UGC Ads to Lift Conversions

UGC represents a prime opportunity to make your social ads not feel like ads at all. In turn, this has a positive impact on conversions and engagement.

Don’t just take our word for it. Breaking down the success of Weekday’s Instagram ad campaign, Instagram themselves noted:

Ads from creators typically outperform regular ads on Facebook and Instagram because they feel more informative, relevant and entertaining.

Check out Weekday’s creator-based Reels ad below. This is an excellent example of how to repurpose content from social media and see a significant ROI from it.

example of ugc ad on instagram

Source: Instagram

Again, make sure that you have the rights to the UGC you repurpose into ads. Asking for explicit permission from creators is ideal for UGC ads simply for the sake of transparency. 

Platforms like Instagram and TikTok also have platform-specific features that allow you to turn creator posts into sponsored content. That said, creating ads out of owned UGC gives you greater creative freedom, not to mention flexibility with your budget and how long you run your campaigns.

Incorporate UGC into Your Marketing Emails 

Just like you can repurpose UGC for ads, the same rules apply to your marketing emails.

Below is an awesome example from Vieve that features a .gif of photos sourced from customers and creators on Instagram.

ugc marketing email example

Source: Milled

Then, the email breaks down which specific Vieve products each person used to achieve their look. 

ugc in marketing emailSource: Milled

Smart, right?

This strategy not only grabs the attention of your subscribers in their inboxes but also gets more eyes on your social accounts. That's why email UGC is one of the best ways for brands to repurpose influencer marketing assets.

Feature UGC and Influencer Content on Your Product Pages

Product pages are a priority place to showcase your UGC.

Data from PowerReviews notes that 88% of shoppers look for customer photos and videos before making a purchase. That same data notes that UGC on product pages can produce a staggering 91% lift in conversions.

For example, Converse automatically pulls from their tagged Instagram images and populates them on their product pages (alongside images that people upload and get approved manually). This is a low-hanging way to stretch your UGC without really having to do much repurposing at all.

ugc on product pageSource: Converse

Use Your Existing UGC to Produce Even More! 

When it comes to UGC, your brand’s mentality should be “the more, the merrier.”

Don’t be shy when asking for customer photos and videos. Doing so can level up your social strategy. 

From hashtag campaigns on TikTok to promoting purchases on Instagram Reels, brands today have so much creative freedom to get people talking. Once they do, you can repurpose that UGC into future posts and ultimately encourage more. 

Check out how Zenni’s #JustGotMyZennis tag has earned over 63,000 Instagram posts, many of which end up making appearances on their company’s main IG feed.

zennis ugc exampleSource: Instagram

Gaining this sort of momentum only happens when you’re actually able to scale your word-of-mouth marketing.

New call-to-action

How to Get More UGC and Influencer Content to Repurpose

Repurposing creator content should be a matter of “when” and not “if” for brands looking to expand reach and get more consumers talking.

The hardest part? Generating a high volume UGC from high-quality creators while juggling tasks like obtaining content rights and sourcing individual posts.

Thankfully, Statusphere can help big-time in both departments.

Our micro-influencer platform has already matched 400+ brands with thousands of creators to generate rights-ready content at scale. With the help of our vetted creator network, we empower brands to scale UGC in a fraction of the time it would take DIY or using an influencer database.

Oh, and did we mention content rights are built in? Meaning you can start repurposing your UGC and influencer content into ads or organic posts without playing the waiting game.

Statusphere Platform Dashboard

Want to learn more about how our platform works? Get in touch with one of our influencer marketing experts to see how we can get your brand more UGC at scale.

This article was first published in March 2022. It was last updated June 5, 2023.

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