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5 Brand Ambassador Campaign & Content Ideas for Instagram

Done right, brand ambassador campaigns can drive big engagement and awareness on Instagram. Here are five content ideas for ambassadors to make it happen!

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How do brands promote themselves on Instagram without getting buried by the algorithm?

Given that most paid campaigns only reach 5% of their target audience, ads aren’t the answer.

And that’s exactly why we’re seeing more and more brand ambassadors on Instagram.

After all, ambassadors add a human element to your promotional posts. They know how to show off your products in creative ways, too. 

If you want more engagement, ambassador posts can do the trick. Creator partnerships are crucial now that the new algorithm favors personal accounts over brands.

Not sure what your creators should post? Below we’ve broken down five brand ambassador content and campaign ideas to inspire you.

1. Show Off All of Your Products’ Benefits

Chances are there’s no “right” way to showcase your products, right?

Working with ambassadors allows you to tap into the creativity and styles of multiple people. The bigger your ambassador program, the wider of variety of content you can produce.

Content creators know best when it comes to which qualities of a product to promote. After all, they need to make sure their posts speak to their audience.

Skincare brands have mastered the art of letting ambassadors sell products in unique ways. Check out the two brand ambassador posts from Kiehls below. 


Kiehls Gifted Products example Kiehls review example on instagram

Source: @arina.negishi / @sarazucker

Notice how one creator highlights how the clay mask fights acne while the other talks about dry skin. Although both creators are promoting the same product, they’re emphasizing different benefits. 

And despite taking different approaches, they manage to paint the brand in a positive way.

See how that works? Beyond the captions, their photos provide multiple product views. Seeing a variety of product shots from different people goes hand in hand with higher conversions.

What should your creators emphasize in your posts, though? Start by brainstorming brand ambassador post ideas based on:

  • The variety of problems and pain points your products solve
  • Different applications and styles of your products
  • The not-so-obvious benefits of using your products

Let’s look at another example, this time from Gatsby Chocolate. The first creator hypes how Gatsby’s bars are low-calorie, vegan and awesome for baking.

gatsby chocolate instagram post

Source: @juseparavic

Meanwhile, this creator shows off the product “in action” and out of the wrapper.

gatsby chocolate instagram post 2

Source: @donnaleahful

While either creator could have simply posted themselves snacking on a bar, they decided to go the extra mile with their photos and captions. This is why it’s so important to balance guidance and creative freedom when briefing influencers or ambassadors.

2. Run an Instagram Contest or Giveaway Featuring Ambassadors

Ambassador-run contests are a brilliant campaign idea because of how they drive interactions. 

After all, who doesn’t love free stuff? 

Consider also how giveaways and contests with ambassadors can expand your reach beyond your brand’s account. 

There are two ways you can approach running an Instagram giveaway or contest:

  1. Send ambassadors free products for a giveaway that they can ship to winners themselves. This can be done via product gifting. In other words, you gift products to a creator and then cover the costs for them shipping items to the winner when your promotion ends.

  2. Ask ambassadors to provide the contact info of the winners themselves. Then, you can send out prizes directly from your warehouse This approach requires less legwork for the creator you’re partnering with.

What does a brand ambassador contest look like, though? 

First, your ambassador(s) will kick off the promotion with their own promo post(s). 

They’ll then ask their own followers to participate based on your established rules and guidelines for entry. You can then cross-promote the ambassador’s post on your own account to maximize the contest’s reach. Pro-tip: Instagram Stories are great for this!

These contests usually require entrants to follow the brand and the ambassador’s Instagram accounts. Then, participants might do a combination of the following to enter:

  • Leave a comment
  • @Tag a friend
  • Use a campaign #hashtag
  • Post a piece of content (think: photo or Story featuring the brand)

Below is an example of a detailed brand ambassador post for a SmartSweets giveaway.

Smartsweets Giveaway example on instagram

Source: @destiney.schriver

Here’s another example of a brand ambassador giveaway from TooFaced. Entrants were required to follow both the ambassador and brand while also tagging two friends for a chance to win.  

makeup giveaway on instagram

Source:  @ionmakeupofficial

There’s no denying that contests do require careful planning to set up. To make content ideas like this count, you need to be thoughtful about the fine details of your campaign. Ask yourself:

  • Why do you want to run a contest? Are you trying to get more user-generated content? Want to build brand awareness? Ambassador contests can drive engagement and result in promotional posts for your brand.

  • What do your want your ambassador’s announcement post to look like?  Will a photo cut it? Want them to publish a Reel? How do you want them to show off your product? You only get one announcement post so you need to make it count!

  • Is the prize you’re presenting worth the effort for entrants? Valuable prizes will result in more valuable content and likewise engagement from entrants.

Giveaways are unique on our list of brand ambassador campaign ideas because of the creator's level of involvement. If you can take care of the prizes and technical details, you’d be surprised at what ambassadors can come up with.

Instagram Influencer Campaign Manager Spreadsheet

3. Host an Ambassador Takeover on Your Account

Ambassador account takeovers are fun to watch and represent a break from your usual content. 

The concept is simple enough. That is, a brand ambassador “takes over” your brand’s Instagram by publishing their content on your page. Of course, this is a collaborative effort rather than a true “takeover.”

A well-done takeover represents a win-win for brands and ambassadors alike. Done right, both parties boost their exposure and awareness. 

And thankfully, you don’t need a dedicated brand ambassador program to run a takeover.

Let’s look at an example. Publishing house Little, Brown and Company let their authors serve as ambassadors to host takeovers. This introduces readers to new authors and generates buzz for upcoming books.

instagram takeover example 1IG story takeover 2

Source: @littlebrown

In terms of ambassador post ideas, you’re spoiled for choice during takeovers. For example, In-Feed Posts, Reels and Stories are all fair game. Many takeovers involve creators livestreaming, demoing products or conducting Q&As with followers.

Again, the best takeovers encourage interactions between ambassadors and brands. Sending your followers to their content and vice-versa is like candy to the Instagram algorithm.

4. Ask Your Brand Ambassadors to Create Instagram Stories

It’s no secret that Instagram Stories are among the platform’s most popular features.

Since Stories feel authentic and off-the-cuff, they’re an awesome place to showcase your ambassadors. This serves as an opportunity to promote your best creators and likewise empower them to show off your products in action. Stories lend themselves to day-in-the-life-style posts.

Many brands use their Stories Highlights as a place to republish their ambassador’s content. Doing so means getting more mileage out of your creators’ content after the initial 24-hour period.

.For example, Glow Recipe publishes Stories featuring ambassadors showcasing their personal skincare routines. These “evergreen” Stories can be seen by old and new followers alike as they’re static on the brand’s Instagram page. 

Instagram story highlights featuring brand ambassadors

 Source: @glowrecipe

Aerie is a brand known for their robust ambassador program indicated by the #aerieREAL tag. These ambassadors range from Olympic athletes to everyday fans of the brand. Below is an example of how an ambassador uses Instagram Stories to show off products:

 brand ambassador aerie influencer product recommendation example on instagram

 Source: @jennacurran

In this case, the ambassador also has a Stories Highlight feed for her branded content. This includes Reels, Posts and Stories featuring her #aerieREAL product recommendations.

5. Encourage Relatability in Your Brand Ambassador Posts

The best ambassador campaigns aren’t always in-your-face about products.

Ambassadors can create a connection with your target audience by telling relatable stories. Done right, this can make product mentions more subtle. Talking about pain points or simply showing off products in real-world situations can help.

For example, this Lamer ambassador shows off her human side by explaining how excited she is to partner with the brand.

Brand ambassador for lamer on instagram

Source: @julie_khuu

Below is another example from an Orgain brand ambassador. Although this post isn’t trying to hide that it’s a promotion, the caption doesn’t make it feel “salesy.” The conversational tone and relatable details make the post feel much more meaningful. This highlights how compelling simple storytelling can be.

Orgain influencer on instagram

Source: @_mochahontas

These brand ambassador content ideas all highlight how working with real people helps you speak your audience’s language. When in doubt, give them the creative freedom to do exactly that.

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How to Get More Brand Ambassadors to Put Your Campaign Ideas into Action

If you’re stuck on what your ambassadors should post, hopefully our content ideas have inspired you!

These are just a handful of brand ambassador campaigns to test drive, by the way.

But no matter which promotions you pick, partnering with a high volume of relevant creators is crucial to making your it all work. Brands today need hundreds of creators on deck, not just a handful.

We know firsthand just how time-consuming it is to build an ambassador program from scratch. Sifting through applications and cold-pitching creators probably isn’t the best use of your time, right?

If your brand needs creator content at scale, Statusphere’s software can help.

Our micro-influencer marketing platform matches brands with creators using 250+ first-party data points. Through our vetted creator community and streamlined fulfillment technology, Statusphere helps brands earn guaranteed content at scale.

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This article was first published in October 2018. It was last updated July 2, 2022.  

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