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7 Effective Examples of Social Proof (and Why They Work)

Social proof is invaluable for brands today. Wondering how to weave it into your marketing? Here are seven superb social proof examples to inspire you!

8 Social Proof Examples And Why They Work

Social proof in marketing is more important than ever.

But if you're not 100% sure what that "proof" looks like in practice, we're here to fill you in.

Quick refresher! Social proof is a phenomenon where someone's actions are influenced by the actions of others. In marketing, this might mean:

  • Buying a product based on recommendations from friends on Facebook
  • Changing your mind about a potential purchase after reading too many negative reviews
  • Checking out a brand's website because you saw a creator post a Reel with their product

But to really understand the concept, it helps to see it in action.

That's we put gathered these seven social proof examples to inspire you!

What Are Some Examples of Social Proof?

Standing out from the crowd as a brand means highlighting your satisfied customers. Below are seven examples of how you can do exactly that.


Fact: a staggering 99.9% of consumers claim to read reviews when shopping online.

Think about it, though. When's the last time you bought from a new brand without reading a review first? Likewise, getting more online reviews should be a top priority for any business that wants to be perceived as "legit."

1. Amazon

Consider that social proof is a big part of why Amazon is an ecommerce juggernaut. 

How so? Consider that 53% of consumers start their product searches on Amazon. The site makes it easier to tell at a glance whether a product is trustworthy.

That's because there are so many examples of social proof sprinkled throughout the site and its product pages. This includes:

  • Reviews from verified buyers
  • Star-ratings
  • Customer-submitted photos and videos

Amazon puts all of the above front-and-center throughout each and every product page. The ability to search for products based on star ratings and positive reviews helps find products they can trust. This not only encourages more purchases but makes for a better customer journey.

For merchants, reviews have been shown to have an impact on sales. Data says positive reviews increase sales by 20% on sites that weave them into their shopping experience.

Below is a snapshot of the review section on Amazon’s product pages. If you shop on Amazon frequently yourself, you probably look at reviews and star ratings before actual product descriptions. That's the power of proof!

Social proof example Amazon's product page review section

From the word "go," visitors can see real-life images of the product and relevant customer talking points. Since these are all submitted by shoppers,  Amazon directly provides their customers with everything they need to make a purchase decision with confidence. That's what social proof is all about!

2. Nutraflow

The more you can squeeze out of your reviews and positive feedback, the better.

Nutraflow highlights to use reviews throughout the shopping experience beyond product pages. The supplement brand shows off customer reviews on multiple channels including:

Social proof example home page reviews on Nutraflow website

The takeaway?

By showcasing reviews through multiple channels, you can increase your touchpoints with potential customers.  Like many of our examples of social proof, you can get a ton of mileage out of reviews. From social posts and emails and beyond, you can repurpose them in so many ways.

You totally should, too. Because when it comes to reviews, volume matters.

Since 70% of shoppers read between one and six reviews before making a purchase, anywhere you can promote positive feedback is a plus. When in doubt, don't be shy about pointing people to your best customer testimonials.

Credentials, Awards and Seals of Approval

The concept of a "seal of approval" might seem a bit old-school. 

The reality? Credentials and awards are powerful examples of social proof that pretty much any brand can promote themselves. Let's look at some examples!

3. Tersano

The purpose of credentials and awards isn't just to flex or pat yourself on the back.

More importantly, these accolades prove that your products have been tried, tested and enjoyed by others.

For example, Tersano leverages social proof in the form of credential logos throughout their site.  throughout its website. This includes their homepage and individual product pages.

Consider that different industries and products lend themselves to specific types of credentials and awards. For example, consumers that support cruelty-free brands will be on the lookout for a Leaping Bunny certification on your product or website. 

Customers of sustainable brands (like Tersano!) want to verify that the company they're about to buy from is actually sustainable. Tersano actually has an entire "Proof" tab of their website dedicated to their credentials. They also have several PDFs breaking down their ingredients and the effectiveness of their products. 

Social proof example Tersano's website displaying safety certifications

In addition to their certifications and studies on-site, the brand also displays extra examples of proof including:

  • Well-known companies that use their products
  • Press mentions
  • Logos of both of the above

These combined elements confirm that the brand is trusted by a large, diverse customer base. 

4. GlamBaby

Remember: social proof is all about leveraging trust. 

GlamBaby takes a unique (but totally effective) approach to proving they're trustworthy.

Here's the deal: GlamBaby is an eyewear brand for kids founded by professional optometrist Dr. Arian Fartash. Dr. Fartash allows her brand to piggyback on her own authority as a form of expert proof. She does this by providing her own stamp of approval on the effectiveness of GlamBaby's UV and blue light products.

These examples of social proof can be found on the brand's Instagram and website.      Social proof example glambaby instagram expert's stamp of approval

Creative, right? But it works!

Sure, credentials and awards aren't the most important piece of your social proof strategy.

But when combined with other examples of social proof like product reviews and customers photos, credentials can add an extra layer of legitimacy to your products. This makes people feel more confident when it comes time to buy.

User-Generated Content

Pop quiz! Are you doing everything you can to get more user-generated content?

Customer photos and videos are among the most powerful examples of social proof. Nearly two-thirds of consumers say that real customer content helps them make purchasing decisions.

That's because shoppers overwhelming trust real people over traditional ads.

5. Rare Beauty

Selena Gomez’s makeup brand is a shining example of how to make UGC a staple of your social presence. Look no further than the brand's Instagram feed for more examples of social proof than we can count, including:

  • Reels, Stories and Posts of real people reviewing products
  • Reposts of customer content (from celebrities to everyday creators)
  • How-tos and tutorials from actual customers

These types of content make it easier for potential customers to imagine Rare's products in their hands. 

Social proof example rare beauty instagram user-generated content reposts

Incorporating UGC into your social media content is a must-do for brands that want to stand out from the crowd. Beyond extending the reach of any given piece of content, the benefits of reposting UGC include:

  • Establishing trust and social proof
  • Building a sense of community among your customers
  • Driving engagement and interactions that result in greater reach

Plus, great user-generated content doesn't have an expiration date. UGC creates ongoing visual proof that others love your products and future customers will probably feel the same way. 

6. Ole Henriksen

 Ole Henriksen is another example of a brand that promotes user-generated content to build social proof. To get more mileage out of their customer content, they actually showcase an ongoing UGC feed on their website. 

Social proof example Ole Henriksen #OleGlow user-generated content feed

UGC galleries are yet another example of how to stretch existing social proof and make valuable customer touchpoints. Even if someone doesn't follow you on social media, they still have opportunities to interact with your Instagram content. See how that works?

Not only that but incorporating UGC onto your website provides social proof at the point of purchase. This is a big deal because customer content is proven to have a positive impact on conversions. Customer content on product pages also goes hand in hand with a higher average order value at checkout.

7. H&M

To wrap things up, check out how H&M promotes UGC on-site with their #HMxMe feed.

Having a specific branded hashtag for gathering UGC is a brilliant move. Doing so gives you a constant stream of customer content you can promote as social proof. For reference, there are over 1.2 million Instagram posts on the #HMxME hashtag.

social proof example H&M's #HMxMe feedThe brand also promotes a social-style feed showing off UGC in various styles.  By clicking on photos in the feed, visitors can click directly on the products being worn. Then, they can shop for the items used to create an outfit. 

The fact that these social media posts are shoppable shows how proof can translate into direct sales. In short, H&M has created a seamless journey from product discovery to social proof to purchase.

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Want to Surround Your Brand with Social Proof? Creators Can Help!

There are so many ways to integrate social proof into your marketing campaigns.

And now it's time to ask yourself: what can you do to drive more reviews and UGC for your brand?

If you're not sure how to get started, don't panic. The key is to get your products into the hands of real people that want to shout you out.

That's where Statusphere comes in! We connect brands with content creators that know how to show off your products in the best way possible. Our campaigns apply the best practices of consumer-to-consumer marketing and we handle everything. That includes matchmaking, fulfillment and analytics!

Want to learn how to create more social proof for your brand ASAP? Contact us today to learn more about consumer-to-consumer marketing and how we can scale reviews and UGC for your brand. 

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