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TikTok Account Ideas: 6 Creative Ways to Make Your Profile Stand Out

Want your TikTok presence to stand out? Here are 6 creative TikTok account ideas to engage your audience and make your profile more visible.

tiktok account ideas

Creativity counts on TikTok.

From eye-popping effects and challenges and trending audio, the platform’s content is built to grab your attention. 

And as more people flock to the platform, making your account stand out is a must-do.

But when you’re just one account among one billion monthly active users, staking your claim is a struggle.

Pop quiz: when someone lands on your TikTok account, what do they see? Are you communicating your vibe, values and why your videos are worth watching?

If you’re not sure you’re making an impactful first impression on your audience, don’t sweat it. This guide breaks down actionable ideas that can help.

6 TikTok Account Ideas to Get Your Profile Noticed Faster

Here’s the good news: you don’t need to be a creative genius to make your TikTok account pop.

The reality? A few small tweaks can increase your profile’s potential for engagement.

We recommend you conduct a quick TikTok audit and focus on these pieces of your presence:

  1. Profile Picture
  2. Bio
  3. Video Descriptions
  5. Playlists
  6. Products

And if you haven’t given these details a second thought, that’s okay!

Below are six creative ideas for your TikTok account and how to implement them step-by-step.

1. Pick a Profile Picture That Highlights Your Personality

Consider that your TikTok profile picture is front-and-center as soon as someone interacts with you.

That same picture will also be your first impression for people finding you via TikTok search.

tiktok ideas profile picture example

Source: @makeupbyalessa

The psychology of social media images tells us that even minor details can impact engagement.

Faces. Colors. Fonts. The list goes on.

Spend two minutes on TikTok and you’ll see a wide variety of snapshots, logos and illustrations. As a result, there’s no “right” type of profile picture. 

Know what the best TikTok profile pictures have in common, though? Personality!

Does your profile picture communicate  “cool?” Trendy? Professional? Cute? Artsy?

Either way, your pic needs to sum up your brand in just 200x200 pixels.

TikTok Profile Picture Ideas and Examples

  • When in doubt, experiment with bright and bold colors
  • If you’re using a company logo, make sure it’s legible and minimalist
  • Take advantage of negative space (think: silhouettes, solid backgrounds)
  • For solo accounts, consider a cartoon-style or illustrated avatar
  • For solo accounts, make sure your face is clearly visible

For starters, your profile picture should reflect your brand’s aesthetic. No-brainer, right?

But before you default to your company logo, double-check that it’s appropriate for TikTok. For example, will any details of your logo be distorted on a smartphone screen? Many brands opt for limited or no-text logos as a result.

Kylie Cosmetics’ logo is a great example of what a TikTok profile picture should achieve. Clear, bold and recognizable, the avatar is super stylish and captures the brand’s vibe.

tiktok ideas kyle cosmetics

Source: @kyliecosmetics

Simple logos that incorporate negative space are also popular among brands. Check out Arturia and Anthropologie’s respective logos below. These both illustrate how a minimalist approach can work like a charm. When you’re brainstorming TikTok profile picture ideas, remember that sometimes less is more.

tiktok ideas minimal logo

Color is key to grabbing the attention of serial scrollers on TikTok. This is true for brand accounts and personal profiles alike. Using a solid color or gradient background can subtly set your profile apart from the sea of selfies.

tiktok ideas colorful background profile picture exampletiktok ideas colorful background profile picture example 2

Source: @taylorblender / @gertyberth

Illustrations and cartoon-style avatars can also be your creative trademark on TikTok. Again, anything you can do to pique interest with your profile picture is a plus.

tiktok account ideas animated profile picture

Source: @MUAWK

2. Craft a TikTok Bio That’s Clever and Tap-Worthy

Despite only having 80 characters to work with, your TikTok bio is valuable real estate.

That’s because it’s one of the few spaces on the platform to establish your brand voice via text. 

Also, it’s the only place on TikTok to include a direct call-to-action (CTA). For example, do you want visitors to check out your links or latest promotion? Your bio is your sole opportunity to funnel TikTok traffic wherever you want.

Whether you’re focused on sales or awareness, authenticity matters when crafting your bio. The best TikTok bios feel like real people wrote them (hint: no corporate-speak). 

Many brands rely on humor given TikTok’s younger audience. Still, even “traditional” social bios (like what you might see on Instagram) can work as well.

TikTok Bio Ideas and Examples

  • Witty one-liners, funny quotes and slogans are all solid ideas 
  • Feature your company’s hashtag(s) (think: #SHEIN or #LiveYourLook) to encourage user-generated content
  • Use a landing page tool like Linktree or Linkin.bio to send TikTok traffic to specific pages or promotions
  • Include a call-to-action phrase (think: “tag us,” “tap below”) to drive interactions
  • Offer a discount code to entice potential customers

For example, Crocs’ humorous one-liner and use of emojis make for a winning TikTok bio in our book. Short, sassy and totally on-brand.

Creative TikTok Account Ideas to Help Your Profile Stand Out 4_1

Source: @crocs

Brands like Netflix likewise take a humorous approach to their bio. Regularly switching it up, fans often come back to see what Netflix will come up with next. Small details like the lack of capitalization make their bio feel more human.

tiktok ideas netflix bio

Source: @netflix

Let’s say “funny” isn’t your forte — no problem!

While many of the best TikTok bios do make us chuckle, we acknowledge that humor isn’t the right approach for every brand. 

If you want to keep your profile a bit more business-like, that’s a-okay. You can totally find a balance between personality and professionalism. Check out how Glow Recipe does exactly that.

tiktok ideas glow recipe bio

Source: @glowrecipe

What’s also notable about Glow Recipe’s bio is the use of a social media landing page tool. These tools (like Linkin.bio, Link.tree and Pillar) house all of your links and promotions in one place. 

For example, brands often use social media landing pages to point to their other social platforms or product pages. Creators often use them to highlight their affiliate links.

The upside of these tools is that they allow you to funnel your TikTok traffic to multiple places with just one tap. 

Want people to check out a new product or follow you on Instagram? Go for it! Instead of being stuck with a single TikTok call-to-action, you can send people to their channel of choice. 

And as an added bonus, the stylized link keeps your profile looking clean and sleek. 

For ecommerce brands on TikTok, including a discount code in your bio is something we’re seeing more of. Doing so offers an incentive for potential customers to check out your promotions as soon as they interact with your account. 

Featuring a TikTok-only discount code (think: TIKTOK10) creates a sense of exclusivity since it’s platform-specific. This also makes it easier to track sales sourced from TikTok over time.

Kaseme discount code - 6 Creative TikTok Account Ideas to Help Your Profile Stand Out

Source: @kasemedesign

3. Create Video Descriptions That Capture Your Voice and Engage Viewers

Video descriptions are a subtle but significant piece of your TikTok content.

Sure, creative touches like filters, effects and sounds are at the core of any viral video.

But like your bio, video descriptions provide a place to communicate your voice and provide some next steps to viewers.

Oh, and don’t forget that your descriptions are home to your TikTok hashtags

From #OddlySatisfying to #TikTokMadeMeBuyIt and beyond, TikTok themselves claims hashtag usage and engagement are growing. Finding a balance between hashtags and a snappy description can instantly maximize your videos’ viewership. Just make sure you do it within 500 characters - that's the character limit TikTok puts on captions.

TikTok Description Ideas and Examples

  • Humor, lighthearted and tongue-in-cheek descriptions are perfect for TikTok
  • Try to create a call-and-response effect with question-based descriptions
  • Take full advantage of emojis to make your descriptions more personable
  • Talk like a human, not a brand (think: use slang, contractions and a friendly voice)
  • Pop culture references and call-outs to TikTok trends are always welcome

Surprise, surprise — funny video descriptions are all the rage on TikTok. For example, this caption from Target taps into the “material gworl” trend and feels like it was written by an everyday TikToker.

Creative TikTok Account Ideas to Help Your Profile Stand Out 7

Source: @target

Asking questions in descriptions is a safe way to encourage engagement and conversations with your followers. Check out how FreePeople does it:

Creative TikTok Account Ideas to Help Your Profile Stand Out 8

Source: @freepeople

Don’t be afraid to pick your followers’ brains. Brainstorm TikTok video description ideas based on questions with prompts including:

  • “What’s your favorite…?”
  • “How many times…?”
  • “Have you ever…?”
  • “When’s the last time you…?”
  • “Can you…?”
  • “Could you…?”
  • “How would you describe [x] in [x] words…?”

Given the growth of shopping on TikTok, it’s crucial to experiment with video descriptions that feature products. For example, Crate and Barrel does a solid job of encouraging viewers to watch their video until the end to see the results of their products in action.

Creative TikTok Account Ideas to Help Your Profile Stand Out 9

Source: @crateandbarrel

 Pro-tip: simply saying “buy this” or “check this out” won’t earn you much engagement.

TikTok planner for brands

4. Make Sure Your TikTok Comments Pass the “Copy-and-Paste” Test

Let’s say you’ve done the legwork of optimizing your TikTok profile and individual videos.

Nice! Now what?

While many of these TikTok account ideas focus on your profile and content, let’s talk about your engagement strategy.

Comments are a simple and low-hassle way to engage your audience. Notice that the best brands on TikTok go out of their way to respond to comments on th regular. Many brands actually create content around questions and comments they receive from customers.

But before you go off replying to each and every TikTok @mention, double-check that your comments pass a quick “copy-and-paste” taste.

Ask yourself: does my reply look like it was written by a bot? 

If “yes,” scrap it and try again.

Personalizing comments can help you build brand loyalty and once again showcase your personality. While doing so is an active and ongoing process versus a one-off tactic, the time investment is totally worth it.

TikTok Comment Ideas and Examples

  • If you’re addressing a shout-out or positive comment, don’t stress too much about being “formal” (think: text-speak, emojis and slang are fine)
  • When appropriate, refer to commenters by name (or “sign” your comments with your initials) 
  • When in doubt, keep your comments short and sweet

Starbucks is an example of a corporate giant that’s mastered the art of conversational TikTok comments. 

starbucks tiktok comment

Source: @starbucks

Crumbl Cookies makes it a point to extensively “like” and comment on shout-outs they receive from customers on TikTok. These interactions might not seem like a big deal to the brand but definitely make a lasting impression on their fans. Crumble’s attention to comments shows how the brand values feedback and wants to have a conversation.

Creative TikTok Account Ideas to Help Your Profile Stand Out 10

Source: @crumblcookies

And while Crumbl’s comments may seem straightforward, they look exactly like what you’d see an actual person comment and reply, right?

You shouldn’t have to rack your brain for TikTok comment ideas — maybe it’s cliche but sometimes it’s best just to be yourself (or in this case, your brand).

5. Put Together TikTok Playlists to Give Your Videos Long-Term Exposure

We get it — creating TikTok content takes more work than it seems on the surface.

Because people cycle through videos and trends so quickly, you might feel like you’re not getting much mileage out of your TikTok promotions.

Playlists are a low-hanging way to squeeze more out of your content strategy. This feature lets you organize your videos into feeds (think: Instagram Stories highlights). These static feeds are then front-and-center on your TikTok account.

For example, a brand might make dedicated TikTok Playlists for product launches, customer photos or a hashtag challenge. Check out how Fenty Beauty creates Playlists that correspond with specific products (see “Icon” and “Drama Cla$$” below).

Creative TikTok Account Ideas to Help Your Profile Stand Out 12_1

Source: @fentybeauty

Keep in mind that not every TikTok account currently has access to this feature. That said, we’re seeing more and more brands use Playlists to streamline content discovery for new followers.

TikTok Playlist Ideas and Examples

  • Use Playlists to highlight your most popular and engaged-with content
  • Categorize your TikTok content (think: announcements, user-generated content, new products) and make a corresponding Playlist for each category
  • Create dedicated Playlists for your how-tos, tutorials and educational content

For example, SHEIN has dedicated Playlists for their giveaways and OOTD showcases.

tiktok ideas shein playlists

Source: @shein_official

Keep in mind that you can take a minimal approach to your Playlists. Check out how Milk Makeup dedicates a single playlist to their how-to hacks. This helps highlight educational videos so customers don’t have to dig through Milk’s entire TikTok feed to find them.

tiktok ideas milk makeup hacks

Source: @milkmakeup


6. Let Your TikTok Presence Serve as a Social Shopping Window

Fact: 67% of TikTokers claim the platform inspires them to shop even when they weren’t looking to.

From your bio link to video descriptions, most of these TikTok account ideas can influence and encourage purchases. Thing is, you still need to put the spotlight on what you’re selling.

And so product videos should be a centerpiece of your presence.

Some ecommerce giants have dedicated TikTok Shopping feeds that funnel fans from TikTok directly to product pages. More and more brands are doing the same as ecommerce tools like TikTok’s integration with Shopify roll out. These features are popular among brands in the makeup and CPG spaces.

As we’ve seen firsthand, influencer content on TikTok is a proven way to introduce your brand to prospective customers. The upside of working with creators is that even smaller brands can run campaigns by working with micro-influencers at scale. 

Based on the TikTok customer journey, shoppers tend to view a combination of organic content and ads before making a purchase. Translation? Driving sales on TikTok means presenting your products from multiple angles. 

TikTok Shopping Ideas and Examples

  • Get your products in the hands of active Tiktok creators (and republish their content to your account)
  • Create your own product showcase videos, tutorials and how-tos (and make sure you’re providing a quick funnel to your storefront)
  • If possible, integrate your ecommerce inventory with TikTok via ads or TikTok Shopping

Below is an example of a shoppable TikTok tab from Guess:

Creative TikTok Account Ideas to Help Your Profile Stand Out 13

Source: @guess

Note that these shopping features are still unexplored territory for most brands. Data says that TikTok is more effective at nurturing customers and raising awareness versus straight-up selling.

On the flip side, creator-based campaigns that show off your products in action are proven to drive sales on TikTok over time. 

As an added bonus, influencer campaigns provide you with a ton of user-generated content you can promote time and time again. Featuring creators on your TikTok account not only provides proof of your satisfied customers but can also boost your engagement rate

tiktok ideas bounce curl

Source: @lisaxglam

Looking for More Ideas to Grow Your TikTok Account Faster?

Listen: there’s no better time than now to do a TikTok audit.

That’s because so much of growing on TikTok means “looking the part.” Posting creative content is a must-do but so is sending the right message to your audience.

Each of the TikTok account ideas is fair game for brands of all shapes and sizes. When completed together, these tips can totally transform your TikTok presence at a glance.

And if you want to grow your account faster and need help finding creators to help you do it, we’ve got you covered. 

Statusphere’s full-service influencer platform makes it simple to get your products in the hands of TikTok creators that know the platform inside and out. We handle delivery, vetting influencers, analytics and everything in-between. 

Want creators to start posting about your brand sooner rather than later? Chat with one of our consumer-to-consumer marketing experts today to see how we can build an influencer campaign tailor-made for your audience.


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