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The TikTok Influencer Marketing Platform That Does the Work For You

Statusphere is your ticket to a successful campaign on TikTok. Here’s how our influencer marketing platform does the work for you:

The TikTok Influencer Marketing Platform That Does the Work For You

Establishing a marketing campaign on an app that is still growing in popularity can be challenging. TikTok was released in the U.S. in August of 2018. Recently, it has picked up the attention of many brands and influencers alike. Seeing the growth of the app in such a short amount of time, your brand is sure to want to get involved to reach new audiences, promote brand awareness and show off its latest products.

With the popular hashtags, trending music challenges, partnerships and the mysterious TikTok algorithm that is still being deciphered, it can be a lot to take on. Not to mention the ambassador recruiting process, negotiating contracts and collecting any content made about your brand...and that’s just the tip of the iceberg. 

Statusphere is your ticket to a successful campaign. Here’s how our TikTok influencer marketing platform does the work for you: 

Access to Our Network of TikTokers

Statusphere has a team of marketing specialists that know their way around TikTok and utilize a successful matchmaking system to find TikTokers for your brand based on your purpose and target audience. (This provides longevity for brand ambassador partnerships.) While we match you with highly creative and on-brand TikTokers, you can oversee other important campaign details. 

Influencer Communication Made Easy

At Statusphere, we can help personalize the influencer outreach experience. Finding influencers to partner with on TikTok can be frustrating since you can only message them if following one another on the app. Typically you then have to search and DM them on Instagram. We take care of any communication aspects relating to your campaign, this includes negotiating rates and establishing social media contracts with influencers.

Our management of influencer communications doesn’t stop there. We’ll monitor the content TikTokers produce to make sure it’s free of spelling or grammatical errors that may not be easy to fix on TikTok videos—that way, nothing slips through the cracks! 

Shipping & Product Fulfillment On Us

Shipping can become hectic in the midst of a campaign, especially on a new platform like TikTok. Statusphere ensures a highly positive experience from start to finish by handling shipping and tracking and communicating with influencers accordingly. We create one-on-one, personalized relationships with influencers by sending regular campaign reminders and including action-based checklists in the packaging to help keep things running smoothly. We will even include custom thank you notes from your brand when shipping! 

We Track Campaign Analytics 

Searching through each video on TikTok to gather the amount of analytics that pertains to your campaign can be overwhelming and time-consuming when you’re going back and forth on your phone searching for users and stats all at once. We easily and quickly break it down with consistent and clear monthly reports.

  • Easy Brand Portal Access - TikTok may be a video-based platform but we make any influencer content easy to download so you can repurpose your favorites on social later. 
  • Product Launch - If you’re searching for a presentation to showcase your products, users that enjoy them and why retailers should be ecstatic to work with you, Statusphere can set one up for you.
  • Retail Support - We are able to create an amazing and detailed report to send to your retail partners showing how you are supporting them.

Free TikTok Webinar - Watch Now

So tell us, what are your goals, who do you want us to reach out to and what can we do for you? Statusphere can provide you with guidance and make your next TikTok campaign a success. Click here to get started!

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