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Micro-Influencers vs. Celebrity Influencers: How to Spend Your Marketing Budget

If you are getting ready to reach out to celebrity influencers to promote your brand, it might be time for you to think again.

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If you are getting ready to reach out to celebrity influencers to promote your brand, it might be time for you to think again. Platforms like instagram are making it more accessible for people to build their personal brand, leading to the rise of the micro-influencers. These micro-influencers (or as I like to call “ the power middle”) can provide much better results for your brand and your wallet. Here are some pros and cons to micro-influencer versus celebrity influencer marketing.


Micro-influencers have a much higher engagement rate than their celebrity counterparts. Just because someone has more followers, doesn’t mean they’re the better option. Think about it. If an Instagram account has 10,000 followers who actively comment on and like their photos, followers are much more engaged. Potential customers are more likely to consider your product from a micro-influencer with high engagement rates compared to a celebrity influencer who never responds to fans and only has spam in their comment section. Those followers feel a much stronger connection to micro-influencers and are far more likely to listen to what those influencers have to say.

Buyer Personas

Micro-influencers allow for better targeting. Celebrities have a range of followers from all over the place...different ages, demographics, lifestyles, etc. Say you’re a makeup company. If a beauty blog micro-influencer is posting about your product, their audience is already interested in your product. On the other hand, if a celebrity posts about your product only a small fraction of their followers might be interested. That small fraction, however, is probably not interested considering--you guessed it--their engagement rate is low. So maybe you’ll get more exposure from a celebrity influencer, but you will definitely get more qualified eye balls as a result of micro-influencers instead.

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Budget Management

Micro-influencers (as you may have guessed) are much more affordable. For the price of one celebrity influencer, you can get many micro-influencers. These means along with getting more targeted exposure, you will also get more content. Having lots of content, will also “social proof” your brand, meaning that when people search your brand on social media they will see lots of people posting about it.

Now you can see why we call micro-influencers the “power middle.” There is one downside though: it can get difficult managing and sending products to various micro-influencers at the same time. If you need help, you can read this article to decide where you would like to manage your micro-influencers yourself or invest in a marketing platform, like Statusphere, that can do the work for you. 

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