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How Often Should Your Brand Post on TikTok?

Nailing down a content schedule can be tricky for brands on TikTok. We break down how often brands should post on TikTok based on research and best practices.

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Keeping up a consistent social presence is a struggle for most brands.

“Are we posting too much? Too little?”  Honestly, it’s the Goldilocks principle in action.

And for brands today, TikTok is the problem child platform when it comes to how often to post. 

That’s because TikTok is a totally different beast from other networks. For starters:

  • TikTok’s algorithm favors accounts that publish a high volume of content.
  • TikTok short-form content is unique to the app (hint: tricky to post on other platforms)
  • Successful TikTok content is trend-centric (hint: difficult to plan in advance)

Thing is, you can grow your brand on the app without burning out or exceeding your bandwidth. This post explains how often to post on TikTok based on industry research and your social goals.

How Often Should Brands Post on TikTok?

The short answer? It really depends. 

But fear not: we’re not going to leave you without actual numbers and recommendations! 👇

  • TikTok recommends that brands publish between one and four times per day (important: few brands actually hit this frequency)

  • Data says that brands typically publish between two and four posts weekly

  • Big box brands publish anywhere from once a week to three times per day depending on their industry and audience

  • Still, there’s no one-size-fits-all answer as to how often brands should post on TikTok 

If some of these numbers seem a bit high, don’t freak out. Context matters here. 

Below is a quick breakdown of factors that impact your publishing frequency:

  • Your industry and audience. By default, some industries are more competitive than others. Beauty and skincare brands are among the most active accounts on TikTok for a reason. Their audiences are hungry for new products, inspiration and tips. Consistent content means more visibility and opportunities to rank on TikTok.

  • Account size and age. Keep in mind that many of the“big” accounts on TikTok have been active on the platform for years. TikTok is booming right now but the app’s not brand new anymore. Smaller, up-and-coming accounts need an initial boost of content in order to build the foundation for their TikTok presence.

  • Your bandwidth. Bouncing between TikTok, Instagram and other social platforms can be a huge time-sink. If you’re part of a small marketing team, you often have to pick your battles. Many brands are prioritizing TikTok right now. Creating multiple posts per week can still be daunting if you’re only making videos in-house.

Of course, not posting at all isn’t an option for brands growing an organic TikTok presence. Sacrificing quality for quantity is also a no-go.

So, what’s the magic number for your brand?

Below we dig into data and best practices related to how often to post on TikTok as a business.

What TikTok Recommends When It Comes to Posting Frequency

As of this post, TikTok officially recommends an “always-on” content strategy. Specifically:

“Aim to post 1-4 times per day to test how different types of content are received.”

At a glance, it might seem like a no-brainer that TikTok recommends that its users be active. 

Then again, contrast TikTok’s rec to Instagram’s less aggressive publishing frequency. Instagram has recommended “a couple [of] feeds per week” on its official @creators account.

Let’s read between the lines. TikTok recommends posting daily for the sake of experimentation. This makes sense for brands to get their footing on the platform. 

For example, there are countless ways to promote products on TikTok. Figuring out which formats and messaging perform best requires some trial and error. 

And the sooner you figure those formats out, the better.

Knowing what works and what doesn’t is crucial for your brand’s long-term growth. Consider that the TikTok algorithm prioritizes interactions and engagement over factors like follower count. Even brands new to the platform have an opportunity to grow or go viral.

Fresh TikTok accounts might start with a more aggressive publishing frequency to experiment with different types of posts. After building a foundation of content over time (ex: weeks, months), brands can reassess based on their TikTok analytics.

TikTok Analytics graph

Source: YouTube

Just remember: don’t pump out low-effort content to hit an arbitrary publishing frequency. Heck, your TikTok analytics signal might signal that you’re growing with a “less is more” strategy. Don’t ignore your numbers!

What Research Recommends for Brands on TikTok

When it comes to how often to post on TikTok, we know what the app says.

But what does the data say? Let’s look at recent studies shedding light on what’s “optimal” or “typical” for brands.

Recent data from RivallQ notes that brands are typically publishing eight videos per month. This is an average of roughly two posts per week. Meanwhile, the most active brands on TikTok are posting more than five times per week.

RivallQ graph

Source: RivallQ

This data highlights how creating TikTok content consistently is easier said than done. The fact that about one-third of brands are posting less than once a week is telling.

Data from SocialInsider indicate that “active” accounts on TikTok post a whopping 22 videos per month. This aligns with RivalIQ’s own data regarding active accounts posting 5+ times weekly. These numbers also reflect just how committed some brands are to TikTok.

Social Insider graph

Source: SocialInsider

SocialInsider notes that the number of TikToks published per month by brands is nearly double that of Reels. Their reasoning? Keeping up with TikTok’s unique, ever-changing trends requires a higher volume of content.

How Often Are Brands Actually Posting on TikTok?

As noted in our breakdown of why social followers don’t matter, many “big” brands on Instagram are still figuring their TikTok strategies out. 

And so publishing frequency is far from isn’t one-size-fits-all as brands test the waters.

Again, big box brands in competitive industries post on a daily or near-daily basis. Consider that many of these brands have the resources and bandwidth to post more often. That’s also because these brands benefit the most from being active on TikTok.

For example, beauty brands like Ulta post as much as three to four times per day. Note that Ulta’s content strategy heavily features videos from influencers and customers. This is an example of how brands can repurpose user-generated content to fuel their feeds.

ulta beauty tiktok example

Source: @ultabeauty

Now, let’s look at another example. Taco Bell posts between two to four times per week. This is a fairly standard frequency for a corporate brand. Their TikTok strategy highlights how even corporate giants aren’t necessarily posting daily.

taco bell tiktok example

Source: @tacobell

Again, some brands maintain active and engaged TikTok accounts without posting constantly. Take Central Michigan University’s account, for example. Their account still earns strong engagement even with “less” content. They post about once a week.

Central Michigan University tiktok example

Source: @cmuniversity

The examples above highlight how different brands and industries tackle publishing on TikTok. We’ll say it again: there is no “one-size-fits-all” approach. At the end of the day, you have to agree on a content schedule that’s realistic for your brand and bandwidth.

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3 Ways Brands Can Boost Their TikTok Posting Frequency

Now, let’s say you know your should be posting more often on TikTok but you’re stuck on how to make it happen. To wrap things up, here are some tips and best practices to hit your goals.

1. Stop Racking Your Brain for New Video Ideas!

Constantly brainstorming TikTok ideas is exhausting.

The good news? Brands are spoiled for choice in terms of videos they can create.

Remember: not every TikTok needs to be a blockbuster production. Look no further than the creative ways that brands promote products on the app

There are countless low-edit and off-the-cuff content ideas to choose from. For example, brands like DEUX regularly publish playful behind-the-scenes TikToks. 

eat deux behind the scenes tiktok example

Source: @eatdeux

These types of videos don’t require a ton of production value or editing. Thing is, they’re perfect for TikTok’s audience that craves authentic content. 

Consider making a running list of ideas and formats you can return to time and time again. When in doubt, look at videos that performed well in the past and start there.

Pssst! If you’re seriously strapped for video ideas, we’ve got you covered. We actually just put together a list of 60 short-form video ideas for brands. You’d be surprised at how easy some of these ideas are to adapt for your own account.

2. Supplement Your TikTok Strategy with Customer Videos

The best brands on TikTok make customer content a cornerstone of their TikTok strategies. 

Reposting customer content to your brand’s account is a smart move for a few reasons:

Not only does this supplement your in-house content but also gives your TikTok presence more personality. As an added bonus, UGC builds brand loyalty and social proof at the same time. 

Anthropologie is a great example of a brand that goes all-in on influencer and user-generated content. Peek all of the videos on their #UnexpectedAndUnforgettable hashtag for inspiration.

anthropologie hashtag example

Source: TikTok

With 64% of consumers preferring UGC over traditional branded content, there’s no denying the positive impact of customer videos.

3. Partner with Micro-Influencers to Scale Your TikTok Content

For brands eager to fill their feeds with authentic content, micro-influencers can save the day.

There’s a reason why brands are rushing to find content creators right now. Here’s a snapshot of why influencers with smaller, engaged audiences are so valuable:

  • Influencers reduce the burden of making videos for brands trying to post more on TikTok. With ongoing partnerships with creators, you always have new content to post.

  • Smaller creators are authentic, personable and real. Posts from people that resemble your target audience are more relatable than celebrity videos.

  • Micro-influencers are actively growing their audiences. As a result, they’re truly invested in their content. They’re up-to-date on TikTok's latest trends and what their audiences want to see.

Check out how Curl Keeper’s TikTok feed is full of awesome, authentic creator content. 

curl keeper tiktok example

Source: @curlkeeper

Brands that consistently earn UGC don’t have to scramble to publish on TikTok. That’s because you’ll always have authentic, on-brand content that’s relevant to your target audience. This means less obsessing over posting times and more interactions with your followers.

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How to Get More Posts for Your TikTok Feed Faster

For brands, posting at random on TikTok won’t help you grow.

Consistency counts. Especially if you want to earn meaningful engagement among your target audience. 

Whether you’re posting once or five times a week, you need fresh videos for your feed. 

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