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How to Find Amazon Influencers and Their Storefronts

There’s no shortage of influencers promoting products on Amazon. This post breaks down how to find Amazon influencers that’d be the best fit for your brand.

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Could influencers be the key to boosting your brand's Amazon presence?

Fact: nearly two-thirds of online consumers start their product searches on Amazon.

You don’t have to look hard on TikTok or Instagram to find Amazon influencers promoting products. There are countless communities sharing their #AmazonFinds and Prime purchases. 

And we see Amazon products go viral all the time.

Partnering with creators on Amazon is valuable for brands and merchants. That’s because content creators can introduce your products to new customers authentically.

This post breaks down how to find Amazon influencers to collab with. We'll also cover what to consider if you want to collab with a high volume creators can to boost your visibility on the platform. 

What is an Amazon Influencer, Anyway?

Amazon influencers are creators that promote products via Amazon’s influencer program

Here’s a rundown of how the influencer program works:

  • Like most major affiliate programs, content creators apply to be Amazon influencers.
  • Approved creators are given an affiliate link. This link lets them monetize their content. 
  • Creators earn a commission for purchases tracked by their link clicks within 24 hours.

Approved creators also get their own Amazon influencer storefront. This is a landing page featuring a creator's recommended products. Storefront sales are attributed to creators.

Now, let’s dig into how these creators promote their links and drive sales on social media.

Consider that both TikTok and Instagram prohibit external links in posts. Most creators use their bio links to funnel traffic to Amazon. Here’s an example from Instagram:

Amazon Creator Post example Amazon influencer Bio example

Source: @shelbstales

What happens when you actually click their bio link, though? Below is what an Amazon influencer storefront looks like: 

Amazon influencer Storefront example

Source: Amazon

These landing pages feature product recommendations and collections of an influencer's favorite items. Most collections follow specific themes. For example, you might see collections for fall fashion trends or kitchen essentials. Storefronts are a big part of what separates influencers from Amazon's affiliate program (aka "Associates").

Here’s what going from an influencer’s social page to their storefront looks like step-by-step:

Amazon Influencer buyer's journey example

Source: @thefitishbrunette

The official Amazon influencer marketing program is notable for a few reasons:

  • The diversity of the program’s members. Affiliates range from micro-influencers to celebrities. 

  • The program’s requirements are pretty loose. Amazon simply says you need an “active” YouTube, Instagram or Facebook account. They’ll also look at your engagement rate. While requirement-driven brand ambassador programs are often restrictive for applicants, Amazon's isn’t.

  • The program welcomes creators from every industry. That’s because Amazon sells such a wide range of products. 

Instagram Influencer Campaign Manager Spreadsheet

How to Find Amazon Influencers: 3 Ways to Spot Creators

Again, there’s no shortage of influencers promoting Amazon products.

Finding them does require you to do some quick detective work, though. Below are three ways you can find Amazon influencers in the wild.

1. Browse Creators on Amazon Live and #FoundItOnAmazon

Amazon’s own site might seem like square one for finding creators, right?

Believe it or not, there’s no Amazon influencer search bar or official creator list to pick from.

Amazon does provide a few options for finding affiliates on-site, though. The first is browsing potential influencers via Amazon Live. Through these livestreams, Amazon influencers show off products and interact with potential customers.

Amazon Livestream example

Source:  Amazon

Amazon also has its #FoundItOnAmazon feed which is the closest thing to an actual list of influencers. This page aggregates influencer photos, all tagged from their collections and favorite products. You can select specific product categories to narrow your search.

#FoundItOnAmazon example  #FoundItOnAmazon shopping

Source: #FoundItOnAmazon

2. Explore #Amazon Hashtags on Instagram and TikTok

Most Amazon influencers aren’t shy about promoting the products they love. This is especially true on TikTok where Amazon finds go viral daily.

This is good news for brands looking for creators to collab with. If you find someone shouting their latest Prime purchase, chances are you’ll find an influencer storefront in their bio.

Uncovering these creators starts with a hashtag search. Below are a handful of hashtags on Instagram and TikTok to help you find Amazon influencers faster.

Hashtags for Amazon Influencers on Instagram

  • #AmazonFinds
  • #AmazonFashion 
  • #AmazonDeals 
  • #AmazonMustHaves
  • #AmazonHome 

#amazonfashion hashtag on Instagram Amazon Fashion recommendations on Instagram Reels

Source: @staceylovesshopping

Instagram isn’t quite as rabid as TikTok when it comes to Amazon influencer marketing. That’s because the platforms’ demographics are different. You’ll primarily find Instagram influencers promoting fashion, home and CPG products. These influencers put a ton of thought and effort into making creative content. 

Hashtags for Amazon Influencers on TikTok

  • #AmazonFinds
  • #AmazonHaul 
  • #AmazonFashion
  • #TikTokMadeMeBuyIt 
  • #FoundItOnAmazon

#FoundItOnAmazon hashtag on TikTok  #FoundItOnAmazon TikTok influencer

Source: @broooke_lynn_

Note: While #TikTokMadeMeBuyIt isn’t Amazon-specific, the tag often features Amazon finds.

The modern customer journey involves discovering products through social media. As a result, TikTok is brimming with accounts and communities dedicated to Amazon products. This includes deal-hunting, fashion dupes and product reviews. 

TikTok is the perfect platform for impulse buys and “lifehack” products, too.  Honestly, you can promote just about anything on TikTok!

3. Find Amazon Influencers That Already Engage With You

Given the popularity of Amazon influencer marketing, you likely have followers that are already part of the program.

Finding Amazon influencers among your own followers means doing some digging. Start by looking at customers that frequently tag or shout you out. Peek their pages and then:

  • See if Amazon is mentioned in their bio, post titles or content previews. 
  • Check if they have a social media landing page (like Then, confirm whether they have an active Amazon influencer storefront.
  • Scroll through their content to see if they’re promoting other brands (including products on Amazon).

Once you’ve spotted an active Amazon influencer, consider giving them a follow-back and even reaching out to them for a collab.

Note: If you’re trying to message influencers on TikTok, note that they must follow you back to DM them. Need help with your influencer outreach? Check out our collab emails and DM templates that can help!

What Do the Best Amazon Influencers Have in Common?

Like we said earlier, the Amazon influencer program has loose requirements.

This is great news for creators but can present a challenge for brands. Specifically, figuring out what separates a “good” Amazon influencer from a so-so one. This can be tricky since there are no specific follower or engagement thresholds for applicants to meet.

Whether you’re vetting influencers or want an idea of what to look out for, here are some common threads between top-tier creators.

They Put Extra Effort Into Their Promotional Content

Not all Amazon influencer posts are equal when it comes to creativity.

Sure, some products do go viral with simple, off-the-cuff videos. 

And that’s awesome!

But influencers should plan and put thought into their promotional posts.

Doing so isn’t just for the benefit of brands, either. Think about it. Influencers have to post meaningful content for their target audience to sustain their growth. Low-effort posts won’t do that.

From try-on hauls to skits and in-depth reviews, try to find Amazon influencers that go the extra mile with their content ideas.

Amazon Influencer example

Source: @neutrallyashlan

They Have an Organized Amazon Influencer Storefront

Piggybacking on the point above, the best Amazon influencers don’t sleep on their storefronts. An effective landing page is more than a laundry list of products. From product inspiration to creative item collections, there are plenty of influencers that go out of their way to make their pages pop.

amazon influencer storefront example

Source: Amazon

They Post About More Than Just Amazon

Fact: 81% of consumers will unfollow creators that aggressively post sponsored content.

Again, influencers grow authentic audiences through meaningful content. Spamming followers with promotional calls to action is exhausting. Doing so is a lose-lose for influencers and their followers.

This illustrates the value of micro-influencers that naturally feature brands in their feeds. Likewise, skilled influencers know how to make product posts that don’t feel “salesy” at all.

Why Do Brands Work with Amazon Influencers?

The power of influencer marketing speaks for itself. Consider that 88% of consumers have been inspired to make a purchase based on what an influencer has posted. 

For brands active on Amazon, there are a few specific benefits to think about:

  • Less friction when buying products. Consumers at large already know and trust Amazon. For reference, there are an estimated 75+ million households with an Amazon Prime account. Many of those account holders shop on the site multiple times per week. Whereas new customers might be hesitant to purchase from a new site, brands can piggyback on Amazon’s credibility. The same applies to influencers.

  • Greater reach and an established social presence. Working with Amazon influencers, brands can reach audiences they otherwise couldn’t themselves. This is particularly important for smaller, up-and-coming brands. Even if you don’t have an active social presence yourself, affiliates can do the legwork of promoting your products.

  • Influencers know how to show off products in action. This is one of the biggest benefits of influencer collaborations at large. Creative influencers know how to present your product in the best way possible.

3 Points to Consider Before Working with Amazon Affiliates

To wrap things up, here are three points to consider before adding Amazon creators to your influencer marketing strategy.

  1. Amazon doesn’t vet, endorse or validate content after a creator is approved for the influencer program. Again, this hands-off approach is great for creators but not so much for brands. Unless they explicitly violate Amazon’s TOS, low-effort influencers can do and say whatever they want.

  2. Amazon has a strict online review policy. Many brands see Amazon influencer marketing as a way to get more product reviews. Thing is, Amazon’s policy is to delete incentivized reviews. Trying to game the system through their influencer program could land your account in trouble.

  3. If you want to work with influencers on Amazon, you’re still responsible for hiring them. This includes vetting, pitching and managing them. Consider that these creators act independently of your brand. That's why figuring out how to find Amazon influencers isn't the hard part — scaling your collaborations is.
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How to Get Rights-Ready Content for Your Amazon Storefront

Hopefully you’ll have a successful Amazon influencer search after all of this!

But again, your job isn’t exactly over once you’ve found potential influencers to partner with.

You’ll still need to reach out, iron out a contract, brief them and figure out how to get products into their hands. That’s all before they produce a single post, too.

If you don't have the bandwidth to juggle all of the above, Statusphere's micro-influencer marketing platform can help.

We offer a scalable way to get guaranteed content from our network of vetted influencers based on 250+ unique, first-party data points. Our advanced matchmaking and fulfillment technology eliminates the most tedious, time-consuming steps of working with influencers.

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This article was first published in February 2021. It was last updated June 20, 2023. 

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