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YouTube Sponsorships vs TikTok Collabs

Both YouTube sponsorships and TikTok collabs can increase brand awareness and sales. Use this comparison to decide which is the best fit for your...

Influencer Marketing Strategy

How to Pay TikTok Brand Ambassadors

Learn about the different ways you can pay TikTok brand ambassadors and how to cover all your bases in the process.

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7 Health and Wellness Influencers on TikTok

There's a community for everyone on TikTok. We highlight 7 health and wellness influencers on TikTok that you should check out!


How to Set Up a TikTok Account for Your Brand

We’re going step-by-step so your brand can get rolling with the latest trends, TikTok campaigns and partnership opportunities this app has to offer.

Influencer Marketing Strategy

Instagram Reels vs. TikTok

We have been examining the differences between Instagram Reels and TikTok and broke down everything you should know.