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How to Put Together a Product Sampling Program

There are many different avenues you can take as a brand, but have you considered how a product sampling program can supplement your marketing...

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How to Structure a Brand Ambassador Program

Having a successful brand ambassador program can make or break your efforts to get the word out about your brand. Here are our tips for a successful...

Instagram Influencer Marketing

What are the Demographics of Each Social Network?

The key to using social media to market your brand is understanding social network demographics. The demographics vary from network to network.

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How Often Should Your Company Post on Instagram?

There’s no denying that Instagram is a powerful marketing tool for businesses and entrepreneurs. But what’s the best Instagram posting frequency?...

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Top 5 Influencer Marketing Mistakes

Influencer marketing is not as simple as it might seem. In fact, we see people make avoidable influencer marketing mistakes all the time.

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Benefits of Influencer Marketing for Restaurants

Half of Instagram is people taking photos of their food and sharing it with their friends, so why not leverage this for your restaurant? Here are...

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4 Forms of Influencer Marketing ROI

Learn how to properly calculate influencer marketing ROI and figure out if an influencer marketing campaign is right for your brand!

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Statusphere Attends Project Entrepreneur

Project Entrepreneur is two incredible days of workshops and problem solving with some of the best entrepreneurs and investors in the business. Here...